Shun Long ’s eyes instantly narrowed when he heard Jiang Chen ’s question, before his lips actually curved up even further.

At the same time, Liu Mei ’s expression instantly turned cold as she stared at the black-robed young man in front of Shun Long, while Xie Xingyi ’s gaze was filled with shock and confusion.

She had already heard of the ancient legends that mentioned a world of immortals both from her father and her grandfather.

’ ’Could it be that he is talking about this same world of immortals as well? Its real name is the Immortal Dimension? However, why would Jiang Chen ask brother Long if he is from the Immortal Dimension? Could it be…
because of his bloodline? It actually originates from the world of immortals, the ’Immortal Dimension ’? ’ ’

Although Xie Xingyi didn ’t know many things about Shun Long, she was an extremely clever girl and it only took her a few moments to connect the dots between the legends that she knew of, Shun Long ’s question to Jiang Chen and Jiang Chen ’s own response, to understand the reason why Jiang Chen would ask something like that.

Turning her head to the side, she also noticed Liu Mei ’s cold gaze as well as Shun Long ’s nonchalant smile, making her even more curious to hear Shun Long ’s answer.

Staring at the black-robed young man in front of him, Shun Long ’s eyes instantly turned extremely deep before he asked in a calm voice

’ ’If you have the bloodline of an immortal-grade magic beast, don ’t you think it ’s normal for others to have it as well? ’ ’

This time, it was Jiang Chen ’s turn for his eyes to narrow as he stared at Shun Long with a curious look, almost as if he was trying to figure out whether the blue-robed young man in front of him was bluffing or if he had really guessed something.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to ask another question, Shun Long waved his hand and took out a very big wooden barrel from the Stone of Time and placed it by his side, before he also took out 4 small cups of wine as well.

Swinging his sleeve, he instantly removed the barrel ’s top, causing an intoxicating smell to fill the room, a scent that would make anyone drunk with a single sniff of it.

It wasn ’t just Jiang Chen or Xie Xingyi who stared at Shun Long in shock, but even Liu Mei who was sitting on her cushion had a surprised look in her eyes when she saw him bringing out this wine.

She already knew that Shun Long had brewed this wine during their stay in the ’Ten Thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’ and the City of Sin in the past 2 years, but she also knew that Shun Long didn ’t want to sell this in the Heaven ’s Dome city, no matter how many spirit stones it would bring them.

He had only kept it for himself and Liu Mei to drink and hadn ’t shared it with anyone else just yet.

And yet, he brought it out today to share it with a person he had never met before.

While sitting on the cushion, Shun Long tilted the barrel slightly, instantly filling the four wine cups to the brim before he gave one each to Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, and Jiang Chen.

Seeing Jiang Chen and Xie Xingyi stare at the bright red liquid in their cups while still enjoying its fragrance, Shun Long then said

’ ’Have a taste. ’ ’

Raising his hand, he then emptied the small cup of wine in his mouth, while a slight smile of enjoyment appeared on his face.

At the same time, as he savored the heavenly taste of the wine, Shun Long could feel his body being filled with so much qi, that he could probably condense the 8th silver ball of qi at any moment.

Without any hesitation, Liu Mei also mirror Shun Long ’s movements, as the intoxicating smell and taste of the wine instantly filled her mouth.

Liu Mei clearly knew, that this was the best wine that Shun Long had created until today.
Whether it was in terms of the wine ’s effects or its taste, it was simply incomparable to the wine that he had brewed back in the ’Floating Cloud sect ’.

What she didn ’t know however was, that to create a single barrel of this wine, Shun Long had mixed hundreds of rank 3 and rank 4, as well as more than 40 rank 5 medicinal herbs together before burying it in the herb garden inside the ’Stone of Time ’ for more than 500 years.

Just the wine ’s effects alone were no different than if a cultivator was actually consuming a high-grade rank 5 medicinal pill.

Even Shun Long had to control himself and Liu Mei and hadn ’t tasted this wine before reaching the late stages of the Spirit realm, due to how powerful the wine ’s effects were.

As for its taste, it was actually even better than its effects.

Although Shun Long didn ’t have the memories of his past life unlocked and even after breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage he only had some fragments of his previous life available, he was certain that this wine ’s test could definitely rival that of an immortal ’s wine.

He was certain that even Dao Kings and Dao Emperors would go crazy after tasting his wine.

As for Little Black who was a wine lover, Shun Long knew that the black dragon would probably be unwilling to taste his previous wine again.

Seeing that both Shun Long and Liu Mei had already emptied their cups, Jiang Chen and Xie Xingyi no longer held back either as they drank their wine as well.

A look of excitement appeared on Xie Xingyi ’s face the moment that she tasted the bright red wine in her cup, while even the cold Jiang Chen wasn ’t able to completely hide the look of enjoyment on his face.

’ ’What do you think? ’ ’

Shun Long ’s voice resounded throughout the room, as he looked at Jiang Chen and Xie Xingyi with that same calm smile on his face.

Xie Xingyi nodded her head excitedly like a little kid, while at the same time, she extended her little tongue and licked her lips, almost as if she was trying to taste the rest of the wine that had touched her lips just now.

As for the black-robed Jiang Chen, he simply closed his eyes as he completely took in the wine ’s taste to the fullest.

Opening his eyes, he stared at Shun Long with a deep look in his eyes before he said seriously

’ ’Even my father ’s prized win isn ’t as good as yours! ’ ’

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