Both Shun Long and Liu Mei were taken aback by Xuan Jiao ’s offer.

Although they had already expected that an Elder may want to take them as a disciple, this was still too sudden.

Liu Mei looked at the beautiful woman in front of her, but she didn ’t directly respond, as she turned her attention to Shun Long who was standing next to her.

’ ’Oh? ’ ’

A smile appeared on Xuan Jiao ’s bright red lips when she understood what was going on, as she too turned her attention to the handsome yellow-robed young man who was standing next to Liu Mei and waited for his answer.

It was obvious that Liu Mei was asking Shun Long ’s opinion on this matter and wouldn ’t decide just by herself.

Shun Long snorted inwardly when he heard Xuan Jiao saying that ’she had taken a liking to Liu Mei after her performance in the fourth test and after seeing her results from the ball of fate ’.

Of course she would take a liking to a potential disciple who had comprehended the Dao of Death and had an extraordinary fate.

Regardless of what the colorful light from Liu Mei ’s fate signified, just from Elder Zhuan ’s reaction at that time, it was obvious that it wasn ’t something common inside the sect.

Thus, every single disciple like Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian and Jun Ren, would all attract the attention of the Elders who learn about their results.

At the same time, Shun Long was certain that this Xuan Jiao wouldn ’t be the only Elder who would be interested in taking Liu Mei as her personal disciple.

’ ’However, it is also true that this woman is the first Elder who approached Mei ’er to take her as a disciple.
This by itself shows that she is genuinely interested, even if it is just for her to obtain a powerful disciple in the future.

Regardless of whether she is saying the truth about being able to guide Mei ’er with her Dao of Death, accepting a master inside the sect will most likely have more benefits than drawbacks for Mei ’er.

At the very least she will obtain a backing within the sect and may even be able to gain more resources as well.

Although spirit stones are practically useless to Mei ’er, having a master can still help her gain rare pills, medicinal herbs, martial skills or even powerful weapons and protective artifacts.

Besides, let alone the fact that this woman will gain nothing if she wanted to harm me or Mei ’er, if that was really the case, there is no way for 2 early Nascent Soul stage cultivators to resist a Dao Emperor! ’ ’

Although Xuan Jiao had completely retracted her aura, not allowing even one bit of it to leak out, from the 2 golden threads of her robes and the fact that she was an inner court Elder, Shun Long could guess that she was definitely a Dao Emperor!

As he came to this conclusion, he instantly snapped out of his daze and looked at Liu Mei who was still staring at him before he nodded his head and said seriously

’ ’Mei ’er, if you are really willing to accept a master, it may not be a bad thing in the end. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s answer was short but Liu Mei immediately understood that he wasn ’t against it.
Whether she really agreed to accept the woman in front of her as her master or not would be up to her.

Xuan Jiao nodded her head when she heard Shun Long ’s answer, before she looked at Liu Mei and waited for her response.

After thinking seriously for a few moments, a resolute look appeared on Liu Mei ’s face, as she nodded her head and bowed deeply at the beautiful woman in front of her as she said

’ ’Master, disciple is willing! ’ ’

Xuan Jiao ’s lips formed an enchanting smile when she heard Liu Mei ’s resolute answer, before she nodded her head and said laughingly

’ ’Hehe, very well! I ’m also happy to obtain such a beautiful and talented disciple. ’ ’

As she finished speaking, Xuan Jiao took out a golden-colored token from her bosom with the word ’Xuan ’ engraved on it, and handed it to Liu Mei before she continued

’ ’Our master and disciple ceremony will take place in my home in the inner court in 3 days from now.
You can use this token to enter the inner court if you want to find me.
This is also proof that I have accepted you as my disciple.
Hehe, don ’t be late little girl, otherwise this elder sister will be angry. ’ ’

There was a teasing tone in Xuan Jiao ’s words as she said the last few words, before she winked at Shun Long and was about to take her leave.

Understanding that Xuan Jiao was going to leave, Liu Mei hurriedly took a step forward and asked her newly accepted master

’ ’Master, can Long-ge attend our ceremony as well? ’ ’

Xuan Jiao was stunned briefly as she turned her eyes towards Shun Long and studied him seriously, before nodding her head a moment later as she said laughingly

’ ’Hehe, alright.
I don ’t mind having one more person present.
Besides, it ’s not going to be just you and me there. ’ ’

Liu Mei heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this, while even Shun Long seemed to have warmed up a bit to the white-robed Elder in front of him.

After all, since it was Liu Mei ’s ceremony of accepting a master for the first time, he wasn ’t willing to be absent.

After she finished speaking and made sure that Liu Mei didn ’t have any more questions, the beautiful inner court Elder waved her hand with that same smile on her face, before she disappeared in front of Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s eyes, as her body turned into a hundred flower petals that dispersed with the wind.

At the same time that Elder Xuan disappeared, Shun Long also noticed a thin, almost invisible barrier shattering around him and Liu Mei.

He actually hadn ’t noticed this barrier that had covered him the entire time!

At the same time, Shun Long also noticed that not a single one of the surrounding disciples had turned their eyes to look at the beautiful inner court Elder that had appeared in this place during this time.

It was almost as if she had only existed in front of Shun Long and Liu Mei.

Paired with the barrier that had shattered, Shun Long instantly understood that this was Elder Xuan ’s technique, and this was also the reason why no one else had noticed the white-robed Elder this entire time.

With a calm look on his face, Shun Long placed the matter of Elder Xuan at the back of his mind, before he turned his attention towards the enormous ’Assignment Hall ’ in front of him.

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