Dong Ai puffed out her chest when she heard this while her gaze was fully focused on Liu Mei, almost as if she was studying this new ’junior sister ’ of hers.

As for Liu Mei, she also stared at this new ’senior sister ’ of hers for a few moments with her usual apathetic gaze, before she turned her attention back to Elder Xuan who was standing in front of her barely a moment later.

Even though Dong Ai had a look in her eyes that was saying ’I am superior to you in every way and you have nothing else but looks to show off in front of me ’, Liu Mei didn ’t care about this challenging look in her newly acquired senior sister ’s face at all.

Elder Xuan ’s lips curved up into a smile when she saw this scene, but she didn ’t seem to be willing to solve a quarrel between her 2 newest personal disciples, as she turned around and sat towards the main seat of the hall.

With a gentle look on her face, she looked at Liu Mei before she said with that same, warm smile on her face

’ ’Little Mei, the ’master and disciple ceremony ’ is very simple.
All you have to do is pour a cup of tea for your master and offer it sincerely.
As long as your master accepts the cup and drinks the tea, you will formally be accepted as a personal disciple. ’ ’

Nodding her head, Liu Mei turned her eyes towards Shun Long for a moment, before she stepped forward, towards the already prepared cup of tea on the simple-looking, wooden table by Xuan Jiao ’s side.

Holding the cup with both hands Liu Mei then carried it towards Xuan Jiao ’s seat, before she kneeled down on both knees and offered it sincerely to her master.

Elder Xuan didn ’t conceal her expression of joy and approval that she had on her face, as she elegantly received the cup with both hands and drained it in one gulp.

Her limpid black eyes then looked at Liu Mei who was by her side before she said smilingly

’ ’Little Mei, stand up! Hehe, this elder sister is very proud to get a disciple like you. ’ ’

When Elder Xuan said this, Shun Long noticed the yellow-robed Dong Ai ’s expression turn angry for a moment while a glint appeared in her eyes that she managed to quickly conceal, while even Wei Yaling ’s lips twitched slightly for a second.

With her usual ice-cold expression that had softened ever-so-slightly as she looked at her master, Liu Mei stood up and bowed to Elder Xuan as the final part of the ’master and disciple ceremony ’.

’ ’Hehe, since I have accepted a new disciple, it ’s only fair that I will give you a small welcoming gift as well. ’ ’

Using both of her hands, Elder Xuan then carefully removed a small pendant that she was wearing on her neck, and handed it to Liu Mei under Dong Ai ’s and Wei Yaling ’s stunned eyes.

’ ’Master! ’ ’

’ ’Sigh, Junior sister is really lucky to be favored by master like this! ’ ’

Dong Ai was the first one to speak, as she looked at the small pendant in Elder Xuan ’s hands with an unconcealed expression of jealousy on her face, while even Wei Yaling couldn ’t hide her envy as her words implied that their master clearly favored Liu Mei more than them.

After hesitating for a moment, Liu Mei extended her hand, accepting her master ’s gift, before her eyes widened barely a moment later.

Just from the qi fluctuations coming from the pendant in her hands, although Liu Mei didn ’t know what it was used for, it was obvious that it was an extremely rare treasure.

Of course, something that Xuan Jiao was wearing on her person couldn ’t be something of no value to begin with!

Staring at the beautiful middle-aged woman in front of her who was still smiling warmly, Liu Mei bowed before she replied with a tone filled with gratitude

’ ’Thank you, master! ’ ’

Even Shun Long nodded his head as he looked at Xuan Jiao, agreeing that this was how a master who valued their disciples should act.

In comparison to Liu Mei ’s father who could be considered half of Liu Mei ’s master and had only given her a half-assed cultivation technique as well as that martial skill that could create an ice pillar even though she was his own daughter, it was obvious that Xuan Jiao valued Liu Mei much more.

Even though he hadn ’t touched it himself, just from the mysterious runes and patters on the pendant ’s surface, as well as the powerful qi fluctuations that were coming from it, Shun Long could accurately judge that it was most likely a defensive treasure that one couldn ’t buy with sect points inside the sect.

’ ’Hehe, no need to thank me.
Didn ’t I say it already? This is just a welcoming gift for my youngest disciple. ’ ’

As she finished her words, Elder Xuan turned her eyes towards Dong Ai and Wei Yaling before she said seriously

’ ’Do the 2 of you really want to compare your assets with someone like Liu Mei? ’ ’

’ ’But master…
even I didn ’t receive such a rare welcome gift from ma- ’ ’

’ ’Junior sister, shut up! ’ ’

As soon as she heard Elder Xuan ’s words, Dong Ai was the first one to step forward and complain, but surprisingly Wei Yaling ’s expression seemed to have suddenly changed as she snapped at her.
And yet, the beautiful yellow-robed young woman ’s expression turned even uglier when she heard this, as she looked at Wei Yaling and said angrily

’ ’Shut up? Why should I? Senior sister Wei, who do you think you are to tell me to shut up? Besides, I am only saying the truth here! Neither I nor anyone else aside from eldest senior sister has ever received such a welcoming gift from master, so why should she get master ’s pendant? ’ ’

Finally, Elder Xuan ’s expression changed, and as the look in her eyes chilled, the entire room suddenly turned freezing cold as Xuan Jiao ’s piercing gaze fell on Dong Ai ’s body that had suddenly stiffened.

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