Sheng Huang had a glimmer in his eyes as he stared at Shun Long completely ignoring Liu Mei who was standing next to him, while a deep killing intent seemed to have involuntarily burst out from his body.

Liu Mei ’s eyes narrowed when she saw this, and completely ignoring the fact that Sheng Huang had already advanced to the early rank 4 of the Nascent Soul, she took a step forward while her entire body overflowed with the aura of Death.
It was obvious that as long as Sheng Huang wanted to start a fight here, Liu Mei would happily oblige and take him on, even if her cultivation was 2 minor ranks lower than his.

Shun Long however simply shook his head and pulled Liu Mei back, and ignoring the silver-haired young lord of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ that was standing by the side and was looking at him with a scornful look on his face, he focused his eyes on Sheng Huang as he asked coldly

’ ’Sheng Huang, what do you want? Don ’t you know that a good dog doesn ’t block the way? ’ ’

Of course, Shun Long wasn ’t planning on being polite with Sheng Huang.
Putting aside the fact that Sheng Huang appeared out of nowhere and blocked his way, just from the fact that this was the second time that he had showed his killing intent towards him was enough for Shun Long to treat him like an enemy.

The killing intent in Sheng Huang ’s eyes became even more apparent when he heard Shun Long ’s provocative words, as he took a step forward and extended out his hand before he said

’ ’Shun Long, hand over the star-rank sword that you took from the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ and I can let bygones be bygones between us.
I know that you are definitely related to the 2 people on that black dragon who snatched the sword under my grandfather ’s nose from the core of the villa! Refuse to hand it over and I will let the Elders of the sect know that you are related to someone who is connected with a dragon! Even if the Elders of the Holy sect are all saints, I am sure that at least one of them will be interested in finding out the whereabouts of a living dragon! Hehehe, even if it ’s just an outer court Elder that targets you, I am sure that you can imagine the results. ’ ’

Liu Mei trembled in anger when she heard Sheng Huang ’s blatant blackmail attempt that was obviously trying to force Shun Long to hand over the black sword that they had obtained from the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ while the chubby Zhong Fang by Sheng Huang ’s side simply smirked.

Of course, since neither of the 2 black-robed people that were on the black dragon ’s back in the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ hadn ’t dared to fight against the old king of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Jun, Sheng Huang had already assumed that any normal outer court Elder of the Holy sect could simply take care of them all the same.
As long as they learned of the existence of a living black dragon, Sheng Huang was certain that even if no inner court Elders actually did anything about it, at least 2 or 3 outer court Elders of the Holy sect would be interested in this.

And yet, Shun Long ’s expression didn ’t change as he kept staring at the prince of the Shengtian dynasty like he was looking at an idiot, and looking at Sheng Huang ’s extended hand that was still waiting confidently for him to hand over his black sword, Shun Long shook his head before he said in a mocking tone

’ ’Why would I give my own weapon to you? What do you think I am? Your father?

No, I doubt that even your father would actually give you a star-rank sword, even if he had one in his possession.
Is this why you came here to beg uncle Shun Long? Stop begging and scram out of my way.
Do you think I have so much time to waste on an idiot like you? ’ ’

Sheng Huang ’s eyes widened like saucers while even Zhong Fang could no longer help but have his expression change when he heard Shun Long ’s mocking words that were obviously trying to anger Sheng Huang even further.

As for Liu Mei, although the aura of Death around her didn ’t dissipate, a brilliant smile was formed on her lips as she couldn ’t hold her laughter back any longer.

Taking a step forward, Sheng Huang furiously took out his bronze-plated rank 3 gold-grade warhammer from his spatial ring and held it in front of him almost as if he was ready to attack as long as Shun Long said another word, while at the same time, his body was covered with the aura from his Dao of Destruction.

Barely managing to suppress himself from killing Shun Long on the spot, Sheng Huang took a deep breath before he asked coldly

’ ’Shun Long, do you really dare to refuse? Do you think I won ’t inform the Elders of the sect about it? Hand over the star-rank sword or your life in the Holy sect will become more miserable than you can imagine! ’ ’

’ ’Idiot, let alone that it ’s useless to even dream of taking away something that belongs to me, even if I gave you the sword, do you think I would trust you with keeping your mouth shut?

Besides, you are not the only one who knows that there is a living black dragon somewhere in the Night star continent.
The hall master from the Demon Emperor Palace also knows it.
Even if the Elders of the sect hear about it, do you think that they would come and bother me instead? What are the chances that a normal outer court disciple would know about the whereabouts of a dragon in the first place? Do you really think that a dragon would stay in the same place if it senses danger? Instead of bothering me, the Elders would go directly to the Night star continent and search for him. ’ ’

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