When they heard Elder Zhuan ’s words, the disciples in front of him sucked in breaths of cold air.

What did it mean to be the strongest geniuses of the outer court of the Holy sect?

To be called ’kings ’ among outer disciples, it was certain that their strength was extremely terrifying.

Seeing how he had roused everyone ’s interest, Elder Zhuan nodded his head before he continued

’ ’However, don ’t hold any hopes that you will be able to join any of the strongest factions any time soon.
First, you have to prove yourself, and show that you are strong enough to become a part of them.
After all, every top faction has to split the resources they obtain with the rest of their members, so gaining more members would mean fewer resources for everyone else. ’ ’

Shun Long and the rest nodded their heads when they heard this.

Indeed, no matter how many resources the top factions obtained from the Holy sect, in the end, they would have to split it with their members equally.

Obtaining more members would definitely increase their strength, but it would also decrease the amount of resources that everyone else would obtain at the same time.

At that moment, a young man whose body was completely covered by a beast hide looked at Elder Zhuan, and with a fearless look in his eyes he asked

’ ’Then, how does one qualify to enter the top 100 factions? ’ ’

Elder Zhuan looked at this young man whose cultivation was at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, and with a serious look on his face, he shook his head before he answered

’ ’I suggest that you don ’t even think about it.
To enter one of the top 100 factions, you need to first reach the top 1000 spots in the Martial Roll of Honor.

The Martial Roll of Honor is the ranking for the 1000 strongest outer disciples within the sect, and it ’s a tournament that only happens once every year.

However, forget about the ’you ’ of right now.
Even in 3 years, it ’s possible that none of you will be able to take the 1000th spot! ’ ’

As Elder Zhuan ’s voice trailed off, every disciple ’s fighting spirit was immediately provoked when they heard this.
After all, each one of them were the strongest geniuses of their respective continents.
Even against the 1000 strongest disciples of the Holy sect, they believed that it was only a matter of time until they overtook them as well!

At the same time however, Shun Long noticed a look of pity appearing in Elder Zhuan ’s eyes when he saw this scene.

It was obvious that the white-robed Dao King didn ’t really think that these disciples had any hope of entering the top 1000 spots in the Martial Roll of Honor anytime soon.

Shaking his head lightly, Elder Zhuan then continued

’ ’The next tournament for the Martial Roll of Honor rankings is still 10 months away.
Until then, I suggest that you try to familiarize yourselves with the other outer disciples, and hopefully try to enter the smaller factions in the outer court.

Don ’t think that the slightly weaker factions will accept you just because you have passed the sect ’s test.

You need to remember that the disciples that you fought against today, were the weakest members of the 100 weakest factions of the outer court! ’ ’

Finally, the disciples in front of Elder Zhuan had serious looks when they heard this.

Even when the disciples of the Holy sect had suppressed their cultivation to the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, less than 10 percent of the original disciples that were participating in the fourth test managed to join the sect, while more than half of them had nearly lost their fights and had barely clinched victory through the skin of their teeth.

Even Shun Long, Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, Jun Ren and the rest of the strongest geniuses actually had serious looks on their eyes when they heard this.

Seeing the solemn looks on the disciples ’ faces, Elder Zhuan smiled before he added in

’ ’Of course, this doesn ’t mean that no faction will accept you.
The weakest factions may even be willing to kick the disciples that lost against you and allow you to take their spots.

After all, being in a sect is no different than participating in a huge competition.

Only by competing with each other will you become stronger.

At the same time, if no faction is willing to take you in, you can also choose to form your own faction and accept other disciples as well.
That way, you won ’t have to be afraid that no faction will accept you, or that you will get kicked by the faction and be replaced by other disciples ’ in the future.

However, only by competing faction missions issued by the sect or challenging other factions in faction wars and rising in the faction rankings, will you be allowed to obtain resources from the sect to strengthen yourselves and your faction. ’ ’

Elder Zhuan ’s words instantly roused up everyone ’s interest.

Being able to create their own faction indeed sounded attractive, but having to compete with the stronger factions was practically impossible for any new disciples.

Most of the disciples of the Holy sect should be, at the very least, at the middle stages of the Nascent Soul stage.

As for those at the top 1000 rankings of the Martial Roll of Honor, no one knew how strong they really were just yet.

Just this realization alone immediately extinguished the idea of creating a faction from most of these disciples ’ minds.

And yet, there were still many of them who seemed to have the thought of creating their own faction and get more disciples to join them.

No matter what, creating their own faction inside the sect sounded much better than joining others.

At that moment, Shun Long also noticed Liu Mei ’s and Xie Xingyi ’s gazes that were glued on him, causing a wary smile to appear on his face.

It was obvious that it wasn ’t just Liu Mei by herself, but Xie Xingyi as well who seemed willing to follow him, no matter whether he decided to join some faction or if he decided to create his own.

Seeing that so many disciples were interested in creating their own factions, Elder Zhuan turned his attention towards a huge building and continued with that same smile on his face

’ ’The next place that you will see is only second to the Assignment Hall in the outer court in terms of importance. ’ ’

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