Before Shun Long had time to ponder over things, heavy breathing could be heard from the entire ’Treasure Pavilion ’.
Everyone could now breathe again as they looked at Shun Long ’s private room with different emotions in their eyes.
There was horror, reverence, awe, excitement, fear, worship, and more, all at the same time.

Yin Xing who had shot like a cannonball outside of the room earlier, was now looking at Shun Long ’s back with admiration and fanatism.

As the loud gasps for air stopped, the entire ’Treasure Pavilion ’ was bathed in silence.
Nobody dared to utter a word and most people were drenched in sweat from head to toe by now.

Shun Long turned to look at Yin Xing who still on the floor outside the room.
Then he looked around the room and noticed that everything was destroyed leaving it completely empty inside.

’ ’Yin Xing, are you okay? ’ ’ Shun Long asked with a bit of embarrassment in his heavy voice.
After all Yin Xing was a rank 3 bronze grade alchemist and yet he had ended like that, just by being around Shun Long.

Yin Xing waved his hands hurriedly as he stood up and said

’ ’Of course, senior, thank you for asking. ’ ’ Yin Xing felt flattered that the senior called his name directly.
This person was definitely stronger than ’Alchemist Li Wei ’.
The aura he had emitted earlier was definitely not in the Heaven grade.
As Yin Xing thought of the fact that this senior is probably above the Heaven grade, he started trembling with excitement and was even more determined to forge a good relationship with Shun Long as he then asked nervously

’ ’Uhh senior, did something happen earlier which caused you to release your aura? ’ ’

Shun Long understood what Yin Xing was talking about.
Of course, that aura didn ’t belong to Shun Long but to the triangular-shaped stone, however Shun Long had to give an excuse after destroying the entire room so he said in his heavy voice

’ ’Earlier, something happened that drew my attention so I couldn ’t help but accidentally release my aura. ’ ’ Since Shun Long didn ’t explain explicitly what had happened and Yin Xing didn ’t ask for more details about that.
If the senior didn ’t want to explain more then he wouldn ’t mindlessly pester him about it.
Instead he switched the topic as he asked Shun Long

’ ’Senior, about the auction..? ’ ’

’ ’Right! Yin Xing, are there any other private rooms available? If not, this one will do as well, although we may need another couch. ’ ’

’ ’Senior means that you still want to participate in the auction? ’ ’

’ ’Of course, isn ’t that what I came here for? ’ ’

’ ’Okay senior don ’t worry, I will make all the necessary arrangements. ’ ’

Yin Xing truly made the arrangements he had promised, as just half an incense stick of time later, he took Shun Long to another private room, and this one was even slightly bigger than the last one they were in earlier.
He also informed the higher-ups of the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ that what happened in the room was an accident, and that the mysterious senior wishes for the auction to keep going.

The higher-ups of the pavilion didn ’t raise any questions and instead ordered Yin Xing to do his best to forge a close relationship with that person before they called Lan Jinjing and told her that she should continue with the auction.

Although the crowd was still terrified by the earlier aura outbreak, Lan Jinjing ’s exceptional skills as an auctioneer had managed to divert everyone ’s attention, and people had started bidding again in no time.

Meanwhile in the ’inner city, ’ the main hall was almost full as the Elders of the sect were standing in front of the main seat, where the sect master has sitting on.
The Elders in the hall were the strongest people in the ’floating cloud sect.
Even the weakest person in the room was at the early stages of rank 7 in the Heaven grade.

’ ’Sect master, what was that aura earlier? ’ ’

’ ’Could it be that sect master had a breakthrough? ’ ’

’ ’Ah yes, that must be it! Who else could release such an aura in the entire ’floating cloud city ’? ’ ’

Liu Jian motioned with his hand for everyone to be quiet before he said

’ ’That frightening aura didn ’t come from me.
Even if I managed to breakthrough and reach the middle stages of the Spirit realm, I still wouldn ’t be able to unleash such an aura. ’ ’

Then he took a deep breath as he said

’ ’Actually, I called all of you here to ask if any of you has any idea why such a powerful person would suddenly appear in our ’floating cloud sect ’. ’ ’

The Elders were all aghast when they heard Liu Jian ’s words.
Silence permeated the hall until a person with white hair and a white beard said

’ ’Sect master, do you think that this person has come here for the ’Vermilion realm ’? ’ ’

The person who asked this question was the Grand Elder of the sect, Lan Hong.
His status was only below Liu Jian ’s and above every other Elder ’s.

Liu Jian thought about it but he eventually shook his head as he said

’ ’Unlikely.
It is too early for the ’Vermilion realm ’ to open anyway.
Also if this senior wanted to enter the ’Vermilion realm ’ I doubt our ’floating cloud sect ’ could assist him in any way.
From my estimations, this senior ’s strength is above the late stages of the Spirit realm.
Perhaps even.. ’ ’

Liu Jian cut off his words and didn ’t dare speculate any further.

Discussions were taking place over this matter, just in the main hall of the inner city, but everywhere in the entire ’floating cloud city ’.
From the ’Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion ’ to even the cheapest inns everyone was discussing about that sudden burst of suppressive aura.

Meanwhile, the culprit ’s, Shun Long ’s eyes were shining brightly at this moment as he heard Lan Jinjing saying

’ ’Our next item for the auction is something that many alchemists need but can ’t easily find.
Although it ’s only a rank 2 medicinal herb it can help you improve your control over the element of fire consuming this fruit.
It is precisely the ’fire-spirit fruit ’. ’ ’

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