Xie Xingyi nodded her head when she heard Shun Long ’s question, before she shook it barely a moment later as she replied in a hurry

’ ’I- I have only heard of their existence from master and don ’t know much about them either.
Master is actually the Elder responsible for the Refinement Hall inside the sect.
She said that she is in charge of the 2 earth flames that the sect has in its possession.
When I asked master what are earth flames, she simply said that it ’s something extremely precious for alchemists and formation masters alike, without explaining anything else. ’ ’

A stunned look flashed inside Shun Long ’s eyes when he heard Xie Xingyi saying that the Holy sect actually had 2 earth flames in its possession.

A few moments later, after calming down the upheavals in his heart, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi in front of him before he explained

’ ’Earth flames aren ’t simple flames, but flames that are born from the essence of this world.
They are special, extremely rare and powerful flames that alchemists and formation masters both need to find if they want to become stronger.

For an alchemist to even have a chance of creating a top-grade rank 6 pill, he needs to refine the pill using the power of an earth flame.
Only then can the impurities from the medicinal herbs be completely expelled, leaving behind the purest medicinal essence and allow the pill to become a top-grade rank 6 pill.
Otherwise, without the use of an earth flame, the chances of producing a top-grade rank 6 pill will be practically zero.
Even a high-grade rank 6 pill will be difficult to refine without the assistance of an earth flame.

As for rank 7 pills, it ’s even harder.
Without an earth flame, an alchemist will usually be unable to refine anything above a middle-grade rank 7 pill, unless his cultivation has already reached the peak of the Dao Emperor realm!

This is why earth flames are considered to be treasures to every single high-grade alchemist.

Of course, this doesn ’t mean that middle-grade rank 7 pills aren ’t useful, but the difference between a middle-grade rank 7 pill and a high-grade or even a top-grade one is simply incomparable. ’ ’

As he finished explaining the usage of the earth flames, Shun Long saw a look of realization dawning upon Liu Mei ’s and Xie Xingyi ’s faces as they seemed to have suddenly realized the value of an earth flame.

If it was something that even high-grade alchemists needed to use, then the value of an earth flame couldn ’t be estimated.
Thus, the Holy sect possessing 2 earth flames and having them sealed in the Refinement Hall was something that exceeded their expectations.

Of course, using an earth flame to refine a pill didn ’t mean that an alchemist would necessarily be able to refine a high-grade or top-grade rank 6 pill.
It only meant that their chances would be higher during the pill refinement process.

Seeing that Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi had both realized the importance of the earth flames Shun Long nodded his head, before he turned his eyes towards the beautiful blond-haired young woman in front of him and asked

’ ’Xingyi, is the Refinement Hall located within the inner court? ’ ’

Shun Long already knew that the Holy sect was divided between the outer court and the inner court.
Although he didn ’t know the specifics, he knew that very few outer court disciples were allowed to step foot into the inner court.

At the same time, considering that he and Liu Mei had already walked through a large part of the outer court already, but he had yet to see the Refinement Hall in the outer court, it was very likely that it was located in the inner court instead.

Of course, since no one below the level of a Dao King would have a need to use an earth flame, it made sense that most outer court disciples wouldn ’t be aware of the existence of the Refinement Hall within the sect until they entered the inner court.

Indeed, Xie Xingyi nodded when she heard Shun Long ’s question, before she replied in a gentle voice a moment later

’ ’Brother Long is right.
Master said that the Refinement Hall is located within the inner court.
However, according to master, only the top 1000 outer court disciples on the Martial Roll of Honor, the members of the top 100 factions of the outer sect, or the personal disciples of an inner court Elder are allowed to enter the inner court.
The rest of the outer disciples aren ’t allowed to enter.
However, if brother Long wants to enter the inner court and visit the Refinement Hall, I…
will ask my master to allow it for you. ’ ’

’ ’There is no need.
I was just curious after hearing that the sect actually has 2 earth flames in its possession.
Usually, alchemists will absorb the earth flames in their bodies and wouldn ’t place them in a place where everyone can use them.
After all, only by absorbing the earth flames inside their body could a cultivator allow the flame to show its real strength! ’ ’

Shun Long shook his head when he heard Xie Xingyi ’s suggestion, but he still rejected it in the end.

