The token in Liu Mei ’s hands was obviously the personal token of the inner court Elder, Elder Xuan!

However, the two of them that were guarding the inner court ’s entrance today, had already seen 4 other new outer court disciples that had been accepted as personal disciples by inner court Elders and were going to complete their ’master and disciple ceremony ’ with their respective masters.
Could it be that there was going to be a fifth as well?

The ’master and disciple ceremony ’ was extremely important in the cultivation world.
Only after the ceremony was completed would a disciple be formally considered a personal disciple.
Otherwise, if there was no ’master and disciple ceremony ’ between a master and his disciples, then those disciples can only be considered as in-name disciples at best.

Although in-name disciples usually received decent treatment from their masters and they would more often than not get some pointers in their cultivation as well, guiding them on how to progress in the future, they simply couldn ’t be compared to the treatment that a personal disciple received.

A personal disciple would usually be able to cultivate using their master ’s personal techniques, they would often receive pointers in their cultivation, and they would also get plenty of resources, including but not limited to spirit stones, Saint-grade cultivation techniques and martial skills, high-grade pills or rare medicinal herbs, and even powerful weapons and protective artifacts!

It wasn ’t an exaggeration to say that the status of an in-name disciple and that of a personal disciple were like the difference between the clouds and the mud.

After staying silent for a few moments, the 2 disciples of the Enforcement Hall both nodded their heads towards Liu Mei as they opened up a path for her, but the young man on the left looked at Shun Long and said seriously

’ ’Only the person who holds the personal token of an inner court Elder is allowed to enter the inner court! Stand back! ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t respond to the young man from the Enforcement Hall, as Liu Mei ’s eyes narrowed before she said seriously

’ ’Long-ge has already received permission from master to enter the inner court along with me.
If you have a problem with it, you can come along with me and meet master yourself! ’ ’

Without waiting for a response, Liu Mei who hadn ’t let go of Shun Long ’s hand took a step forward, as she walked towards the inner court ’s gates.

’ ’This… ’ ’

The 2 young men from the Enforcement Hall were both troubled when they heard this, as they turned to look at each other with uncertain looks on their faces.

Normally, they would never allow someone who didn ’t hold the token of an Elder to enter the inner court, but if it was something that was personally allowed by an inner court Elder, they would be offending that Elder themselves.

Besides, although the disciples of the Enforcement Hall usually enjoyed a lofty status in the outer court, their status was still lower than that of a personal disciple of an inner court Elder.
It was practically guaranteed that the personal disciples of the inner court Elders would also become inner court disciples in the future as well!

Thus, although the 2 of them wanted to stop Liu Mei, in the end, the young man on the right whose cultivation was at the middle of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul looked at the young man next to him, as he gritted his teeth and said in a low voice

’ ’If a problem really occurs we will blame that girl instead! If she really used the name of an Elder to sneak someone into the inner court, even Elder Xuan will not let her go like that. ’ ’

The young man on the left nodded his head, as the 2 of them saw Shun Long and Liu Mei stepped past the huge gates and enter the inner court.

Liu Mei had a pout on her face as she looked at Shun Long before she said seriously

’ ’Hmph! They thought they could stop Long-ge from coming with me? If they really insisted, I would go and bring master to teach them a lesson! ’ ’

Shun Long smiled at the angry-looking Liu Mei who was obviously still in a bad mood due to their meeting Sheng Huang earlier, as he patted her head gently.

At that moment, as soon as Shun Long and Liu Mei entered the inner court, a young woman dressed in yellow robes who was standing a few meters away from their location actually approached them at full speed as soon as she spotted them, appearing in front of Liu Mei in the blink of an eye.

Even Shun Long was astonished by this woman ’s speed, causing him to look at her for a few more moments with a serious look on his face.

This woman who looked to be in her mid-20s, whether it was her face or her body, she definitely had an above-average appearance.

As for her cultivation, from the aura coming from her body, Shun Long instantly understood that this woman was at the peak of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul!

Her aura was even slightly stronger than the young man from the Enforcement Hall who was guarding the gates of the inner court just now as well.

For some reason, Shun Long could feel that although the woman in front of him was smiling, she was no different than a magic beast that was ready to attack at any moment!

This woman had a bright smile on her face she looked at Liu Mei, and taking a step forward, she affectionally held Liu Mei ’s hands with her own before she said in a warm tone

’ ’Hehe, you must be our new junior sister, Liu Mei.
You really had this senior sister wait for a long time today.
Hehe, our master said that you are beautiful, but you are even more beautiful than I imagined!

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Wei Yaling and I am a personal disciple of our master.
Hehehe, you can call me senior sister Wei from now on! ’ ’

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