Liu Mei ’s lips curved up when she saw this scene, forming a beautiful smile, as she turned her attention towards Shun Long and said in a tone filled with joy

’ ’I knew that Long-ge is the strongest! ’ ’

Shun Long smiled when he heard this as he then stood up from his white cushion and pulled Liu Mei into a hug.

At the same time, he also activated his sect identifying token to lock the courtyard and make sure that no one could enter without permission, before he removed Liu Mei ’s veil from her face, and after staring at her for a few moments he then said

’ ’Jiang Chen is actually very strong.
Even if we are at the same cultivation level, I still need to use my Dao of Time in order to beat him. ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head seriously when she heard this, but there was still a look of pride on her beautiful face.

Regardless, so far, there was no one who could stand up to Shun Long at the same level of cultivation when he used his Dao of Time.

Even Jiang Chen was completely incapacitated inside his ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

The only person who could do so was Cui Guoliang, but he was still a Dao King who had suppressed his cultivation while retaining his insights into the Dao of Water during the fight.

If Shun Long and Cui Guoliang fought again under the same circumstances, Shun Long was certain that he could take care of the Dao King within a few moves at best.

Of course, this was only assuming that Cui Guoliang would restrict his cultivation at the same level as Shun Long, otherwise it would be impossible for Shun Long to last even a few moves against a Dao King!

At the same time, staring at the bashful expression on Liu Mei ’s face as she looked at him caused a hot feeling to arise in Shun Long ’s heart.

Although he wasn ’t really a lustful person, after not having seen each other for an entire month, Shun Long couldn ’t simply let Liu Mei go and start cultivating right away.

Taking her in his arms, he carried her all the way to the bed, as he took off his own robes before he started to unrobe her as well.

Liu Mei ’s flawless body once again appeared in front of Shun Long ’s eyes, and paired with Liu Mei ’s somewhat bashful expression only caused the fire in his heart to burn even wilder.

No matter how many times he saw this scene, Shun Long always felt excitement in his heart.

It was the same feeling as if he was unwrapping the same present every time, only to find the same expected result that made his heart beat wildly in response.

Sounds of pleasure filled the room for the next 2 hours until they finally quietened down.

Lying by Shun Long ’s side with her head placed on his chest, Liu Mei stared at Shun Long with a gaze filled with love and affection before she said a few moments later

’ ’Long-ge, there have been some changes to my undead creatures after breaking through to the Nascent Soul. ’ ’

Shun Long looked at Liu Mei with a curious look in his eyes as she then continued

’ ’I can feel that my undead creatures have their own consciousness and I have to use my soul sense to suppress them during a fight so they don ’t go out of control, but they are also much stronger than before! ’ ’

While they were still watching the rest of the fights during the fourth test, Liu Mei couldn ’t find an opportunity to mention this to Shun Long as there were too many disciples around them.

She could only mention the things that she had experienced after she had been separated from Shun Long once they entered the Holy sect ’s test, as well as everything that she had experienced together with Xie Xingyi.

After all, this matter regarding her undead creatures was a secret that could potentially risk her own life if it was exposed to a lot of people.

Shun Long fell silent when he heard this, before he patted Liu Mei ’s head gently a moment later and said seriously

’ ’Try not to summon that giant black beast if it ’s too taxing for your soul sense, at least until you increase your spiritual strength. ’ ’

Hearing the concerned tone in Shun Long ’s words made Liu Mei feel warmth in her heart as she nodded her head.

At the same time, Shun Long also decided to ask Little Black about Liu Mei ’s situation as well.

A few moments later, after changing himself into his yellow-colored outer disciple robes, Shun Long closed his eyes and sat on the white cushion in front of his bed, before he entered back inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’.

As soon as he appeared in this space, an excited Little Silver greeted Shun Long, as well as Little Black who was still asleep.

Even though 20 years had nearly passed inside the foggy space in the Stone of Time, and Little Black had already finished absorbing the energy inside the dragonstone long ago, he still hadn ’t woken up yet.

However, Shun Long could feel that Little Black ’s situation was still fine.
After all, for a dragon, 20 years were nothing more than a single nap.

After petting Little Silver for a while, Shun Long decided to let it outside in the real world to keep company to Liu Mei.

After all, Liu Mei didn ’t need to cultivate normally thanks to her ’Blood Absorption art ’, and Little Silver ’s existence wouldn ’t be found out even by the Elders of the Holy sect thanks to the protective formations surrounding every courtyard.

Of course, although an early rank 6 magic beast didn ’t hold any allure towards any Elder of the Holy sect, Shun Long wouldn ’t be able to explain where he found such a magic beast in the first place since he had only entered the sect today and it was impossible for anyone to carry magic beasts through spatial rings!

After letting Little Silver return to his room and stay with Liu Mei, Shun Long sat cross-legged in the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ and took out the Heaven Swallowing vine as well as more than 10.000 middle-grade spirit stones and placed them in front of him.

During the last 2 years that he and Liu Mei had been to the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ and the ’City of Sin ’, Shun Long had earned plenty of low and middle-grade spirit stones.
Especially from his shop in the City of Sin which was the most profitable business for him.

However, in order to advance in his cultivation during these last 2 years, he had spent plenty of spirit stones as well.

Now, even with the 200.000 middle-grade spirit stones from senior brother Qiong, the spirit stones inside Cui Guoliang ’s spatial ring and what Shun Long had earned from his shop in the ’City of Sin ’, Shun Long ’s total wealth was a little more than 1 million and 300.000 middle-grade spirit stones.

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