Bai Longtian ’s 2 palms immediately covered his face forming a wall that blocked Jiang Chen ’s punch, before his body suddenly started to glow with a bright white light as his gigantic golden buddha form immediately disappeared on the spot, leaving behind countless afterimages as he circled around Jiang Chen.

This was Bai Longtian ’s Dao of Light!

Using his Dao of Light, even with his enormous gigantic golden buddha body, Bai Longtian ’s speed was now countless times faster than most early rank 4 Nascent Soul stage cultivators!

At the same time, since both his and Jiang Chen ’s body refinement cultivation had obviously reached the early fifth stage as well Bai Longtian no longer held back in this fight, as he sent a flurry of attacks towards the young man in front of him.

And yet, Jiang Chen simply smirked when he saw this scene, and just before Bai Longtian ’s attacks could land on his body, a pair of pitch-black wings that were burning with dark red flames were formed on his back as he said calmly

’ ’Demonic Wings! ’ ’

Using the first stage of this Saint low-grade martial skill that he had gotten from the barrier of knowledge, Jiang Chen ’s speed increased by many times, becoming even a bit faster than Bai Longtian ’s who was augmented with his Dao of Light.

Flying with a speed that was nearly impossible to match for most early rank 4 Nascent Soul stage experts, Jiang Chen was about to fly out from Bai Longtian ’s range of attack, but at that moment, a bright golden light erupted from Bai Longtian ’s body forming a small barrier that stopped Jiang Chen in his tracks.

Of course, Jiang Chen only needed a single moment to destroy the golden barrier created by Bai Longtian ’s Dao of the Buddha, but that moment was enough for Bai Longtian ’s attack to arrive in front of him!

Knowing that he had no way to dodge Bai Longtian ’s attack, the darkness around Jiang Chen ’s body surged, creating another huge black palm that collided with Bai Longtian ’s golden palm head-on!

However, how could Jiang Chen ’s palm that he had formed in a single moment really fight against Bai Longtian ’s strike that was further augmented by both his Dao of Light and his Dao of the Buddha so easily?

The huge black palm was instantly destroyed, as Bai Longtian ’s gigantic golden palm continued forward, landing on Jiang Chen ’s chest and instantly piercing through his defenses, as it sent him crashing back on the ground like a meteor.

Unable to resist the overpowering force, Jiang Chen spat a mouthful of blood as his body created a crater at the center of Shun Long ’s courtyard.

Shun Long and Liu Mei both stared at the fight between the 2 geniuses in front of them, as Jiang Chen ’s battered figure slowly stood up from the ground barely a moment later, his body filled with injuries.

Staring at the serious look on the gigantic figure of the golden buddha in front of him, the look on Jiang Chen ’s face gradually turned solemn as well, as he finally mumbled in a serious voice

’ ’Forget it! I am not losing to you! Kingdom of Darkness! ’ ’

The darkness around his body then started to churn, expanding even further, like a veil of darkness completely submerging the area around him.

At that moment, an ominous feeling appeared in Bai Longtian ’s heart as he felt the darkness around Jiang Chen growing rapidly towards his direction, almost as if it was trying to submerge him.

Without any hesitation, Bai Longtian ’s body lit up as he circulated his Dao of Light, and yet he noticed that he was only able to barely slow down the advancement of the veil of darkness and not completely stop it, let alone destroy it.

Lowering his gaze Bai Longtian suddenly noticed that a small ball of darkness that he hadn ’t noticed earlier was actually stuck in his right palm.

A look of realization instantly appeared on his face as he understood, that this black ball of darkness came from Jiang Chen ’s body, as his last attack had sent him flying to the ground.

And yet, just as Bai Longtian was about to try and expel the black ball from his hand, the black ball suddenly exploded as his vision was instantly plunged into darkness.

In just a few moments, the veil of darkness around Jiang Chen expanded as well, covering a large area of the courtyard and completely trapping Bai Longtian ’s gigantic golden figure inside it as well.

As the darkness started to spread even further, even Shun Long and Liu Mei weren ’t able to see through the scene inside it any longer.

This was the true power behind Jiang Chen ’s Eternal Darkness unique physique, the ’Kingdom of Darkness ’!

At that moment, Liu Mei turned her head to the side to look at Shun Long who was seriously staring at the black veil in front of him that had already covered half the courtyard, before she asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, which of them do you think is going to win? ’ ’

Even though Liu Mei could no longer see the fight in front of them, she still believed in Shun Long ’s judgement the most and she was also curious about which of those 2 did he think that was stronger.

Shaking his head, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei seriously before he replied

’ ’Jiang Chen is definitely faster in terms of speed thanks to his ’Demonic Wings ’, but his real strength lies more in control and attacking.
Although I don ’t know too much about his Eternal Darkness unique physique, it is definitely not easy to escape from it.

As for Bai Longtian, his attack, defense, and speed are all exceptional, while his Golden Buddha unique physique enhances those attributes even further.

If the 2 of them had to exchange full-powered blows in this situation, they would probably be equal with each other in terms of their attack, but Bai Longtian ’s defense will definitely be stronger.

Of course, that is only under the situation where Jiang Chen doesn ’t use his bloodline power of the Demonic Crow of Darkness, otherwise, Bai Longtian will have a really hard time against him! ’ ’

Nodding her head, Liu Mei had a serious look in her eyes as she stared at the black veil that had now encompassed more than half of the courtyard.

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