’ ’Long-ge! ’ ’

Liu Mei exclaimed with a smile on her face as she landed on the ground and ran towards Shun Long ’s direction.

’ ’Master. ’ ’

’ ’Master! ’ ’

Wei Yaling and Dong Ai spoke at the same time as they turned their attention towards Elder Xuan in the sky who was covered by many colorful flower petals as she stared at Liu Mei with a doting look in her eyes.

’ ’Sigh.
Little Mei, It looks like even your master isn ’t anything in your heart compared to her ’Long-ge ’. ’ ’

’ ’Master… ’ ’

’ ’Hehe, don ’t worry my cute disciple I was just joking with you.
Of course it ’s normal for someone to place their Dao companion above everyone else. ’ ’

Elder Xuan then turned her attention towards Dong Ai and Wei Yaling before she said seriously

’ ’Remember that no matter what, all 5 of you are martial sisters right now and you share the same master.
If one of you needs help in the future, the rest of you should do everything you can to help her.
Also, feeling envy towards your junior sister when you are descendants of the Dong clan and the Wei family, two of the strongest clans and families in the territory of the sect, is not something that I will tolerate! ’ ’

It was obvious that Elder Xuan ’s words were mostly aimed towards Dong Ai who was still feeling aggrieved that Liu Mei got the pendant instead of her.
Thus, she wanted her to understand that, as her master, she was not willing to tolerate this spoiled behavior of hers.
After all, whether it was her current strength, background, or even her influence in the outer court right now, Dong Ai simply exceeded Liu Mei in every aspect.

However, even though she was a member of the Dong clan and her cultivation had already reached the late stages of the Nascent Soul, it didn ’t necessarily mean that Dong Ai would certainly be stronger than Liu Mei in the future even if she had more resources than her on hand right now.

After all, Liu Mei was someone who had comprehended the same Dao as her own master, the Dao of Death! Elder Xuan already knew some things about the terror of this Dao, and she didn ’t want her 2 youngest disciples to be at odds with each other simply because of pettiness and envy.

Even if they couldn ’t work together, she didn ’t want them to be enemies at the very least, since she knew that it wasn ’t uncommon for disciples of the same master to end up killing each other over a quarrel.

Whether she lost Liu Mei or Dong Ai, that wasn ’t a sight that Elder Xuan was willing to see in the future so she decided to destroy such thoughts from the very beginning!

Dong Ai nodded her head a moment later as she looked at Elder Xuan, but her eyes still glimmered with a bright light.

As for Liu Mei, she was somewhat surprised when she heard her master ’s words, as she looked at Elder Xuan and asked curiously

’ ’Master, I remember that senior sister Wei also mentioned that master had 4 personal disciples before me.
But… ’ ’

Elder Xuan clearly understood what Liu Mei meant.
Since she had 4 personal disciples, it shouldn ’t only be Wei Yaling and Dong Ai who were present here today.

Shaking her head, the beautiful white-robed Elder had an apologetic smile on her face as she replied

’ ’Your master is sorry little Mei.
I know that you should have met your 2 senior sisters today during your ’master and disciple ceremony ’, but your 2 senior sisters are both inner court disciples who are outside of the sect in an important sect mission.
However, you will be able to meet them in a few months from now.
Hehe, I am sure that your eldest senior sister would be very happy to meet you as well. ’ ’

With a deep look in her eyes, Elder Xuan then turned her attention towards Shun Long before she said with a mesmerizing smile forming on her lips

’ ’Little brother, you can stay and cultivate here for the next few days along with little Mei if you want to.
There is plenty of qi in my courtyard for everyone, and all of it is directly extracted from high-grade spirit stones using a special formation.
Hehe, if you want to spend some time and chat with this elder sister, I may also agree to it as well! ’ ’

Elder Xuan winked seductively at Shun Long when she said the last part, before her body turned into countless flower petals as she disappeared from everyone ’s vision.

And yet, Shun Long simply cupped her hands towards her direction as a look of realization had dawned in his eyes.

’ ’So this is why the qi here is almost as pure as the qi from my Heaven Swallowing vine when I use middle-grade spirit stones to cultivate.
The Elders here use high-grade spirit stones for their cultivation. ’ ’

The simple notion of constantly using high-grade spirit stones to fill their courtyards with qi made Shun Long ’s heart bleed as his greedy nature resurfaced.

After all, Shun Long had only heard of the existence of high-grade spirit stones and had yet to see one with his own eyes.
And yet, he knew that a single high-grade spirit stone was worth as much as 1000 middle-grade ones.

Even if Shun Long exchanged all of his current 1 million and 210 thousand middle-grade spirit stones with high-grade ones, he would only be able to obtain 1210 high-grade spirit stones in the end.

Of course, no one was dumb enough to exchange their high-grade spirit stones for middle-grade ones in the first place.

And yet the Holy sect ’s Elders were able to constantly burn high-grade spirit stones to fuel their own courtyards with qi.

This showed the difference in wealth between a rich Dao Emperor and himself.

Shun Long had originally thought that even average late-stage Dao Kings would drool at the sight of his wealth, but he finally realized that this was simply the difference of the experts residing in the central region and those in the Night star continent.

Indeed, although he could be considered a rich tycoon in the Night star continent, it was very likely that Shun Long ’s wealth could only rival some weak middle-stage Dao Kings from the central region right now.

And yet, this didn ’t make him feel discouraged but instead elated that there were so many resources in the central region for him to snatc- cough…

After throwing another look at Elder Xuan who had already disappeared, Shun Long turned his eyes towards Liu Mei who was smiling brightly as she stood by his side before he said gently

’ ’Mei ’er, let ’s go back. ’ ’

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