Knowing that he was trapped inside this place of absolute darkness where he couldn ’t see anything, Bai Longtian didn ’t move from the spot he was standing on, and instead, he closed his eyes as he spread his soul sense, trying to find Jiang Chen ’s location instead.

However, his expression instantly changed barely a moment later, as he realized that the darkness around him had already completely suppressed his soul sense, not allowing him to spread it around his body.

At the same time, a feeling of danger suddenly sprouted in Bai Longtian ’s heart as he immediately turned around and thrusted his palm forward.

The air whistled from the force of his palm as his hand collided with a huge black palm formed from Jiang Chen ’s Dao of Darkness.

The 2 palms collided as both Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian were forced to take a few steps back from the impact.

However, even though he had managed to repel Jiang Chen ’s attack, the look in Bai Longtian ’s eyes turned even more serious than before as he looked around him in his gigantic golden buddha figure.

Inside his Kingdom of Darkness formed by his Eternal Darkness unique physique Jiang Chen ’s Dao of Darkness was also amplified, making his attacks even stronger than before.
However, the most dangerous thing for Bai Longtian was still the fact that he couldn ’t see where the next attack would come from and he could only rely on his instinct.

Finally, the silence broke a few moments later, as countless palms created by Jiang Chen ’s Dao of Darkness emerged inside his Kingdom of Darkness, as they bombarded Bai Longtian ’s gigantic golden figure without stop.

And yet, despite being placed in such an unfavorable situation, Bai Longtian still didn ’t think that he would lose! Although Jiang Chen ’s attacks were even stronger inside his Kingdom of Darkness, Bai Longtian knew that his Golden Buddha unique physique was definitely strong enough to take them head-on.

At that moment none of those 2 held back any of their abilities any longer, as Jiang Chen ’s attacks were infused with both his Demonic Dao and his Dao of Darkness making any normal early rank 4 Nascent Soul stage cultivator who stood in front of him tremble in fear if they could sense his aura, while Bai Longtian circulated his Dao of the Buddha to its limits, creating a small golden sphere around his body that enhanced his defense even further.

No matter how many black palms landed on his body, although he would be forced to take a few steps back in the process, Bai Longtian wouldn ’t be too heavily injured!

Finally, an hour later, Shun Long saw the black veil that had covered more than half of his courtyard slowly dissipate, as 2 figures appeared inside it, both of them facing each other with serious looks on their faces.

Shun Long noticed that Jiang Chen ’s ’Demonic Wings ’ were already on the verge of disappearing as his qi had already been completely depleted, while even his energy from his body cultivation could no longer sustain his Kingdom of Darkness!

As for Bai Longtian, his golden buddha figure had already disappeared as his body had already reverted back to its original appearance.
It was obvious that both he and Jiang Chen had reached their limits, and yet neither of them was willing to stop.

After a few moments of tension that seemed like an eternity, Bai Longtian was the first one to speak, as he looked at Jiang Chen opposite to him and said seriously

’ ’Senior brother Jiang is really stronger than I expected.
I thought that without your bloodline power I would easily win, but in the end I was wrong. ’ ’

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen had an unresigned expression on his face as he looked at the young man in front of him, almost as if he was unwilling to accept this outcome before he answered

’ ’This time it ’s a draw, but this isn ’t the end! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Bai Longtian also didn ’t want to accept that the outcome of their fight didn ’t have a clear winner.
Although it was a draw this time since both of them had already depleted both their qi and the energy inside their bodies from their qi refinement cultivation, making Jiang Chen unable to sustain his Kingdom of Darkness any longer and even Bai Longtian to be unable to stay in his gigantic golden buddha form, they would definitely settle this in the future.

At that moment, everyone saw Bai Longtian turning his eyes to look at Shun Long with an expectant gaze, almost as if he was waiting to finally hear his answer.

After a moment of silence, Shun Long nodded his head with a smile on his face, before he turned around and walked towards the main room, beckoning for Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian to follow behind him as well.

As soon as he sat down on the white cushion in front of his bed with Liu Mei sitting next to him, Shun Long looked at the 2 young men who sat down in front of him and was about to speak, when suddenly, the restrictions around the courtyard lit up before the image of a peerlessly beautiful young woman with blond hair and bright emerald eyes appeared in his mind.

Realizing that Xie Xingyi had also arrived at this moment Shun Long then deactivated the restrictions around his courtyard, allowing her to enter inside as well.

As soon as Xie Xingyi stepped into the room, everyone ’s attention was instantly focused on her, as they realized that she had also broken through in these last few days, entering the early rank 4 of the Nascent Soul stage.

At the same time, Xie Xingyi was also stunned when she saw Bai Longtian appear in Shun Long ’s room since she already knew from Liu Mei that the 2 of them weren ’t familiar, causing Liu Mei to explain the situation that had taken place before Xie Xingyi arrived.

Hearing that both Bai Longtian had a unique physique as well and was actually just as strong as Jiang Chen made the beautiful young woman open her mouth in shock as she stared at him for a few seconds longer.

After all, Xie Xingyi also came from the Night star continent just like Bai Longtian, and she clearly knew that the biggest genius of the Night star continent was rumored to be Sheng Huang and not him.
There were some rumors that Bai Longtian may be at the same level as Sheng Huang of course, but since the 2 of them hadn ’t openly fought, everyone considered the prince of the Shengtian dynasty as the strongest genius of the entire continent.

However, with his unique physique, there was no doubt that Bai Longtian would have been hailed as the strongest genius of the continent instead if as he had actually revealed it!

Of course, that was under the assumption that a monster like Shun Long wasn ’t included in this discussion.

Xie Xingyi still remembered Shun Long ’s fight with Jiang Chen from a few days ago and how he had revealed his Dao of Time, causing her heart to thump wildly as she thought back of that scene.

At the same time, sitting on his white cushion, Shun Long ’s eyes swept past Xie Xingyi, Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian, with a deep look in his eyes, before he took out his sect identifying token and placed it on the floor in front of him.

Seeing that everyone ’s gaze was focused on him, Shun Long took a deep breath, before his voice resounded throughout the room

’ ’If you really want to follow me, you most likely won ’t have a peaceful life in the sect in the future.
Doing so will mean that you will have to fight against the top factions of the sect as well as its strongest geniuses, and many of them are most likely Dao Kings already.
If any of you wants to back out from it, this is your chance! ’ ’

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