However, the moment that he and Liu Mei stepped out of his courtyard and started to walk towards the inner court, Shun Long heard discussions among some of the surrounding outer disciples that made him suddenly stop into place, while even Liu Mei ’s expression changed into one of disbelief

’ ’Hey, did you hear about it? The Enforcement Hall disciples have already verified, that the person who attacked the disciples on the streets 3 days ago, was an expert who played the guqin.
Every single disciple who heard his guqin had fallen asleep, and they only woke up almost a full day later! ’ ’

’ ’That ’s all you know? I heard that it ’s not just the disciples that were walking on the streets during that time that they were affected by the guqin, but even some people who were cultivating inside their own courtyards.
Every single one of them fell asleep, completely unable to resist that feeling! ’ ’

The second outer disciple had lowered his voice when he said this almost as if this was something that not many people knew of just yet.

’ ’What? How is this possible? The protective formations around the courtyards in this place -even if they are the weakest among the entirety of the Holy sect- can even take on the full-powered attack of an early stage Dao King without any problem.
Are you saying that the person who attacked those disciples has already exceeded the level of a Dao King? ’ ’

The second outer disciple shook his head with an uncertain expression on his face before he replied

’ ’I am not sure…
I actually heard that the protective formations around the courtyards weren ’t even triggered by the sound of that guqin! I don ’t know how that ’s possible but it ’s the truth! Additionally…
the disciples who heard the guqin were not only unharmed in the end, but it seemed that their mental state even improved somewhat! However, the disciples of the Enforcement Hall are still looking for that person who played the guqin, and I am not sure what they want to do with him! ’ ’

Seeing Liu Mei turn her gaze towards him with a worrying look, Shun Long simply smiled and patter her head lightly, indicating for her that there was nothing to worry about, as they kept walking forward.

Of course, Liu Mei instantly understood that the person that these disciples were talking about and the person that the Enforcement Hall disciples were also looking for was obviously going to be Shun Long! After all, who else had played the guqin 3 days ago and could possibly make everyone else relax and cleanse their minds, in the same way that Shun Long ’s guqin did with Liu Mei?

Although Shun Long hadn ’t even thought that the sound of his guqin would actually escape his own courtyard and would spread on the streets around it, let alone that it would spread into the surrounding courtyards, after barely a moment of thinking he realized that he had been negligent in this matter.

With his skill and his memories of the guqin from his previous life, and as someone who had already reached the pinnacle of playing the guqin in the ’Immortal Dimension ’ in the past, even if his cultivation was still at the early stages of the Nascent Soul, how could the protective formations around the courtyard ever match the profoundness of the sound of his guqin?

This was a melody that even people in the Immortal Dimension couldn ’t hear at will!

Even if these formations could actually block the full-powered attacks of early-stage Dao Kings, the sound of Shun Long ’s guqin was completely different.

After all, the profoundness hidden inside it wasn ’t something that normal protective formations could block!

Of course, this didn ’t mean that the sound of his guqin was actually stronger than the full-powered attack of a Dao King! Instead, it was the profoundness and the mystery of the magical sound that had already reached a level that was above this world!

As these thoughts appeared in his mind, Shun Long realized that it was only natural for the sound of his guqin to escape the confines of his courtyard and even be heard by the surrounding outer disciples instead.

Naturally, the effect that the guqin would have on those disciples who heard it, wouldn ’t even be a tenth of the effects that it had on Liu Mei, but it was still something that allowed the people who heard it to benefit greatly.

As the 2 of them walked towards the inner court, Liu Mei could no longer contain her worry that had already covered her face, as she asked in a concerned tone

’ ’Long-ge, are you sure that it ’s going to be alright? After all, in the Golden Treasures Hall a few days ago, there were plenty of disciples around us when Long-ge bought the silver guqin… ’ ’

Hearing Liu Mei ’s concerned voice, Shun Long smiled and held her hand as they walked forward, before he replied in a calm tone

’ ’Mei ’er, don ’t worry.
Even if someone reported it to the disciples of the Enforcement Hall, it ’s simply impossible for them to think that a disciple at the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul could actually ignore the restrictions around the courtyards which can even block the attacks of Dao Kings.
At most, it will definitely attract some more attention to me, but it ’s nothing too important in the end.
Even if people really learned about it, we are not going to stay lowkey inside the sect to begin with! ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head gently while her left hand that was holding Shun Long ’s tightened in response.
No matter what Shun Long decided, even if he wanted to fight against the disciples of the Enforcement Hall in the end, Liu Mei would always stand by Shun Long ’s side anyway.

Shun Long and Liu Mei kept walking towards the north of the outer court, and half an hour later, the gigantic gates that separated the outer court and the inner court soon appeared in Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s eyes.

The enormous black gates were nearly 10 meters(33ft) tall, and were the only place where one could pass through to enter the inner court.
And yet, although the gates were wide-open, 2 disciples with yellow-colored robes and a badge with the words ’Enforcement Hall ’ guarded it by both sides, not allowing anyone to step past it without permission.

However, before Shun Long and Liu Mei could even reach the gates of the inner court, 2 young men dressed in yellow robes both appeared in front of them and blocked their path at the same time!

Liu Mei ’s eyes widened in shock, while Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed, as they both recognized the 2 young men that appeared in front of them.
The man in front of Shun Long was the prince of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Huang, while the young man in front of Liu Mei was the young lord of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ of the Night star continent, Zhong Fang!

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