Liu Mei didn ’t tell Shun Long to take care of himself, and simply said these simple words before she hugged him even tighter than before.

This was the second time that she and Shun Long were going to split with each other, but Liu Mei understood that this was something that couldn ’t be avoided.
At the same time, although she didn ’t like being split away from Shun Long, she knew that this was also a chance for her to advance her cultivation as well using her Blood Absorption art.

Nodding his head, Shun Long placed his hands around Liu Mei ’s waist and held her tightly as well, only letting her go a full minute later.

Looking at Liu Mei ’s enchanting black eyes that seemed to be able to capture the soul of every man and woman alike, he simply smiled before he said

’ ’Mei ’er, don ’t worry, I will be waiting for you here 1 month from now. ’ ’

A dazzling smile broke out on Liu Mei ’s face when she heard this, and with these thoughts in mind she didn ’t delay any longer, as she rose to the sky and flew towards the east.

Shun Long ’s lips curved up as he stared at Liu Mei ’s disappearing figure before he actually started to fly towards the east as well barely a moment later, instead of heading towards the Holy city that was located directly below the Holy sect, at the foot of the Holy mountain.

After opening up a distance of more than 20 miles between himself and the Holy mountain, Shun Long turned his eyes towards Liu Mei ’s figure that was still visible in the distance ahead of him and waved his hand, as the figure of a black panther that was more than 4 meters(13ft) tall appeared in front of him.

Patting Little Silver ’s head gently, Shun Long sent a mental command to the black panther in front of him who immediately turned its attention towards Liu Mei in the distance ahead of it.

After whimpering for a few moments, almost as if it was saying that Shun Long shouldn ’t attract too much trouble while he was by himself, Little Silver flapped its silver wings, chasing after Liu Mei who was going to disappear from his eyes in the next few moments.

Shun Long stared at Little Silver ’s figure that flew forward like a bolt of black and silver lightning as it tore through the sky, while he heaved out a sigh of relief.

Of course, the reason why Shun Long sent Little Silver to follow after Liu Mei, was to make sure that Liu Mei would stay alive even if she somehow ended up attracting more trouble than she normally would.

No matter what, Liu Mei was too important to Shun Long for him to gamble with her life and let her roam around the central region completely unprotected.

At the same time, Shun Long knew that sending Little Silver to protect her in the shadows was even better than sending Little Black.

As a ’Silver-winged panther king ’, Little Silver was innately used to lying in the shadows and hunting for prey.
Thus, protecting Liu Mei secretly until her life was really about to be taken away was the best form of protection that Shun Long could offer her.

After all, despite the difference in their strength between Little Black and Little Silver, Shun Long knew that it was impossible for Little Black to stay lowkey even if Shun Long asked the black dragon to protect Liu Mei.

The moment that someone heard of the existence of a living black dragon, it was likely that all hell would break loose in the entire Holy sect, and perhaps in the surrounding territories as well!

Besides, although Little Black had started to warm up to Liu Mei in the past 3 years, Shun Long knew that it was impossible for the black dragon to act as a bodyguard for anyone else other than him.

However, it didn ’t matter too much since Shun Long knew that he couldn ’t expose Little Black ’s existence in the first place.
Besides, although Little Silver had the strength of a newly advanced middle rank 6 magic beast, Shun Long knew that even middle-stage Dao Kings wouldn ’t be able to fight against it head-on.

Unless Liu Mei really offended a crazy peak-stage Dao King who didn ’t care about anything, there was practically no one and nothing that would be able to harm her, especially considering that she was a personal disciple of an inner court Elder of the Holy sect.

Of course, Shun Long didn ’t tell Liu Mei about it because he was certain that she would refuse if she knew about him sending Little Silver to protect her.

Since Little Black was still asleep, Liu Mei wouldn ’t accept Shun Long not having anyone to protect him just so that she would stay safe by herself.

As for the reason why Shun Long had to fly for more than 10 miles away from the Holy mountain before he let out Little Silver from the Stone of Time ’, it was because he was still wary of the 2 white-robed Dao Kings who were standing guard in front of the Holy sect ’s gates.

As peak-stage Dao Kings, the 2 Elders would definitely be alerted if a middle rank 6 magic beast appeared in front of their eyes out of nowhere.

At the same time, although Shun Long knew that the soul sense of a peak stage Dao King could easily cover an area of 10 miles around them, it was impossible for anyone to keep their soul sense active at all times.

Using the soul sense to spread it around one ’s body was extremely tiring and consuming towards one ’s spiritual strength and wasn ’t something that anyone could keep doing for long durations of time after all.
Especially if one had to cover large areas and observe everything that happened.

So the 2 Elders would only pay attention to anyone who approached the Holy sect ’s gates and wouldn ’t give a damn about the rest.

Finally, after Liu Mei ’s and Little Silver ’s figures completely disappeared from his eyes, Shun Long turned around and cast his gaze back at the Holy mountain, before his eyes were focused on the enormous city at the Holy mountain ’s foot.

With a look of curiosity as well as excitement in his eyes, Shun Long didn ’t hesitate as he flew straight towards the famous Holy city at the foot of the mountain.

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