It seemed that the gates of the Holy sect were wide-open, allowing anyone to pass through at will.

Unlike the ’Floating Cloud sect ’, Shun Long realized that the Holy sect didn ’t try to restrict any disciple ’s freedom.

If someone wanted to leave, the sect wasn ’t going to beg that person to stay.

Of course, no one was dumb enough to even think of leaving the sect in the first place.
Putting aside the protection and the status that the sect offered to all of its disciples, just the fact that they could obtain complete Saint-grade cultivation techniques and martial skills, as well as countless other things that one would be unable to find outside of the sect while they could simply obtain them using their own sect points, was enough to make those disciples stay in the sect and even fight against anyone who tried to kick them out.

It was common knowledge that the Holy sect was practically the overlord of the region that they governed, so why would those disciples want to stop hugging such a strong thigh in the first place?

And yet, obtaining average Saint low-grade cultivation techniques and martial skills was only something that the weaker outer disciples looked forward to, as the stronger disciples who belonged in the powerful factions of the outer court had already set their eyes towards the rewards that they could obtain through the faction wars.

After all, every single disciple with even a little bit of strength and who had already reached the rank 6 of the Nascent Soul, would always set their eyes towards the bountiful rewards of the top ranks in the faction wars that would make anyone ’s gaze drip with envy.

The faction wars was the ultimate competition among outer disciples in the Holy sect, its intense only being matched by the top fights of the Martial Roll of Honor!

The reason why Shun Long had decided for them to venture out of the sect right now, was precisely for them to become stronger and complete a few missions for themselves before they started completing faction missions, making their factions eligible to participate in the faction wars as well.

Of course, even if he could, Shun Long wouldn ’t join the faction wars right now anyway, since he knew that the strength of his faction wasn ’t enough to compete even with any factions at the middle of the pack, let alone those at the top 100 faction rankings.

At best, Shun Long knew that they would be able to win against the weakest factions at the very bottom of the sect, and even that would probably be a stretch.

Stepping through the gates, Shun Long ’s group soon arrived in front of the sect ’s gates, where the same 2 white-robed Elders as the last time were standing guard as well.

The Elders were standing there with their eyes closed and they didn ’t seem to care about Shun Long ’s group or the other 3 groups like Shun Long ’s that were entering and leaving the Holy sect.

Standing in front of the enormous palace gates of the Holy sect at the top of the mountain, Shun Long gazed at the enormous city at the foot of the mountain that could barely be seen from their current location.

A few moments later, he turned around and looked at Liu Mei and the rest before he said seriously

’ ’Let ’s split up.
We will meet each other again here 1 month from now. ’ ’

Seeing that Shun Long didn ’t say any fancy words and simply relayed that they should meet each other again in front of the Holy sect ’s gates 30 days later made Jiang Chen the first one to respond, as he nodded his head while he looked at him and said with a serious look in his eyes

’ ’Alright.
Just remember that it doesn ’t matter what Dao you have comprehended as you are not invincible either.
You can ’t die before I go to the Immortal Dimension so make sure to take care of yourself. ’ ’

Without saying another word, Jiang Chen didn ’t even look at Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi or Bai Longtian.
and after staring intently at Shun Long ’s eyes for a few moments, a pair of pitch-black wings sprouted from his back as he flew towards the north without any hesitation.

A smile was formed on Shun Long ’s face as he saw Jiang Chen ’s disappearing figure, while he understood that the words that he had simply said just now were a warning for Shun Long to take care of himself properly.

Indeed, it didn ’t matter if he had comprehended the Dao of Time, the Dao of Space, or even if he was a disciple of the Holy sect, Jiang Chen was still right.
Even with his Monarch ’s Eternal body, Shun Long wasn ’t invincible!

Bai Longtian was the next one to move as he looked at Shun Long and smiled good-naturedly before he said

’ ’Brother Long, like senior brother Jiang said make sure to take care of yourself as well. ’ ’

Turning his eyes towards Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi he then continued

’ ’Sister Mei, sister Xingyi, you should take care as well.
I will see you all in 1 month from now.
I hope that all of us will be stronger by then as well! Good luck! ’ ’

After throwing one last look at Jiang Chen ’s figure that had almost disappeared on the horizon, Bai Longtian smiled even further while a look filled with fighting intent appeared in his eyes, before he actually flew towards the west.

Seeing that there were just the 3 of them left, the stunning golden-haired beauty felt her face heat up as she stared at Shun Long, while even her ears had started to turn red, as she lowered her head and said gently

’ ’Brother Long, I will see you in 1 month.
Take care of yourself as well! Sister Mei…
you take care as well! ’ ’

Without waiting for a response, Xie Xingyi then soared into the sky with a red face, as she actually headed towards the southwest.

Seeing that there were just the 2 of them left, Liu Mei walked up to Shun Long and hugged him gently, almost as if she was trying to take in the warmth of his body and integrate it into her own before she planted a kiss filled with love and affection on his face and said

’ ’Long-ge, I will see you in 1 month. ’ ’

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