The ’Enforcement Hall disciples ’ that were kneeling in front of Elder Kang all trembled when they heard his furious voice, but the young man who was in charge of reporting this matter whose cultivation was at the peak of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul, still took a deep breath before he said seriously

’ ’Elder Kang, it is like this; Many outer disciples were found unconscious on the streets near the area of the courtyards where the new disciples live.
Although they have yet to wake up, none of those disciples seemed to have been attacked nor have they been poisoned, and it looks like they have simply lost consciousness for now. ’ ’

The young man who reported this didn ’t dare to raise his head and meet Elder Kang ’s furious gaze, as he simply narrated everything that he knew.

He was simply unlucky enough to be the one who had to report things this time.

However, the look on Elder Kang ’s face didn ’t soften after hearing the report, and instead, the white-robed Elder looked at the disciples in front of him with the same cold look on his face before he asked in a mocking tone

’ ’None of them seem to have been attacked? Is that your excuse as a member of the Enforcement Hall? Do you claim to have comprehended how every Dao and every unique physique works before you came to this assumption? More than a hundred outer disciples are unconscious on the streets, and you dare to say that they are simply unconscious? If you don ’t investigate this and find out the reason behind this matter, every single one of you will be punished accordingly! Now scram! ’ ’

Elder Kang ’s tone had turned furious towards the end as his powerful voice and the unstoppable of a peak Dao King ended up shaking the entire Enforcement Hall!

The disciples of the Enforcement Hall all left the room in a hurry after hearing Elder Kang ’s words, almost as if they had been pardoned, as they left the Enforcement Hall in a hurry.

As soon as they left the hall, the disciple that had to make the report to Elder Kang had a murderous look on his face as he said in a furious voice

’ ’I ’m curious to see which idiot dared to attack other disciples in broad daylight like that! Tao Zheng, make sure to report to me immediately once any of those idiots wake up! ’ ’

’ ’Yes leader! ’ ’

At the same time that this discussion was taking place among the disciples of the Enforcement Hall, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long was still sitting cross-legged on the ground as he kept feeding middle-grade spirit stones to the Heaven Swallowing vine, before it absorbed them and quickly filled the air around him with extremely pure qi.

A little more than 2 days soon passed like this, while 21 days had already gone by in the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ until Shun Long finally opened his eyes.

Raising his head with a smile on his face, Shun Long saw the 20 silver-colored balls of qi that were now floating inside the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’, as he had already entered the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul.

Since today was the day that Liu Mei ’s master and disciple ceremony was going to take place in the inner court, Shun Long didn ’t stay inside the foggy space any longer, as he closed his eyes and simulated himself returning back to his room.

After taking a shower and changing himself into a pair of clean, yellow-colored outer disciple robes, Shun Long opened the door of the room and saw Liu Mei on the courtyard, sitting on the Death Eater ’s back with her eyes closed.

The enormous Death Eater was slowly walking around the courtyard, while an army of 60 undead knights and 1000 jade-white skeletons were marching behind it.

Noticing Shun Long ’s presence, a brilliant smile soon formed on Liu Mei ’s face as she waved her hand, allowing the Death Eater and the rest of her undead army to disappear before she flew towards Shun Long and greeted him warmly

’ ’Long-ge! ’ ’

’ ’Mei ’er, are you ready? ’ ’

Shun Long looked at Liu Mei who had a dazzling smile on her face as she stared at him, while a bright look flashed inside Shun Long ’s eyes at the same time.

It was obvious that Liu Mei ’s control over her undead army had increased significantly in these past 2 days.

The skeletons and the undead knights were now moving less raggedly and in an even more natural manner than before, while the Death Eater ’s aura of madness and cruelty was also suppressed to a certain extent.

Of course, that didn ’t mean that the Death Eater was weaker or less mad than before.
Instead, Liu Mei was intentionally suppressing it for now, in order to increase her control over her undead army even further.
After all, with her breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage, Liu Mei no longer treated her undead creatures as inanimate objects that she simply used to fight.
Every single one of them felt no different than actual living creatures, even though they were obviously undead.

Nodding her head, Liu Mei took a step forward and hugged Shun Long before she gave him a kiss that was filled with love and joy as she then said

’ ’Long-ge, thank you! ’ ’

Shun Long simply smiled in response as he used his right hand to gently brush Liu Mei ’s hair.

He knew that the reason why Liu Mei was thanking him, was because of the guqin song that he had played for her 2 days ago.

It was obvious that a large part of the discomfort that Liu Mei was feeling in the past from her ’Blood Absorption art ’ had already disappeared as the guqin ’s sound had cleansed her mind.

Without wasting any more time, Shun Long and Liu Mei then left the courtyard as they headed directly towards the north of the sect where the inner court was located.

Shun Long had already learned that the Holy sect was divided between the outer court where the outer disciples and the outer court Elders lived, and the inner court where the inner disciples and the inner court Elders stayed.

Normally, outer disciples wouldn ’t set foot into the inner court unless there were some special circumstances.
Of course, an inner court Elder like Elder Xuan Jiao accepting a personal disciple was precisely one of those special circumstances.

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