Elder Xuan ’s words were like a bolt of lightning that shocked even Wei Yaling and Dong Ai who were obviously unaware of this piece of news as well.

However, the most shocked out of everyone else was clearly Shun Long followed by Liu Mei.

He already knew from Little Black that the difficulty in comprehending the Dao of Death, regardless of ones cultivation level was extremely tough.

One had to practically enter a state that was almost dead and yet not dead, while they managed to survive being grabbed by the Hand of Death as they peered through the Death Abyss.

Only after those conditions were successfully met would one be able to truly start comprehending the Dao of Death.

Even in the Immortal Dimension, the Dao of Death was considered an extremely special Dao due to its mortality rate and the difficulty that one needed to have in comprehending it.
After all, regardless of whether one was a Heaven stage cultivator or an expert that had reached the Dao Emperor realm, the danger in comprehending the Dao of Death was the same! In front of death, everyone was equal.

Thus, hearing that Xuan Jiao ’s master had actually comprehended this Dao made Shun Long stare at the beautiful middle-aged woman with a stunned look on his face.
Although he knew that Liu Mei wasn ’t the only person in this world who had comprehended the Dao of Death, hearing that Xuan Jiao ’s master was similar to her was really too big of a coincidence.

’ ’No, perhaps it ’s not a coincidence.
After all, Elder Xuan clearly approached Mei ’er because she knew that she has comprehended the Dao of Death. ’ ’

As he reached this conclusion, Shun Long stared at the white-robed Elder who was standing in front of Liu Mei with a curious look in his eyes as he waited for her to continue explaining.

Indeed, Elder Xuan didn ’t let him down, as she stared at him for a moment and smiled before she turned her attention towards Liu Mei and spoke with a gentle smile on her face, one that was clearly reminiscing of certain scenes in her mind

’ ’My master was an expert that had reached the very pinnacle of the Dao Emperor realm, someone who could walk through the land unafraid of nearly every other Dao Emperor realm expert.
In front of master and her undead army, only the strongest Dao Emperor realm experts even dared to raise their heads!

Even the martial skill that you obtained from the Barrier of Knowledge, the ’Death ’s chant ’, it ’s a martial skill that master created herself after a lot of pain and effort.

Hehe, master would surely have been very happy if she knew that I obtained a disciple who has comprehended the same Dao as her. ’ ’

Shun Long and Liu Mei, and even Wei Yaling and Dong Ai all clearly understood, that Elder Xuan ’s tone was one filled with many complicated emotions, including sadness, grief, melancholy, regret, and yet also longing, admiration, respect and familial love.

At that moment, they also understood from Elder Xuan ’s words that her master had most likely already perished.

Without bothering to mask any of her emotions, Elder Xuan looked at Liu Mei as if she was looking at her own child as she continued

’ ’However, although master had reached the peak of the Dao Emperor realm, like every other cultivator she couldn ’t remain stranded to her level forever as she longed to reach the peak of the world.
After all, even after knowing how tough every subsequent breakthrough becomes in the future, cultivators are attracted like moths to a flame, as they do their best to become even stronger and live forever.

So, one day, master decided to try and breakthrough to the level above the Dao Emperor realm! However, as fate would have it master failed her breakthrough, causing her soul to scatter in the end. ’ ’

Although Elder Xuan tried to say this with the most gentle tone, almost as if she was a mother who was telling a story to her own children, allowing Dong Ai and Wei Yaling to listen from the side, the warm tears that rolled down her cheeks betrayed her inner heart that was clearly in pain.

And yet, no one dared to interupt this powerful Dao Emperor who continued speaking barely a moment later

’ ’My master was my only family, the person who raised me from nothing and gave me everything in this world.
Even though I wanted to try and cultivate in the same Dao as master, she always forbid that without a second thought, saying that the Dao of Death isn ’t something you can consciously cultivate, but instead it is only a small chance that you need to be very lucky to grasp. ’ ’

Shun Long listened attentively at Elder Xuan ’s words, but he didn ’t agree with the last part of her master ’s words.
He already knew from Little Black, that in the Immortal Dimension, there was a crazy powerful family who had every single one of its disciples and descendants cultivate in the Dao of Death.

Of course, it also wasn ’t wrong to consider the Dao of Death a ’lucky Dao ’ that only the few really ’lucky ones ’ could survive from and comprehend in the end.

Unable to notice the almost non-existent change in Shun Long ’s expression, Elder Xuan who still had her eyes entirely focused on Liu Mei then continued

’ ’The reason why I said that I could guide you through your control of the Dao of Death was precisely because master imparted with me her knowledge and experience.
Although she forbid me from ever trying to cultivate in this Dao, she hoped that her experience could prove useful to me, and perhaps even allow me to breakthrough to the level above the Dao Emperor realm in the future.

So little Mei, I will tell you everything that my master taught me about the Dao of Death, so pay close attention to it.
After all, even though your fate said that you have hopes of becoming an immortal in the future you do not understand the dangers of the Dao of Death just yet.
But before that, the rest of you can all get out! ’ ’

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