Even Elder Zhuan and the Elders observing from the other room were all curious to see Jiang Chen ’s results.

Without wasting any time, the handsome, black-robed young man raised his right hand and placed his palm on top of the white ball.

The moment that his hand touched the cold, crystal-like ball, a deep darkness immediately erupted from the depths of the ball, completely filling its white surface in nearly an instant.

And yet, Jiang Chen ’s darkness was different from Liu Mei ’s.
This wasn ’t the pitch-black darkness of death.

Instead, the fate in Jiang Chen ’s darkness seemed to have been mixed with a bright red color, one that wasn ’t too different from Jun Ren ’s red color a few moments ago.

Just as everyone kept staring at the white ball of fate and waited for a certain result to appear, a colorful light gradually appeared from the ball ’s depths, as it slowly emerged towards the ball ’s surface.

And yet, before the colorful light could completely emerge, the darkness that was mixed with the color of blood quickly surrounded it, before they drowned it completely, leaving out only a single, tiny speck of this colorful light, that seemed to be ready to be extinguished at any time.

Everyone ’s eyes, including the black-robed Jiang Chen ’s widened at this scene, as they all stared at the white-robed Elder Zhuan and waited for his explanation.

However, just like with Liu Mei ’s fate, Elder Zhuan actually shook his head before he said in a seemingly calm voice

’ ’Your fate is very complicated. ’ ’

Jiang Chen stared at the white-robed Elder in front of him with a deep look in his eyes, but seeing that he wasn ’t getting an answer, he turned around and walked back to the place he was standing without another word.

However, before Elder Zhuan could continue the test, the deep voice of an old man resounded throughout the room, as it said in a serious tone

’ ’You are doomed to die…
but you will have a chance to live a normal life if you so wish.
Give up on your dreams and live a normal life.
In that case, not only will you not die, but you will also become very powerful!

you need to know that, if you chase something too deeply, you will really lose your life. ’ ’

A trace of shock flashed through Elder Zhuan ’s eyes when he heard this voice, before he turned his attention towards the black-robed young man who had just taken the test.

Elder Zhuan remembered that even when Liu Mei had cracked the ball of fate, or during Jun Ren ’s test of his immortal fate, the Elders didn ’t give an explanation.

And yet, Elder Sun Wen had personally spoken to give advice to the black-robed young man.

It was obvious that there was a deep reason why the Elders decided to interfere this time and explain things to Jiang Chen.

Everyone inside the room had turned their attention towards the handsome young man in black robes, who looked shocked after hearing what this deep voice had said.

However, the look in Jiang Chen ’s eyes only turned hazy for a few moments before a resolute look appeared on his face, as he shook his head without saying a word.

The old voice sighed lightly, before it gradually turned distant and disappeared from the hall.

The entire room immediately fell silent, as the white-robed Elder Zhuan stared deeply at the black-robed Jiang Chen for a few more moments, before he continued with the test.

More than 20 disciples tested themselves after Jiang Chen, including the young lord of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’, Zhong Fang, but the colorful light didn ’t appear in the ball of fate ’s surface.

Even when the turn of the golden-robed prince from the Shengtian dynasty came, the colorful light still didn ’t appear, no matter how hard he tried to make it appear.

An expression filled with anger and fury appeared on the golden-robed prince ’s face when he saw this result, but he still suppressed it barely a moment later, as he retracted his hand from the crystal-like ball and walked away, while he stared at Shun Long, Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi from the corner of his eyes.

Of course, although others were surprised that Sheng Huang and some other powerful geniuses didn ’t trigger the colorful light, the white-robed Elder Zhuan wasn ’t surprised, and instead, he felt that this was only normal.

Although the disciples here didn ’t know what the colorful light meant, as an Elder of the Holy sect, he obviously knew that it represented immortal fate.
If every single disciple had an immortal fate, even Dao Emperors wouldn ’t be rare in the Holy sect, let alone peak Dao Kings like him.

As they watched the tests that took place one after the other, Xie Xingyi turned her head to the side and stared at Shun Long with a gentle look in her eyes, before she asked curiously

’ ’Brother Long, do you think that the colorful light means that one will surpass the level of a Dao Emperor in the future? ’ ’

It wasn ’t just Xie Xingyi, but Liu Mei, and even the surrounding disciples that weren ’t too far away from the 3 of them and overheard this question, that turned their attention towards Shun Long, as they waited for his answer.

Although Shun Long was just a peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, no one underestimated him.

Shaking his head, there was a deep look inside Shun Long ’s eyes as he stared at Xie Xingyi, before he said seriously

’ ’Even for the Holy sect, it should be impossible to predict someone ’s fate.
Although the colorful light probably means that someone has the chance to surpass a Dao Emperor in the future, in the end, that ’s only a chance.
Willpower, comprehension ability, talent, and luck, are all more important than fate in the end. ’ ’

A profound look flashed past Elder Zhuan ’s eyes, as he nodded his head with a look of admiration inside them.

In the past, Elder Sun Wen had said the same thing.

Although the Holy sect tests the fate of the new disciples, this fate is only a small path that they can follow.
Willpower, comprehension ability, luck, and talent, are all equally as important as one ’s fate, if not even more important.
Cultivators fight against the Heavens, so why should they be restricted by their own fate? One born weak should strive to become strong, while one born strong should strive to become even stronger!

Elder Zhuan hid the look of admiration deep in his heart, as he continued with the tests of fate.
In the end, no matter what, one ’s fate was still important.

2 hours passed in the blink of an eye as the tests continued, and finally, only 3 disciples were left that had yet to test their fates.

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