Shun Long ’s eyes instantly brightened upon seeing this mission and decided to choose it without any hesitation.

Although fighting against 2 peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivators with a cultivation at the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul may seem impossible for most people, Shun Long didn ’t think much about it.

After all, when he had just broken through to the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul, he could actually kill peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage opponents like the golden-robed young man during the fourth test.

Now that he had broken through to the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul, even though he had to fight against 2 Nascent Soul cultivators who had already reached the middle stages of the Nascent Soul, he was still confident that he could complete this mission effortlessly unless something unexpected actually happened.
At the same time, since he hadn ’t been able to fight even once ever since he had entered seclusion to advance his cultivation, he was actually itching to stretch his limbs and fight without holding back.

As for the Yazhu city that Shun Long had to travel to, it was actually located on the small map along with the mission ’s description, showing this city that was less than 2000 miles away from the Holy sect.

After choosing this mission, Shun Long didn ’t leave just yet, as his eyes kept roaming around the huge black board in front of him, staring at the rest of the D-rank personal missions while looking for a second mission to accept.

A few minutes later, Shun Long ’s eyes eventually landed on another D-rank mission, as he nodded his head and mumbled to himself

’ ’This will do for now! ’ ’

Unlike the previous one, the second mission didn ’t need Shun Long to fight or kill someone to complete it.
Instead, the mission ’s description was even simpler than that.

’ ’D-rank personal mission: Join merchant Ying Gui ’s group in the Holy city 3 days from now, and help his caravan reach Yanzhu city successfully.

Reward: 80 sect points. ’ ’

Seeing that this mission simply required him to act as a bodyguard and help a merchant transport his caravan to Yanzhu city which he was intending to go to in the first place since he had to complete his mission, made Shun Long choose this as his second mission after a moment of thinking.

Turning his gaze towards Liu Mei and the rest, Shun Long noticed that they were all almost finished choosing their own missions as well.

A few minutes later, seeing that everyone had stopped looking at the missions and had now gathered around him, Shun Long nodded his head before he said

’ ’Let ’s go to the Mission counter. ’ ’

Shun Long already knew that in the Holy sect, more than one disciple could accept the same mission if they wanted to.
After all, all a disciple had to do was report the mission that they chose in the mission counter, and the first one who completed it could claim the rewards.

Thus, the missions on the Mission board always remained there until they were completed.

Queueing up in front of the second busiest counter aside from the Exchange Hall, Shun Long ’s group had to wait for 20 minutes until it was their turn.

Looking at the young man in front of him who was wearing yellow-colored robes like everyone else working in the Assignment Hall, indicating that he was an outer disciple, Shun Long took out his sect identifying token before he explained which missions he wanted to accept.

The young man behind the counter accepted Shun Long ’s token, before he asked in a curious voice barely a moment later

’ ’Is this your first time accepting a mission? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head after hearing this question, while his face had a curious look that he didn ’t bother to hide.

The young man behind the Mission counter had a good-natured smile as he pointed at Shun Long ’s token before he explained seriously

’ ’It is obvious that you haven ’t used your memory recording formation.

Since it ’s your first time accepting a sect mission, I am obligated to inform you that every time you are completing a mission, regardless of whether it ’s a personal mission or a faction mission, you must record the entire process of how you completed it through your sect identifying token.

Every single sect identifying token in the sect is embedded with special memory recording formations that you can activate by infusing a small part of your qi inside them.

Of course, this is done to ensure that you didn ’t receive any external help during the mission and completed it on your own, as well as serve as deterrent so no one can claim a mission without being the one to complete them! ’ ’

Although Shun Long had no idea that there was such a formation in his sect identifying token, he didn ’t mind it that much as he simply cupped his hands and thanked the disciple in front of him.

The thought of using Little Silver or Little Black to complete higher leveled missions hadn ’t crossed his mind from the beginning, since he was planning to complete everything by himself.

After all, only this way would he truly hone himself as well as become even stronger, since staying in seclusion to cultivate was useless.

If he didn ’t exercise, he would be unable to bring himself to his full potential and would instead hinder his advancement.

The only ’problem ’ that this memory recording formation could cause, was exposing his Dao of Time, but after some thought, he realized that there was no reason to be afraid of something like that happening.

The reason why he didn ’t mind was because Shun Long knew, that unless an Elder of the sect was present right next to him when he used his Dao of Time and sensed it personally, it would be simply impossible for them to realize what Dao he was using.

Even if they had some questions and they would start to get suspicious, Shun Long still wouldn ’t care and in a worst-case scenario, he would simply look to bullshit his way out of it.

In any case, even the Elders of the sect wouldn ’t be able to force him to spit out what Dao he has comprehended.
After all, as high-leveled experts, even peak Dao Kings wouldn ’t risk losing face by personally asking a junior which Dao they had comprehended, let alone Dao Emperors.

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