Staring at the colossal black tower in front of him that had more than a hundred cultivators queued up in front of its entrance, Shun Long walked towards it as well after a few moments of deliberation.

He still had 3 days until his first mission begun so he wasn ’t in a hurry in the first place.

Waiting in the queue along with the rest of the 100 cultivators, Shun Long looked around him while he stared at the expressions of the people who were also waiting to enter the tower as well.

He saw looks of hope and longing in their eyes as well as gazes that were filled with fighting intent, making Shun Long even more curious about the tower in front of him.

The reason why this tower had attracted Shun Long ’s attention aside from its colossal size, was the words ’Dao Tower ’ that Shun Long had never heard of before, as well as the fact that it didn ’t matter whether one was a Heaven grade cultivator or a Dao King, as they were all queued up and waited for their turn.
For a building to have both Heaven grade cultivators and Dao Kings enter inside it, as long as it wasn ’t a shop, then there must definitely be something extraordinary about it.

Turning his attention towards the young man who was standing right in front of him while waiting in line as well, Shun Long looked at him and cupped his hands before asking in a voice that didn ’t conceal his curiosity

’ ’Friend, I just arrived in the Holy city and I am still new here.
Can you tell me what the purpose of this ’Dao Tower ’ is? ’ ’

The young man in front of Shun Long had a disdainful look on his face the moment that he heard his ignorant question, but as soon as he turned around and saw the yellow robes with the insignia of the Holy sect on them, his expression quickly changed as he stared at Shun Long ’s face with some doubt in his eyes.

’ ’A disciple of the Holy sect? ’ ’

The young man asked Shun Long with suspicion evident in his voice, unable to understand how it was possible for a disciple of the Holy sect to not know about the Dao Tower.

Even those disciples who didn ’t belong to any powerful forces in the Holy sect ’s territory still knew about the Dao Tower in the Holy city.

Did the guy in front of him just come out from a cave?

Regardless, after a moment of deliberation, the young man nodded his head and decided to answer seriously.
After all, Shun Long still seemed to be an outer disciple of the Holy sect, and the young man knew that he wouldn ’t lose anything by answering his question.

Pointing at the enormous black tower in front of them, the young man looked at Shun Long and said seriously

’ ’The Dao Tower is one of the most important buildings in the entire Holy city.
It is a mystical place that every cultivator can enter to test their Dao, and all you have to do to enter is pay some middle-grade spirit stones!

It doesn ’t matter if one is a Heaven grade newbie or a Dao King realm expert, the 2 of them can fight and the person who utilizes their Dao better will win.
Cultivation ranks don ’t matter at all when 2 people fight inside the Dao Tower, and it is not too uncommon for the person with the lowest cultivation to actually win a fight.
Of course, it ’s not possible for a Heaven grade rookie to compete against a Dao King expert in the first place, I am simply using it as an example! ’ ’

The young man in front of Shun Long whose cultivation was at the peak of rank 1 in the Nascent Soul had a look of fervor in his eyes as he looked at the tower in front of him, and after taking a deep breath a moment later he actually continued with an even more excited look than before

’ ’However, the most exciting thing about the Dao Tower isn ’t just that you can fight experts above your level using the Dao that you have comprehended, but that the Dao Tower in the Holy city is actually connected with the rest of the Dao Towers in every major city in the rest of our central region! ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes widened when he heard this as he stared at the colossal black tower in front of him with a look of disbelief.

He didn ’t need the young man in front of him to explain the last sentence as he immediately understood what that meant.

The Dao Tower could allow you to fight other people all around the central region as well!

A tower where cultivation didn ’t matter while only the Dao did?

Shun Long had never heard of something like this in his life!

Of course, his knowledge and memories of his previous life were still sealed for the most part, but the Dao Tower still made his eyes burn with fighting intent.

Almost as if he had guessed what Shun Long was thinking, the young man in front of him smiled and said

’ ’Hehe, even though you are an outer disciple of the Holy sect, don ’t think that you will be able to fight against the best geniuses around the central region only because you managed to pass the sect ’s tests! Practically every single disciple of the Holy sect come and train themselves in the Dao Tower when they want to train, and I have heard that even inner disciples and…
even the legendary core disciples do so as well, but I don ’t think that any of them have ever reached the top rankings of the Dao Tower.

Of course, if any of the core disciples have reached the top rankings is not something that anyone would know, but if someone can do it it ’s only them! It ’s impossible for you or me to do so, so I suggest you stop dreaming! ’ ’

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