The entire room immediately fell silent as Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi first stared at Shun Long for a few moments before they turned their attention towards Jiang Chen.

From Shun Long ’s words alone and from the fact that he was willing to promise something such as fighting against the Yu family in the future for him, even if the 2 girls didn ’t understand how strong a power of the Immortal Dimension really was, they still realized the importance that Shun Long placed on Jiang Chen.

At the same time, as he stared at Shun Long, the struggle in Jiang Chen ’s eyes was obvious.

No matter what, it was almost impossible for him to simply believe, that Shun Long would be able to create a power strong enough, that it could rival the Yu family of the Eternal Darkness world in the future, regardless of how confident he was.

And yet, he also knew that Shun Long ’s previous words were correct.

No power would possibly go to war with the Yu family just because of his sake.

Even if a power was strong enough to do so and fight against the Yu family, how many experts would die in such a war?

Would they really risk so much just for Jiang Chen to join them?

Besides, for the Yu family to exist for so many years while possessing the bloodline of the Demonic Crow of Darkness, they likely had many enemies that hated them, and yet they were still standing tall.

After all, there was no powerful force that didn ’t have at least a few enemies or struggles with other powerful forces.
Whether it was to vie for more territory or resources, the Yu family had definitely accumulated enough enemies within the years.

Thus, if it was that easy to destroy such a powerful family, the Yu family ’s enemies would have done so long ago and wouldn ’t wait for Jiang Chen to do it!

Staring at the blue-robed young man in front of him, Jiang Chen looked at him deep in the eyes before he asked seriously

’ ’What makes you think that you can create a powerful force strong enough to fight against the Yu family in the future? If I really am to trust you, you need to be someone worthy of me following you! ’ ’

At that moment, Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed as he saw Jiang Chen ’s cultivation at the early rank 4 of the Nascent Soul exploding out of his body.

And yet, it only exploded outwards for a single moment before Jiang Chen quickly suppressed it.
Peak of rank 3, middle of rank 3, early rank 3…
in just a few breaths of time, he had already suppressed his cultivation at the same level as Shun Long ’s, the peak of rank 1 of the Nascent Soul!

Staring at the blue-robed young man in front of him, Jiang Chen then said seriously

’ ’Since we have both used our bloodline powers today it ’s impossible to use them again now.
Let ’s fight.
I have suppressed my cultivation at the same level as you, the peak of rank 1 of the Nascent Soul.
I will also not use my unique physique either.
As long as you can beat me, I will take this bet with you and follow you, helping you create your own power.
However, if you lose today, you will be the one to follow me instead! ’ ’

At the same time, Jiang Chen took out his golden saber from his spatial ring, and held it with his right hand, ready to fight against Shun Long at any time.

A deep light flashed through Shun Long ’s eyes when he heard this, before he nodded his head and said in a calm tone

’ ’You are right.
If you win, it ’s only fair that I follow you.
After all, the strongest is always the king! ’ ’

As he finished his words, Shun Long ’s eyes immediately turned golden, as the invisible figure of an hourglass filled with 7 silver balls of qi appeared above his head while his cultivation at the peak of rank 1 of the Nascent Soul exploded out from his body.

’ ’Let ’s go! ’ ’

As his words resounded throughout the spacious room, Shun Long blinked forward, appearing in front of Jiang Chen in an instant before he punched out with his right hand towards his chest.

Jiang Chen was startled for a moment, but he still held his saber horizontally in front of his chest as he welcomed Shun Long ’s attack.

However, right before Shun Long ’s punch could hit the golden saber, Shun Long ’s lips curved up into a smile as a gust of wind appeared around his feet, bringing him by Jiang Chen ’s side.

Mystic high-grade martial skill, Gale Steps!

Liu Mei was startled when she saw Shun Long using this martial skill that he hadn ’t used for a long time.

It was obvious that he wasn ’t fighting against Jiang Chen with everything he had, as he still hid his Dao of Time.

At the same time, although he hadn ’t seen Shun Long use this movement technique during the fourth test, Jiang Chen was still prepared for any trump card that Shun Long may have had, as a pair of pitch-black wings that were burning with dark red flames sprouted from his back.

Saint low-grade martial skill, Demonic Wings!

The moment that his Demonic Wings appeared, Jiang Chen ’s speed instantly increased by many times, even exceeding Shun Long ’s own speed by a huge margin.

His black-robed figure left countless afterimages inside the room, as he completely surrounded Shun Long.

Due to the Demonic Dao that he had comprehended, Jiang Chen ’s affinity with the Demonic Wings was much higher than Shun Long ’s affinity with his Gale Steps.

Even if the Gale Steps were a Saint low-grade martial skill, it still wouldn ’t be enough to bridge the gap between Shun Long ’s speed and Jiang Chen ’s, mainly due to Jiang Chen ’s comprehension of his Dao.

The golden saber flashed in the room, attacking Shun Long again and again, pushing him in a desperate position.

Even if he used ’blink ’, within the small premises of the room, Jiang Chen would easily catch up with him before he continued his barrage of attacks.

And yet, despite his increased speed, Jiang Chen noticed that he was unable to hit Shun Long with his attacks no matter how much he tried.

It was almost as if Shun Long could actually foresee where he would attack, and would avoid every single one of them just in time!

As for those attacks that he couldn ’t avoid, Shun Long was actually able to parry them with an illusionary purple-colored blade that had appeared in his right hand.

Even against his golden saber, Jiang Chen noticed that Shun Long ’s purple blade wasn ’t destroyed, but it simply rippled a few times before it regained its previous form.

Of course, this exhausted Shun Long as well.

His illusionary purple blade was created from his Dao of Space and it used the energy from his body refinement cultivation.

Since Shun Long had yet to breakthrough to the early fifth stage of body refinement, his energy was being rapidly depleted.

After clashing with Jiang Chen ’s golden saber 3 times, Shun Long felt that he was almost out of energy.

If his purple blade was destroyed one more time, he wouldn ’t be able to sustain it during this fight.

Finally, after enduring Jiang Chen ’s barrage of attacks, Shun Long actually stood still at the center of the room, as a faint blue light appeared around his body.

His golden eyes stared at the countless afterimages that Jiang Chen had left behind as he moved around the room at extreme speed, before he said in a low voice

’ ’Monarch ’s Domain! ’ ’

Author ’s note: 1/2

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