Shun Long ’s last sentence resounded in Jiang Chen ’s mind again and again, causing him to stare at the blue-robed young man in front of him with eyes filled with incredulity and shock.

Even in the fourth test when he was fighting a nearly desperate fight, Jiang Chen still hadn ’t revealed the fact that he had a unique physique.

Of course, the reasons behind it were, that firstly, his body refinement cultivation was only at the early fifth stage and wasn ’t strong enough to help him win the fight against his opponent, the young woman named Huo Ru who was at the middle of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul stage, while the second reason was, that since he had already revealed his most important trump card, his bloodline of the Demonic Crow of Darkness, he still wanted to keep at least his unique physique a secret for a while.

And yet, Shun Long had actually managed to see through it and easily pointed out the fact that he possessed a unique physique.

At the same time, both from the look in his eyes, as well as the tone in which he said it, Jiang Chen was almost certain that Shun Long wasn ’t just grasping for straws.

Shaking his head, Shun Long stared at the black-robed young man opposite to him before he continued with a calm voice

’ ’Even though you managed to hide it well enough, it ’s nearly impossible to completely conceal a unique physique when you fight.
Even if you don ’t make use of its special traits, it is still possible for others to find out about it due to the fluctuations of energy around your body! ’ ’

Jiang Chen ’s eyes were filled with skepticism and disbelief when he heard this, as he curiously stared at the blue-robed young man in front of him without answering right away.

Even his own father wouldn ’t be able to point out that he possessed a unique physique if he didn ’t reveal it by himself, and yet Shun Long could actually do so almost effortlessly? And yet, although Jiang Chen didn ’t want to believe it, it seemed that Shun Long wasn ’t bluffing either.

At the same time, although he had noticed that Jiang Chen hadn ’t fully believed his words, Shun Long didn ’t seem to mind, as he sat back down on his white cushion and with a calm look on his face he continued

’ ’You are actually not the only one who hid his unique physique during the fourth test.
There is another guy who also did the same thing as you.
However, even with your Demonic Crow of Darkness ’ bloodline and your Eternal Darkness physique combined, you will still be unable to shake a family in the Immortal Dimension by yourself.
You may not even be able to fight against the absolute strongest geniuses of your mother ’s family before you die… ’ ’

Although Jiang Chen wasn ’t daunted by Shun Long ’s words previously, his confidence was finally shaken after staring at the unfathomable young man in front of him.

No matter what, to be able to see through him directly and expose every secret of his almost effortlessly, he could no longer disregard Shun Long ’s words.

And yet, he couldn ’t give up on his revenge either, nor could he give up on his plan to save his mother!

Seeing the struggle in Jiang Chen ’s eyes, Shun Long ’s lips finally curved up into a smile as he looked at the young man in front of him, before he then said calmly

’ ’However, although you can ’t do it just by yourself, it doesn ’t mean that it ’s something completely impossible to do either!

Follow me!

Stand behind me in the future, both as my friend and as a general!

I will not only help you to save your mother, but even eradicate that family if you so wish! ’ ’

Although Shun Long was still sitting in the white cushion at the center of the room, his body was exuding an aura of majesty, tyranny and absolute confidence as he said these words, while his calm black eyes had an extremely deep look inside them as he stared at Jiang Chen ’s eyes.

It was almost as if a monarch was recruiting his general while declaring the course of the future.

At that moment, Jiang Chen ’s body shivered as he looked at Shun Long with eyes filled with disbelief.

Unable to hide his confusion any longer he finally asked

’ ’Why?

Didn ’t you say that no power would do it for my sake?

Why did you suddenly change your mind? ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t move from his seat as he stared at the black-robed young man in front of him before he said

’ ’You are right.
No power would do it for your sake.
The risk of fighting a huge power in the Immortal Dimension for the sake of one person is too big.

However, I will do it! I will create my own power before ascending to the Immortal Dimension in the future! ’ ’

Every sentence that left Shun Long ’s mouth made both Jiang Chen and Xie Xingyi tremble in their hearts.

At the same time, Jiang Chen seemed to have realized the meaning behind Shun Long ’s previous words.
Although no power would be willing to go to war against the Yu family for him, Shun Long would be willing to do so.

’ ’He isn ’t planning of asking for help from the power that ’s backing him, but he wants to create his own power instead! ’ ’

As this thought flashed through Jiang Chen ’s mind, realization suddenly dawned on him.

What Shun Long was offering him, was a promise but nothing more.
As long as Jiang Chen was willing to stand by his side as Shun Long created his own power, then in the future, Shun Long would help him take revenge on the Yu family of the Eternal Darkness world.

However, could Jiang Chen really trust Shun Long? If Shun Long had promised that he would ask for help from the power behind him, then Jiang Chen would have agreed without any hesitation.
But creating a power by himself? Especially one that would be strong enough to rival a huge power from the Immortal Dimension…
how difficult was that going to be?

Of course, Shun Long had already thought about this matter long ago.

Whether it was to find out more about the secrets of the ’Stone of Time ’, or to unveil the mystery behind Little Black ’s past, it was very likely that he would have to fight countless enemies and even clash with one of the nine emperors of the Dragon Realm, Little Black ’s father, Long Tianyu.

Thus, Shun Long had to prepare himself and start creating his own power before he went to the Immortal Dimension.

And Jiang Chen was the perfect person to become his first general.

Not only was he extremely talented and possessed the bloodline of a powerful magic beast from the Immortal Dimension as well as a rare unique physique as well, but his will wouldn ’t bend no matter what, and he was someone who loved his parents and would do everything for them.

Thus Shun Long had already taken a liking at him and decided to make him his first general.

At the same time, Shun Long also understood how difficult something like this would be for Jiang Chen to accept.

This was no different than placing a bet and hoping that Shun Long ’s dream would succeed.

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