Jiang Chen was the first one to react when he heard Shun Long ’s words, as he instantly took out his sect identifying token without any hesitation, and placed it above Shun Long ’s own.

His action by itself seemed to be his answer.

Since he had already decided to follow Shun Long, he wouldn ’t go back on his word no matter what.

Besides, aside from Shun Long, he didn ’t know who else could possibly help him fight against the immortals from the Yu family of the Eternal Darkness world in the future.

Perhaps even Shun Long wouldn ’t be able to do help him, but Jiang Chen had already made his choice.

Barely a moment after Jiang Chen had extended his hand, Xie Xingyi and Bai Longtian took out their sect identifying tokens and placed them above Shun Long ’s as well.

Being slower than Jiang Chen by a second didn ’t mean that Xie Xingyi or Bai Longtian were uncertain or that they were less determined about joining Shun Long than Jiang Chen.

Instead, this just showed Jiang Chen ’s mental preparations, as he didn ’t even need to think over what Shun Long had said just now before giving his response.

The lack of hesitation in Xie Xingyi ’s and Bai Longtian ’s actions also showed that they had already decided in their hearts already as well.

Shun Long smiled when he saw this scene, as he nodded his head and touched his sect identifying token in front of him, infusing it with his qi.

A bright white light soon covered Jiang Chen ’s, Bai Longtian ’s and Xie Xingyi ’s sect identifying tokens, before the words Shun Long ’s faction soon appeared on their surface.

And yet, the words only appeared on the tokens ’ surface for a single moment as they quickly disappeared a moment later.

Liu Mei ’s face blossomed with a brilliant smile that was akin to spring coming inside the room when she saw the scene in front of her, while at the same time, Shun Long waved his hand, taking out a large wooden barrel and 5 small wine cups from his herb garden in the ’Stone of Time ’.

After tilting the barrel slightly and filling all 5 cups with the bright red wine, an intoxicating fragrance instantly filled the room and soon spread throughout the entire courtyard!

An expression of fervor appeared on Jiang Chen ’s and Xie XIngyi ’s faces when they saw the bright red wine in their cups, while even Liu Mei licked her lips in anticipation.

As for Bai Longtian, the look on his face was originally a nonchalant one when he saw Shun Long taking out a barrel of wine, but as soon as he smelled the intoxicating fragrance that assaulted his senses, his expression quickly changed into that of disbelief.

Placing the wine cups in front of him, Shun Long then handed a cup to Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian while he kept one for himself, before he said with a calm look on his face

’ ’Although we have created a faction, it is not eligible to join the faction wars just yet.
For a faction to be able to join the faction wars and faction rankings and be able to fight other factions, it first has to complete 5 D-rank faction missions and a single C-rank one.
However, forget about the C-rank one, even the D-rank faction missions will be extremely challenging for us right now.
Even Jiang Chen is only at the middle of rank 4 of the Nascent Soul while miss Xingyi and Bai Longtian have just advanced to the early rank 4 as well.

So, in 10 days from now, each of us will go and complete 2 personal D-rank missions without any help, both so that we can get a hang of the sect ’s missions and their difficulty level as well as train ourselves.

Although none of us lacks combat experience, fighting against middle-stage Nascent Soul criminals is still the best form of training to hone ourselves and advance as quickly as possible! ’ ’

As he said this, Shun Long turned his eyes to look at Liu Mei next to him, as this was even more true for her.
Fighting and killing middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivators and absorbing their qi was the best way for her to advance her cultivation as well as further comprehend the Dao of Death.

As for why Shun Long decided to wait 10 days instead of going right away, it was mainly because Jiang Chen, Xie Xingyi and Bai Longtian had all broken through in their cultivation, so they needed at least a week to solidify their cultivation levels.

At the same time, Shun Long knew that he couldn ’t just stay holed up inside his room and cultivate day and night either, and he had to go out and pressure himself in order for his spiritual strength to keep up with his rate of cultivation.

Simply sitting cross-legged and meditating wouldn ’t work.

Only by pressuring himself and putting his mind and soul to extreme situations, could Shun Long ’s spiritual strength match up to his cultivation speed!

Of course, Shun Long also knew that 3 days from today, Liu Mei ’s master and disciple ceremony would also take place in the ’inner court ’, so he couldn ’t leave and go train himself before that either.

Shaking her head, Xie Xingyi looked at Shun Long and pouted lightly as she said

’ ’Brother Long can just call me Xingyi.

brother Long, the truth is that an Elder approached me today and asked me if I wanted to accept her as my master.
actually agreed! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long wasn ’t too surprised by this and felt that it was only natural that Xie Xingyi would be approached by an Elder to take her on as a disciple.
With both the extraordinary fate that she had shown during the test of the ball of fate, as well as the fact that she had an extremely rare unique physique, at least one Elder or two would be interested in taking her on as a personal disciple.

At that moment, Jiang Chen also spoke barely a moment later as he looked at Shun Long and said in a serious tone, attracting everyone ’s attention inside the room

’ ’I was also approached by an Elder today who asked me if I wanted to take him as my master. ’ ’

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