Shun Long ’s brows were raised in surprise when he heard this as he hadn ’t expected for Bai Longtian to come visit him.

Although this young white lord had shown an amiable face towards Shun Long from the first time that they saw each other during the fourth test, he definitely didn ’t know about Shun Long ’s bloodline which made this visit seem a bit out of place.

Liu Mei stared at the thoughtful expression on Shun Long ’s face with an equal confused look but she still continued speaking

’ ’He said that he will enter seclusion first and enter the middle stages of the Nascent Soul before he comes and visit Long-ge again.
Apparently he has something that he wants to discuss with you. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long placed this thought at the back of his mind a few moments later before he turned his attention towards Liu Mei and said

’ ’Mei ’er, let ’s go! ’ ’

Realizing that Shun Long was going to go to the Administration Hall to create his own faction, a brilliant smile appeared on Liu Mei ’s face before she put her white veil back on.

However, Shun Long simply shook his head and removed Liu Mei ’s veil with his right hand before he said seriously

’ ’Mei ’er, there is no need to wear a veil any longer.
Covering your face so that others won ’t covet your beauty isn ’t something that you should have to do from the beginning.
Doing so while we were still weak in the Night star continent was already humbling enough.
If anyone dares to set their eyes on my woman, I will make sure to have them regret it! ’ ’

Liu Mei was stunned for a moment as she looked at Shun Long with a stunned gaze, before the look in her eyes quickly turned into an even warmer look of love.

Even before she had left the ’Floating Cloud sect ’, she had decided to wear a white veil to cover her face because she had already understood that ’being too pretty was a sin ’.
It could attract the attention of countless people who coveted her due to her looks and bring trouble to Shun Long and her.
This was why she had voluntarily covered her face from the very beginning.

However, it would also be a lie to say that she didn ’t long to take the veil off her face as well.

Although she didn ’t care about other people, she still wanted Shun Long to be able to see her.

After all, which woman didn ’t want their man to openly admire their beauty?

And yet, she also hadn ’t expected that Shun Long would suddenly decide to tell her to no longer wear a veil.

As a sudden warm feeling filled her heart, Liu Mei simply nodded her head in response while tears trickled from her eyes.

Of course, Shun Long had also thought about this issue long ago.

After entering the Holy sect, he had decided that he could no longer allow Liu Mei to wear a veil.

Not only was Liu Mei not ugly, but her beauty transcended any other woman that Shun Long had seen.

The only one whose looks could be considered to be on par with Liu Mei ’s were Xie Xingyi ’s.

Although Shun Long knew that he and Liu Mei were now in a much more dangerous place, he could no longer allow Liu Mei to keep wearing a veil just so that ’she wouldn ’t bring trouble ’ to them.

Shun Long ’s pride as a man could no longer accept this either.

At the same time, both Shun Long and Liu Mei could be considered strong enough that they could at least protect themselves.

Seeing Liu Mei nod her head, a smile appeared on Shun Long ’s lips, as he first had Little Silver return inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ before he held Liu Mei ’s hand and stepped past the courtyard ’s gates as he headed towards the Administration Hall.

As soon as they stepped out of the courtyard, Shun Long could feel the surrounding disciples ’ gazes landing on himself and Liu Mei, but he didn ’t pay any heed to them as he continued walking forward.

It was natural that Liu Mei would attract the gazes of the surrounding outer disciples, especially since she had been hiding her appearance during the Holy sect ’s entrance test.

’ ’Who are these 2? Are they new outer disciples? I have never seen that woman before! ’ ’

’ ’I have heard that there is an extremely beautiful girl among the new disciples named Xie Xingyi! I wonder if it ’s her! ’ ’

’ ’No, I heard that Xie Xingyi has blond hair.
However, I have no idea who this one is! ’ ’

Even though he clearly heard the discussions of the disciples around him and Liu Mei, Shun Long completely ignored them as he kept heading towards the Administration Hall.

Of course, although Liu Mei ’s appearance attracted a lot of attention, the disciples that followed after her and Shun Long to find out her identity were very few in the end.

After walking at a leisure pace with Liu Mei for nearly an hour, Shun Long arrived at the huge black building that Elder Zhuan had taken them a week ago, the Administration Hall!

Just like the last time, the Administration Hall didn ’t have too many people inside it.
Although it was an important building in the sect, the disciples only came here when they needed to do something, while most of the time they would spend their time in the Assignment Hall!

Walking past through the hall ’s gate, Shun Long quickly spotted the ’Faction Registration ’ counter before he walked towards the young man situated behind it.

Surprisingly, the young man that was sitting behind the counter wasn ’t wearing yellow robes, but a set of plain robes without the Holy sect ’s insignia on it.

After thinking about it for a while, Shun Long only needed a moment to realize that this person was someone ’s follower or servant.

’ ’Of course, since the Holy sect allows disciples to work for the sect and obtain sect points as well, why wouldn ’t those disciples have their followers do their work for them while they either cultivated or they completed their own missions? That way they can gain sect points while not doing anything! ’ ’

As he realized this issue, Shun Long stared at the rest of the young men and women behind the rest of the counters, and noticed that the only official outer disciple doing this job was the yellow-robed young woman sitting behind the ’living quarters ’ counter.

It was unknown if she was doing this because she didn ’t want to have her own servants to do her work or because there was something special about that counter and the sect wouldn ’t allow a servant to be in charge of it.

Walking in front of the ’Faction Registration counter ’, Shun Long looked at the young man behind the counter and said

’ ’I wish to create my own faction. ’ ’

The young man who was almost dozing off behind the counter raised his droopy eyelids and barely looked at the person in front of him before he extended his hand and said

’ ’Sect token. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long handed his sect identification token to the young man behind the registration counter, only to see a confusing scene take place.

The moment that the young man received Shun Long ’s token and saw Shun Long ’s name on it, his sleepy eyes instantly widened, as he stared at the young man in front of him without even noticing the peerlessly beautiful young woman next to him, as he then asked in a shocked voice that everyone inside the Administration Hall could hear

’ ’You…
you are Shun Long?? ’ ’

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