Seeing that everyone had turned their attention on him, Shun Long took a deep breath, before he took a few steps forward and appeared in front of Elder Zhuan and the crystal ball of fate.

Looking at the white-robed Elder in front of him, he hesitated for a while before he asked in an uncertain voice

’ ’Should I begin? ’ ’

Of course, Shun Long wouldn ’t hesitate to participate in any other test, but a test of fate was completely different.

If even Liu Mei ’s fate was altered due to her contact with him and Little Black, then Shun Long had no idea what would happen once he placed his hand on top of the ball of fate.

As the owner of the Stone of Time, Little Black ’s master, and a peak cultivator who had already split his soul into 3 parts before reincarnating, Shun Long knew that his fate was anything but simple.

If Liu Mei ’s test managed to create a tiny crack on the ball of fate, it would be a miracle if the crystal ball managed to remain intact after testing Shun Long ’s fate.

Elder Zhuan didn ’t answer right away, as he turned his attention to the roof of the hall.

Although he was an Elder of the Holy sect, the truth was that he was just an outer court Elder.

Considering how abnormal Shun Long was, he didn ’t want to be the one to take the blame if anything really happened.

At that moment, the white-robed Elder ’s, Sun Wen ’s voice resounded throughout the hall, as the old man said seriously

’ ’Go on. ’ ’

Elder Zhuan heaved a sigh of relief, before he turned his attention towards the blue-robed young man in front of him and nodded his head somewhat warily.

Gritting his teeth, Shun Long no longer hesitated, as he placed his right hand on top of the white ball of fate.
The moment that his hand touched the white ball, he instantly felt a cold and refreshing feeling enveloping his hand, before it started to spread through the rest of his body.

At that moment, every single disciple inside the hall, including the white-veiled Liu Mei, the green-robed Xie Xingyi, the young white lord Bai Longtian, the black-robed Jiang Chen, the golden-robed prince of the Shengtian dynasty Sheng Huang, the red-robed young man who had comprehended the Dao of War Jun Ren, the young lord of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ Zhong Fang, and every other disciple, as well as the white-robed Elder Zhuan, and even the old man who had spoken a while ago, Elder Sun Wen, they had all placed their attention on the ball of fate and the blue-robed young man at the center of the hall.

As soon as Shun Long ’s hand touched the ball of fate, a blinding blue light mixed with a deep golden hue immediately erupted from the ball ’s surface, before a sound that was similar to ice cracking resounded throughout the entire hall.

The moment that his hand touched the crystal-like ball of fate, the white ball that had previously tested everyone ’s fate actually shattered into countless pieces, under everyone ’s astounded eyes.

Silence instantly filled the hall, as everyone stared at the shattered ball of fate with different looks in their eyes.

Liu Mei seemed to have already expected such a result, while Xie Xingyi ’s mouth was wide open from shock.
Bai Longtian ’s expression looked calm on the surface, but it was obvious that his heart was in turmoil.
The black-robed Jiang Chen stared at Shun Long with an extremely deep look in his eyes, almost as if he had finally decided on something, but his actual thoughts were a mystery.

Meanwhile, excitement had actually appeared in the red-robed Jun Ren ’s eyes, as he stared at the blue-robed young man at the center of the hall with a hungry look, similar to a hunter staring at his prey.

At the same time, killing intent instantly erupted from Sheng Huang ’s body as he stared at the shattered remains of the ball of fate on the ground, while a single question appeared in his mind

’ ’What kind of fate was that? ’ ’

The blinding gold and blue light had even forced him, a peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage expert to actually close his eyes!

Even the colorful light from Jun Ren, Liu Mei, and the rest, didn ’t have such a result previously.

As for the chubby Zhong Fang, his expression wasn ’t much different from the red-robed Jun Ren ’s.
He didn ’t seem intimidated by Shun Long ’s result.
Instead, his eyes were actually filled with fighting intent as he kept staring at the blue-robed young man in front of Elder Zhuan.

Of course, Elder Zhuan had yet to process that the ball of fate had actually shattered after testing Shun Long ’s fate, as he kept staring at the blue-robed young man in front of him with a blank look in his eyes.

He didn ’t know what to say about Shun Long ’s fate, and instead, he hoped that the Elders could provide him with some help.

However, what Elder Zhuan didn ’t know was, that he wasn ’t the only one who was staring at Shun Long with an absent-minded look in his eyes.

The group of Elders that were watching the test through the screen of light, all had stunned looks on their faces as they stared at the blue-robed young man in front of him and the remains of the crystal-like ball on the ground, before they slowly turned their attention towards the white-robed Elder, Sun Wen.

At that moment, the middle-aged Elder with long brown hair and deep blue eyes who was sitting next to him, could no longer hold himself back from asking

’ ’Elder Sun, what kind of fate was that? Is it really possible for the ball of fate to be unable to withstand a disciple ’s fate? ’ ’

Everyone stared at the middle-aged Elder who had just spoken, before they turned their attention towards Elder Sun Wen as they waited for his answer.

After all, even when Liu Mei had caused that tiny crack on the ball of fate, the Elders could still accept it since there was a powerhouse behind her.

But destroying the ball of fate simply because it tried to peer through someone ’s fate, this had never happened before.

Elder Sun Wen took a deep breath, while his eyes continued to stare at the shattered remains of the ball of fate inside the screen of light with a serious look inside them, before he slowly said

’ ’There are 3 possibilities of why the ball of fate actually shattered… ’ ’

’ ’3? ’ ’ The Elders around Sun Wen were confused, but they also waited to hear his explanation, so no one dared to interrupt him.

After all, Sun Wen was the most knowledgeable of them all in here in the domain of fate.

Nodding his head, the white-robed Elder Sun Wen continued with a serious look in his eyes

’ ’The first possibility is, that this young man ’s fate is actually so terrifying, that even the ball of fate cannot withstand it.

If that ’s the truth…
then I can ’t fathom what that kid has experienced so far, and what he is going to experience in the future…

The second possibility is, that a powerhouse who stands at the top of this world is actually backing him, making anyone who tries to peer through this kid ’s fate suffer to a certain degree.
Of course, although this possibility is low, it isn ’t actually impossible.

As for the third possibility…
this isn ’t any less scary than the first one, but if this is actually the case, then the results will be even more terrifying than the previous 2 scenarios. ’ ’

Seeing that Elder Sun had stopped speaking and had actually fallen into a trance, the old woman called Mao Jing could no longer restrain her curiosity, as she was the first one to ask

’ ’What is the third possibility? ’ ’

After taking a deep breath, Elder Sun Wen nodded his head solemnly before he continued

’ ’The third possibility is…
that this kid is actually hated by the Heavens! ’ ’

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