Although Wan Zu was an alchemist himself and he had also reached the standard of a rank 2 gold grade alchemist long ago, he was still unable to understand what kind of pill this was from its scent alone.

No, it was more accurate to say that he had never smelled a pill that emitted such a fragrance in his life before.

At that moment, Shun Long ’s lips curved up into an even more obvious smile as he then said calmly

’ ’These pills are called ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’ and they can help a cultivator who is training in body refinement to advance even faster. ’ ’

Wan Zu ’s eyes examined the pills inside the pill bottle with a curious look in his eyes, before he turned his attention back at Shun Long and asked in a questioning tone

’ ’ ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’? How are they different from rank 5 ’bone strengthening pills ’? You should already know that for such pills to allow someone to breakthrough, even a cultivator at the early fifth stage of body refinement will have to consume at least a thousand of them and all of them will have to be at the high or top-grade as well, otherwise it will require even more of them than that.
However, advancing that way after consuming a thousand pills in one go, it ’s inevitable that pill toxins will also accumulate in a person ’s body as well.
Even if these ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’ are top-grade rank 5 pills that don ’t have as many toxins due to their purity, this isn ’t something that can be avoided! ’ ’

As a senior alchemist, Wan Zu already knew that for pills like the ’bone strengthening pills ’ to allow a cultivator to truly breakthrough to the next stage, a large amount of them had to be consumed in one go, which in turn would lead to the accumulation of pill toxins inside the body.

Although breaking through that way could save a cultivator months or even years of training, expelling the pill toxins was no easy feat either, which made pills like the ’bone strengthening pills ’ not as enticing in some cultivators eyes.

After all, compared to having to expel a large amount of impurities in the future, some disciples would only choose to consume a small amount of ’bone strengthening pills ’ that would allow them to speed up their cultivation just a little bit.

Shun Long looked at the old man who was sitting opposite to him and Liu Mei with a calm look on his face, as he shook his head and said seriously

’ ’I am afraid that senior Wan has misunderstood.
These pills are nothing like the rank 5 ’bone strengthening pills ’.
Whether it is the medicinal herbs that are required to concoct a single furnace of them or their medicinal effects, the ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’ are on an entirely different level.

After all, a single ’Dragonblood tempering pill ’ is more potent than 50 ’bone strengthening pills ’ combined! ’ ’

The moment that he heard Shun Long ’s words, the white-haired Wan Zu ’s eyes narrowed while a look of curiosity and skepticism appeared in his eyes, as he immediately turned his attention back to the pill bottle in his hands.

Although there was no way that he would believe that there was a pill whose effects was as powerful as 50 top-grade ’bone strengthening pills ’, just from the ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’ scent, it was obvious that they were no normal pills either.

Without any delay, Wan Zu tilted the bottle in his hands slightly, taking out a single top-grade rank 5 ’Dragonblood tempering pill ’ from the bottle and placed it on the palm of his left hand, before he also took out a small dagger from his spatial ring and carefully shaved off a tiny part of the pill.

As soon as swallowed the tiny part of the ’Dragonblood tempering pill ’ that he had placed in his mouth, Wan Zu could feel a burning feeling inside his body, almost as if a fire had been suddenly set up inside him.
And yet, this feeling only lasted for barely a moment before it disappeared.

At that moment, Shun Long saw the old man opposite to him suddenly open his eyes and stare at him in shock, before asking in a disbelieving tone

’ ’This…
how is this possible? What kind of medicinal herbs…
no, what kind of recipe was used to create this pill? ’ ’

Shaking his head, the look in Shun Long ’s eyes turned serious as he replied coldly

’ ’I am sure that senior Wan understands that the recipe of a pill and the medicinal herbs used during the pill concoction aren ’t something that any alchemist would easily share! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Wan Zu took a deep breath to calm himself down realizing that he had been too rash this time, but the fervent look in his eyes as he stared at the pill bottle in his hands couldn ’t be concealed.

At the same time, the look that he used to look at Shun Long slowly changed.

’ ’Even though this kid can ’t be the alchemist who concocted these pills, from the amount of pills that he seems willing to sell, he is most likely an alchemist as well and probably knows the recipe of these ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’ too.
Even if he can ’t concoct any of them right now, he will probably be able to create some of them after breaking through to the middle stages of the Nascent Soul.
However, the most important thing is to purchase these pills first! ’ ’

As he sorted out his thoughts Wan Zu looked at Shun Long with a solemn look on his face, this time no longer looking down on him, but instead facing him as if he was looking at an equal before saying

’ ’Brother Shun Long, as you already know, pills like your ’Dragonblood tempering pills ’ haven ’t appeared in our Golden Treasures Hall before, so it won ’t be easy to price them accordingly.
I also wonder how many of these pills brother Shun Long intends to sell. ’ ’

Even though Wan Zu knew that it was somewhat demeaning for a Dao King like him to call an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator as brother, just from the pills that Shun Long had on his possession Wan Zu didn ’t feel that he was losing any face.

Pushing the second pill bottle that he was holding in his hand towards Wan Zu, Shun Long took out two more pill bottles from the ’Stone of Time ’ without any hesitation, before saying in a calm voice

’ ’I will only sell 40 pills.
As for the price, since senior Wan Zu can ’t calculate it I don ’t mind helping you. ’ ’

Author ’s note: 1/2

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