Although Wan Zu and even Liu Mei were surprised by Shun Long ’s sudden action, Shun Long merely smiled as he held Liu Mei ’s hand and walked out of the private room.

How could he not understand that Wan Zu was practically certain that he would find out the recipe of his ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’ and was only treating Shun Long as someone who would bring him new recipes?

Of course, nearly every alchemist would try to find out the recipe of a new pill as soon as they came in contact with it, and this was nothing new to Shun Long.

After all, this wasn ’t only a test to an alchemist ’s skills but it also tested one ’s knowledge of alchemy and medicinal herbs as well.

And yet, Shun Long merely smiled as he walked out of the private room while holding Liu Mei ’s hand, before he headed directly towards the counter with the Silverbark guqin in the distance.

Wan Zu stared at Shun Long ’s back silently for a few moments, before he smiled and returned back inside his private room barely a moment later with an excited look in his eyes.

At the same time, as Shun Long and Liu Mei walked towards the counter in the distance, Liu Mei who had stayed silent for so long turned to look at Shun Long with her bright black eyes, before she asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, are you angry with that old man? ’ ’

Turning his eyes to look at the serious Liu Mei next to him, Shun Long ’s smile quickly turned gentle as he patted her head lightly, before he shook his own head and said

’ ’Haha, don ’t worry Mei ’er I am not angry.
I just wonder what expression will Wan Zu really have when he tries to find out the recipe of the ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’.

Hehe, even if I gave him a set of the ingredients, it would still be impossible for him to find out the correct way to concoct the pill by himself. ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes widened slightly when she heard this, but she still nodded her head a moment later as she realized what was going on.

Indeed, every alchemist would try to find out the pill recipe behind a new pill, and that old man would also be the same.

It could be said that finding out the pill recipe behind a pill, was also a challenge, as well as an indirect confrontation between 2 alchemists who both put their skills to the test at the same time.

Of course, in order to decipher the real recipe behind the pill, the alchemist that tried to do the deciphering would have to be at least at the same level -if not a level higher- as the alchemist who created the pill recipe to begin with.

After all, finding out the complete pill recipe didn ’t just mean simply finding out which medicinal ingredients were used but the complete refinement process of the pill as well, including the order that the medicinal ingredients were added inside the cauldron, their maturity age, as well as the intensity of the flames.

Even though Liu Mei wasn ’t an alchemist, she already knew that even the peak rank 3 gold grade alchemists of the Alchemists ’ Guild of the Heaven ’s Dome city weren ’t at the same level as Shun Long in terms of understanding of the medicinal herbs and magic beasts.

Even if Wan Zu was a Dao King realm expert as well, unless he was a peak rank 3 gold grade alchemist, he couldn ’t be that much better than the top alchemists of the Night star continent.

A few moments later, Shun Long appeared in front of the counter with the Silverbark guqin and stared at it for a few moments, before he turned his attention towards the young man behind it.

Taking out his sect identifying token, he then looked at the young man in front of him before he said seriously

’ ’I am buying this guqin. ’ ’

The young man behind the counter had a look of incredulity on his face when he heard this, before he turned his attention towards the sect identifying token in Shun Long ’s hands.

At that moment, the young man suddenly trembled as he opened and closed his mouth in shock for a few moments, before he eventually managed to stammer out

’ ’1-110.000 sect points? ’ ’

It was obvious that this man behind the counter was unable to believe that this was the same young man and young woman who had appeared here a few moments earlier and had discussed about buying the guqin in front of him.

He had scoffed in his heart at how ignorant these 2 new disciples were, and that they had clearly no idea that it was impossible for them to obtain 70.000 sect points, unless they had a few treasures to sell that were all at the level of a peak rank 3 gold grade weapon.

And yet, the number on Shun Long ’s sect identifying token made the young man unable to believe his eyes!

Ignoring the young man ’s reaction, Shun Long placed his sect identifying jade on the counter in front of him, as only then did the young man in front of him finally react, as he hurriedly took out a wooden token from the counter and accepted the 70.000 sect points with a look of disbelief on his face.

’ ’Is that guy a descendant of one of the powerful families from the previous batch that entered the sect 2 months ago? How can he afford to spend 70.000 sect points just for a guqin? ’ ’

’ ’No, I saw him enter Wan Zu ’s room earlier.
I bet he had to sell quite a few things to afford that guqin. ’ ’

The disciples around Shun Long and Liu Mei that saw this scene, stared at Shun Long with eyes filled with curiosity when they saw him taking the Silverback guqin from the counter and placing it in his spatial ring before they started to discuss with each other.

After all, although most people in the Golden Treasures Hall had seen others spend even more sect points in the past, seeing someone spend 70.000 sect points for a single musical instrument was too crazy.

Shun Long didn ’t pay any attention to the disciples around him that shot curious looks at him and Liu Mei, as he kept touring through the first floor of the Golden Treasures Hall, almost as if he was looking for something.

Finally, a few minutes later, his eyes landed on a large counter that was filled with medicinal herbs and alchemy cauldrons.

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