Wei Yaling then took out a golden token from her spatial ring and showed it to Liu Mei with the same unchanging smile on her face, before she continued

’ ’Master sent me here to fetch you, junior sister.
Hehehe, the truth is that master only has 4 personal disciples so far…
5 now that junior sister is also going to become one of us as well. ’ ’

Nodding her head, Liu Mei ’s expression finally softened somewhat after hearing Wei Yaling ’s gentle tone and seeing the word ’Xuan ’ on her token as well, proving that she was also a disciple of Elder Xuan, before she too held her own token in her hands showing it to Wei Yaling.

’ ’Senior sister, my name is Liu Mei and this is my husband, Shun Long! ’ ’

Shun Long cupped his hands at Wei Yaling who in turn seemed to have shot him a curious look for a few moments, when a bright smile appeared on her face barely a moment later as she too cupped her hands in response.

Hearing the excited tone that was filled with unconcealed pride as Liu Mei introduced her husband to her, made Wei Yaling a bit curious about the young man in front of her.
However, as a peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage outer disciple and a personal disciple of an inner court Elder, she wouldn ’t pay any attention to the new disciples that had just entered the sect.
If it wasn ’t because Liu Mei was going to become her new junior sister, it was very unlikely that Wei Yaling would even know of her name until she advanced in the rankings of the Martial Roll of Honor or if she became a member of one of the top 1000 factions.

Turning her eyes towards Liu Mei a moment later, Wei Yaling then said

’ ’Junior sister, let ’s go! We shouldn ’t make master wait for too long! ’ ’

Liu Mei turned her eyes towards Shun Long who nodded his head in response, before they both followed Wei Yaling as they walked through the inner court.

A quarter of an hour later, their group arrived in front of a huge courtyard that was covered with many different flowers.

Turning around, Wei Yaling looked at Liu Mei with a smile on her face before she said

’ ’This is master ’s residence in the inner court.
Let ’s enter inside. ’ ’

Wei Yaling then placed the golden-colored token in her hands with the word ’Xuan ’ on the entrance gates, as Shun Long then saw the gates slowly open as an enormous garden appeared in his and Liu Mei ’s vision.

This garden was filled with countless trees and flowers, making it look like a place meant for immortals inside the Holy sect.

However, what shocked both Shun Long and Liu Mei weren ’t the many different trees and flowers around them.
Instead, it was the extremely pure qi that had filled the courtyard.

Shun Long ’s eyes widened when he realized, that the pure qi in this place was barely inferior to the pure qi inside his foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ when he fed the Heaven Swallowing vine with middle-grade spirit stones!

With a proud smile on her face, Wei Yaling turned around to look at Liu Mei and Shun Long before she asked

’ ’Surprised? Master ’s residence is indeed one of the best places in the entire Holy sect.
The pure qi in this place is simply incomparable to anything else I have ever seen as well! Even my own grandfather ’s residence doesn ’t have pure qi like master ’s residence! ’ ’

As she finished speaking, Wei Yaling didn ’t look like she intended to explain anything else, as she led Liu Mei and Shun Long deeper inside Elder Xuan ’s residence.

A few minutes later, the 3 of them arrived in front of a large tree that seemed to have extended for hundreds of meters into the sky.

On top of the huge tree, a small but luxurious mansion that was covered with beautiful flowers seemed to have been built there, instantly attracting everyone ’s attention.

Seeing Wei Yaling fly towards the flowery mansion, Liu Mei and Shun Long both followed after her as they appeared outside the mansion ’s entrance.

Taking a deep breath, Wei Yaling had a solemn look on her face as she said in a serious voice

’ ’Master, disciple has returned.
I have brought junior sister Liu with me as well! ’ ’

’ ’Hehe, come inside then. ’ ’

Elder Xuan ’s gentle voice resounded in Shun Long ’s ears, before Shun Long suddenly felt himself being covered by countless flower petals.

Shun Long noticed that the flower petals did not only block his vision, but even his soul sense was completely suppressed.

And yet, this state lasted for barely a few moments before the flower petals slowly fell to the ground one by one, revealing the scene in front of his eyes.

At that moment, Shun Long saw that Liu Mei was standing by his left side while Wei Yaling had already taken a few steps forward standing next to a young woman behind Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan Jiao took a step forward and quickly appeared in front of Liu Mei with that same gentle smile on her face, while her limpid black eyes were staring at her with a satisfied look inside them.

As for the young woman in yellow robes next to Wei Yaling, she seemed to have been studying Liu Mei with a curious look in her eyes, while Shun Long could practically feel the competitive spirit that was burning inside them.

And yet, Liu Mei only threw a look at that young woman for a few moments, before she turned her attention towards Elder Xuan that was standing in front of her.

The beautiful middle-aged Elder who had her black hair tied in a ponytail looked at Liu Mei and smiled before she introduced the 2 women behind her

’ ’Hehe, little Mei, these 2 are your senior sisters from now on, but even though they are your senior sisters, your status is actually the same as theirs.
You have already met with Yaling on your way here so I don ’t need to introduce her.
As for the girl next to her, hehe, her name is Dong Ai, and just like you, she entered the sect recently as well…
just a few months ago. ’ ’

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