’ ’D-rank personal mission: Apprehend or kill the middle rank 5 Nascent Soul stage criminal named Jin Bo, who is terrorizing a village 300 miles away from the Holy city.

Reward: 120 sect points if he is captured alive or 90 sect points if he is dead. ’ ’

’ ’D-rank faction mission: Eradicate the den of thieves led by the female bandit Deng Bao.
Since this is a faction mission and the bandit leader ’s cultivation has reached the early rank 6 of the Nascent Soul, a faction with at least 8 to 10 middle stage Nascent Soul outer disciples are recommended to take on this mission!

Reward: 700 sect points. ’ ’

’ ’C-rank personal mission: Travel to the Seaside plains and kill the middle rank 8 Nascent Soul stage succubus that is sucking off the life of the unsuspecting men in the region.

Reward: 1000 sect points. ’ ’

As he kept looking at the missions on the Mission board, Shun Long realized the average corresponding rewards per mission as well as each mission ’s difficulty.

A single, personal D-rank mission gave on average 100 sect points upon completion, while a D-rank faction mission could give anywhere from 400 to 800 sect points.

As for the C-rank missions, their rewards went up by 10 times compared to the D-rank ones.

A single personal C-rank mission gave 1000 sect points upon completion while a C-rank faction mission could bring in anywhere from 4000 to 8000 sect points.

The difficulty of the missions and the corresponding rewards went up dramatically as each tier of difficulty increased.

B-rank personal missions gave on average 10.000 sect points upon completion while the B-rank faction missions gave anywhere from 40.000 to 80.000 sect points.

However, the number of B-rank missions was much lower compared to the C-rank and the D-rank ones.

As for the A-rank missions, a single personal mission could give as much as 100.000 sect points while an A-rank faction mission could bring anywhere from 400.000 to 800.000 sect points!

Of course, there were less than 3 A-rank faction missions available on the Mission board right now, making these missions a rare commodity.

As for S-rank missions, there was not even a single personal mission posted on the Mission board, let alone one that required an S-rank faction within the sect.

Shun Long even doubted whether there were really enough disciples in the sect to form a faction strong enough to complete an S-rank faction mission!

At the same time, he also noticed that many of the D-rank missions weren ’t too far away from the Holy sect, while from the C-rank missions and above, disciples needed to travel certain distances in order to complete them.

As for why there were so many D-rank missions available so close to the Holy sect, Shun Long didn ’t think that the Holy sect left them purposefully because they wanted to train their weakest outer disciples and not let them travel too far away from the sect.

Instead, it was most likely because the central region was so huge, that it was impossible for the Holy sect to keep everything in check while not expending a huge amount of manpower.

Regardless of how many criminals the sect killed, there were still so many of them, that if the Dao King and Dao Emperor realm Elders of the sect wanted to complete all the D-rank missions by themselves, they would definitely die from exhaustion.

Thus, having the outer disciples do this while giving them rewards, was the best way for the Holy sect to train its disciples while clearing the unlawful cultivators around it.

Seeing that Shun Long had finally retracted his gaze from the Mission board, Liu Mei looked at him curiously before she asked

’ ’Long-ge, is there any missions that you want to choose? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at the smiling Liu Mei, before he said in a thoughtful tone

’ ’There are some interesting ones, but for now, we can only focus on the easiest ones instead.
After all, even the ’easiest ’ personal D-rank mission needs a disciple to apprehend or kill a middle rank 4 Nascent Soul stage cultivator by themselves, and the reward for it is only 50 sect points. ’ ’

Liu Mei agreed with Shun Long, and after a moment ’s hesitation she said

’ ’Long-ge, I still haven ’t solidified my cultivation completely, but I think I can defeat a normal middle rank 4 Nascent Soul cultivator if I consume the second rank 5 ’Blood Ignition pill ’. ’ ’

A smile was formed on Shun Long ’s lips the moment that he heard this, as he shook his head without any hesitation before saying

’ ’There is no need to consume another pill.
Focus on meditating for the next few days and try to increase your spiritual strength and slowly bring it to the same level as your cultivation level.
The next few days are going to be very interesting. ’ ’

Shun Long had already understood that Liu Mei hadn ’t completely solidified her cultivation during this time.

Due to her rapid and abnormally sudden increase in her cultivation, it was only natural that she wasn ’t completely feeling comfortable with her breakthrough just yet and would need some more time to do so.

Advancing her spiritual strength so that her mind and soul wouldn ’t feel as burdened when she summoned her undead creatures was the most important thing that she had to do.

At the same time, although Liu Mei couldn ’t guess what Shun Long had in mind, she still nodded her head as he saw his gaze that was still focused on the Mission board in front of him.

Finally, a few moments later, a determined look appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes as he turned around and exited the Assignment Hall with Liu Mei in hand.

After walking around the sect for barely a minute, Shun Long and Liu Mei quickly arrived in front of a tall and extremely luxurious building, that was just a few hundred meters away from the Assignment Hall that they were in just now.

Surprisingly, this building that had 2 large golden doors that were wide open wasn ’t any less bustling than the Assignment Hall!

No, it actually seemed to have even more people coming and going from its entrance, making it seem even livelier than the Assignment Hall, while many followers of the various outer disciples had even set up street stalls around it and were selling their goods, making this place have the vibe of a mortal city from the mortal world.

After taking a look at the 3 golden words above the building ’s entrance, Shun Long ’s lips curved up into a smile, while a light of curiosity filled his eyes at the same time, as he stepped past the building ’s gates without any hesitation.

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