Since he had just arrived in the central region for less than a month, Shun Long didn ’t know anything about the city situated at the foot of the Holy mountain aside from the fact that it was called the Holy city.

Of course, since the city had such a name and it was also located directly in front of the mountain where the Holy sect was located, anyone would realize that the city had a connection with the Holy sect and it may even be managed by the sect directly.

20 minutes later, Shun Long had already descended the gigantic Holy mountain and had circled around the periphery of the Holy city as he arrived in front of the city ’s entrance.

Although Shun Long had guessed that the Holy city was probably just as big as the biggest city in the Night star continent, the Heaven ’s Dome city, after arriving in front of the huge city gates and seeing the hundreds of luxurious carriages lining up one after the other to enter the city, he realized that this city was much more bustling than the Heaven ’s Dome city instead.

Thousands of cultivators were lined up in front of Shun Long as they waited to enter inside the city as well, while the city guards on top of the city walls as well as those in front of the city gates who were responsible for allowing cultivators to enter made sure to keep everyone in order.

The heavy breathing of the magic beasts that were pulling the carriages as well as the fervor and excitement of the cultivators who were about to step enter the city for the first time gave an entirely different atmosphere to this city.

Just like the rest of the cultivators, Shun Long queued up in front of the city gates as he waited for his turn to come.

Even though there were thousands of cultivators lining up on foot as well as hundreds of carriages by their side, the guards in front of the city gates were extremely efficient, and in just an hour, it was already Shun Long ’s turn.

Stretching his hand out, the guard looked at Shun Long with an impassive face and said seriously

’ ’100 middle-grade spiri- ’ ’


Before he could finish his words the guard felt someone slap him at the back of his head, making him turn around and stare at the guard that was standing behind him furiously.

However, before the first guard could open his mouth and berate his friend, the second guard looked at him with an angry look on his face before he turned his attention towards Shun Long and spoke while cupping his hands

’ ’Young lord, please forgive this idiot and go ahead.
As a disciple of the Holy sect of course you don ’t have to pay anything to enter the city. ’ ’

The first guard who had a furious look on his face immediately turned around when he heard the words ’disciple of the Holy sect ’.
And yet, the moment he noticed that Shun Long was indeed wearing the robes of an outer disciple of the sect his face turned pale in an instant.

He had actually disregarded a disciple of the Holy sect!

Whether it was the weakest outer disciple or not or that the guard was at the peak of rank 1 of the Nascent Soul, it didn ’t matter in the slightest.

This guard already knew that any disciple of the Holy sect had more authority than him in the city, so asking for payment from Shun Long was no different than asking for payment from his direct superior.

Even his own superior only had a status where he could look at Shun Long and the rest of the disciples of the Holy sect as equals within the city.

At the same time, it was only now that the remaining cultivators around him looked at Shun Long ’s robes with hints of envy in their eyes.

An outer disciple of the Holy sect! How many of them wished that they could enter the sect only to be mercilessly slapped by the difficulty of the trials?

Of course, no one could blame the first guard for not paying attention to Shun Long ’s robes and realizing that he was an outer disciple, as most outer disciples of the Holy sect wouldn ’t line up here and would directly skip the queue and enter the city as soon as they arrived.

After all, this was their own city, the Holy sect ’s city.

Why would they voluntarily line up and wait along with the rest of the commoners?

Additionally, most outer disciples of the sect came from the huge families and clans, as well as the rest of the big powers who lived in the territory of the Holy sect, so this sentiment was even further ingrained in their minds.

Of course, the guard who had explained this to Shun Long had already guessed that Shun Long didn ’t belong to any of the powerful families or clans in the territory of the Holy sect, otherwise he would have already known about this.

Nodding his head, Shun Long thanked the second guard, and without paying any attention to the first guard whose face had turned even paler during this time, he stepped past the city gates and entered the Holy city.

The moment that he stepped inside the city, luxurious homes and mansions, as well as big shops that spanned further than the eye could see filled Shun Long ’s vision, bringing along with them the vitality of an extremely bustling city.

Knowing that there were still 3 days until merchant Ying Gui and his caravan left the Holy city, Shun Long decided to first take a look around and see what the Holy city had to offer.

After all, there was no way that the city wouldn ’t possibly have anything that would catch his attention.

Indeed, after leisurely walking around the city for 2 hours while taking in the sights around him, Shun Long finally stopped in front of an enormous tower more than 3.000 meters(9850ft) tall near the heart of the city.

The 2 words on the tower ’s entrance immediately attracted Shun Long ’s attention, while his eyes were quickly filled with a look of curiosity as well, as he mumbled to himself

’ ’Dao Tower? ’ ’

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