Regardless, having an outer court disciple who isn ’t even at the Dao King realm enter the Refinement Hall would draw too much attention even for him.

Although Shun Long wasn ’t planning to stay lowkey inside the sect, showing his full talent as an alchemist was currently out of the question.
At least until he reached the Dao King realm he had decided that he wouldn ’t do so.

However, he had now met with another problem as well.

As it was right now, Shun Long had already reached the standards of a peak rank 2 gold grade alchemist and was already strong enough to concoct some of the more common rank 6 pills.
Even his soul sense which was his biggest limitation during the pill refinement was already strong enough for him to complete the refinement of a rank 6 pill without any issue.

At the same time, Shun Long estimated, that by the time that he broke through to the rank 6 of the Nascent Soul, he would also reach the standards of a peak rank 3 gold grade alchemist and be able to refine even the most difficult rank 6 pills.

However, without the use of an earth flame, it would be extremely difficult for him to refine even high-grade rank 6 pills.
As for top-grade rank 6 pills, it would be nearly impossible.
Thus, the truth was that Shun Long urgently needed an earth flame.

Hearing that the Holy sect actually had 2 earth flames within the Refinement Hall made Shun Long unable to fully stop the waves of greed that were rising in his heart.

After all, every alchemist that met with an earth flame would do everything they could to obtain it, and this was even more true for Shun Long.
Although most of his memories regarding the earth flames were still sealed in his mind, Shun Long knew that if he could absorb an earth flame and utilize it fully, not only would his skills as an alchemist would rise, but his combat strength would see another leap forward as well, while he would have an extra trump card to use.

And yet, he also knew that there was no chance for the Holy sect to simply allow him to absorb either of the 2 earth flames in the Refinement Hall.

After all, it was unknown how many alchemists in the sect were eyeing those earth flames already.

As for allowing Xie Xingyi to bring him in the Refinement Hall and allow him to concoct his pills using the assistance of the flames, although that thought had flashed through his mind for a moment, Shun Long quickly rejected it as well.

As a rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, he shouldn ’t even be able to refine a top-grade rank 5 pill just yet, let alone a rank 6.

After all, according to the normal standards, only those alchemists who had reached the peak of rank 6 in the Nascent Soul stage could reach the standards of a rank 1 gold grade alchemist, while Shun Long had already become a rank 1 gold grade alchemist as soon as he broke through to the rank 3 of the Spirit realm.

Even as an extreme genius, this wasn ’t something that could be easily explained even in a place like the Holy sect that was filled with monster geniuses of all kinds.

Shun Long guessed, that even a genius alchemist of the Holy sect would only be able to refine a top-grade rank 5 pill at most if he was at the same cultivation stage as him, and he most likely wouldn ’t be able to do that consistently either.

Xie Xingyi was excited when she saw Shun Long ’s piqued interest the moment that she mentioned the earth flames, since she already knew that Shun Long wouldn ’t usually show interest in most things.

Just from his tone alone, it was evident how interested he was in the earth flames.

However, she still felt somewhat disappointed in her heart when she realized that it was probably impossible to obtain the sect ’s earth flames.

Almost as if he had guessed her thoughts, Shun Long ’s expression slowly warmed towards her as he then said in a gentler tone

’ ’Xingyi, don ’t think too much into it.
Although earth flames are indeed rare, they aren ’t impossible to find either.
Additionally, if I really need to use an earth flame to refine a rank 6 pill in the future, I will make sure to ask for your help to enter the Refinement Hall. ’ ’

’ ’Mm! ’ ’

Xie Xingyi nodded her head gently when she heard this as she stared at the young man in front of her with a look of determination inside her emerald-colored eyes.

After staying in Shun Long ’s room for a few more minutes, Xingyi was a bit reluctant, but she still stood up with a somewhat complicated expression on her face, as she bade farewell and said that she would come and visit Shun Long and Liu Mei again in a few days.

Without waiting for a response, her peerlessly beautiful face had already turned a light shade of red as she looked at Shun Long and Liu Mei next to him, before a veil of shadows covered her body as she then disappeared from Shun Long ’s courtyard.

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