After a few moments of silence, a white-robed old man with deep wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead was the first one to speak, as he looked at the Elders on the table around him and asked in a deep voice

’ ’What does everyone think about this little girl? ’ ’

Silence filled the room for a few moments, before a beautiful middle-aged woman with her long black hair tied in a ponytail turned to look at the white-robed wrinkled Elder next to her, as she then said in the same ethereal voice that resembled a fairy ’s and had resounded inside the other hall a few moments ago

’ ’Elder Sun Wen, I think everyone here understands what that girl ’s fate entails.

Death, murder, darkness, blood…
and yet this isn ’t the first time that our Holy sect is getting a disciple with such a deep and complicated fate.

Besides, didn ’t everyone see the colorful light at the center of the ball of fate? I ’m sure that everyone knows what that means.
I don ’t even have to explain the crack at the ball of fate.

An old woman with long white hair that flowed freely through her shoulders stood up from her seat and stared at the middle-aged woman a few seats away from her, before she spoke in a deep, wisened voice

’ ’Xuan Jiao, don ’t forget that fate is only a possibility and not something certain.
No one knows what may happen in the future.
Although that girl ’s fate inside the ball of fate was indeed colorful, this means that there is only a small chance for her to become an immortal in the future! This is not a certainty! After all, there have been plenty of other disciples with immortal fates who have died before they could reach their full potential!

What I am more concerned about, is that tiny crack on the ball of fate ’s surface.
This is the first time that something like this happens. ’ ’

The white-robed old man, Sun Wen had a deep look in his eyes as he stared at the screen at the center of the hall, before he said in the same deep voice a few moments later

’ ’Have Elder Cao Ling see if he can find that little girl ’s background.
There are very few things that can really tamper with fate like this… ’ ’

A middle-aged man with long brown hair and deep blue eyes stared at Elder Sun Wen for a few moments, almost as if he had suddenly come to a realization, before he then asked curiously

’ ’Elder Sun, are you saying that there is someone very powerful backing that girl? ’ ’

The white-robed old man, Sun Wen nodded his head with a deep look on his face before he replied seriously

’ ’At the very least, it is someone who has exceeded the Dao Emperor realm long ago…

it is even someone at the same level as the sect master… ’ ’

Silence immediately filled the room the moment that the rest of the Elders around him heard Sun Wen ’s inference, before everyone stared at the screen of light at the center of the hall without saying a word.

Finally, a few moments later, the middle-aged man with deep blue eyes stared at Liu Mei ’s figure in the screen of light and asked in a cautious tone

’ ’In that case, wouldn ’t it be better if we gave that girl special treatment? Perhaps Elder Xuan Jiao, Mao Jing, or some other female Elder could accept her as a personal disciple.
After all, although our Holy sect isn ’t considered weak by any means, striking a relationship with a senior at the level of the sect master is important even for us. ’ ’

Staring at the screen of light in front of him, the white-robed Elder, Sun Wen didn ’t even turn his head to the side to look at the Elders around him, before he shook his head and said calmly

’ ’If that person sent her here through the tests of our sect, he obviously doesn ’t want her to be treated specially. ’ ’

Turning his head towards the beautiful middle-aged woman named Xuan Jiao, the old woman with long white hair named Mao Jing, and another female Elder at the end of the table, Sun Wen nodded his head lightly before he continued

’ ’Of course, if any of you want to accept her as an in-name disciple, then that ’s still acceptable.
After all, her talent definitely warrants at least that much attention. ’ ’

’ ’Then, what about that blue-robed kid who seems to be close to her? ’ ’ Another Elder asked curiously as he stared at Shun Long ’s figure next to Liu Mei.

’ ’Let ’s wait for his results first. ’ ’ Although Sun Wen ’s tone was calm, it was obvious that he was placing a lot of attention on Shun Long as well.

At the same time, at the center of the hall where Shun Long and the rest were in, the white-robed Dao King, Elder Zhuan continued the test, 10 more disciples tested their fates after Liu Mei on the ball of fate.

Among them, disciples who were fated to become Dao Emperors started to appear, but after the commotion and shock that Liu Mei ’s fate had caused, the subsequent scenes weren ’t as shocking.

Finally, as the 15th disciple tested himself, the white-robed Elder Zhuan turned his attention towards a short, red-robed young man with spiky black hair, standing a few meters away from him.

The moment that Elder Zhuan ’s gaze fell on the red-robed young man, everyone ’s attention including Shun Long ’s fell on this young man as well.

Shun Long clearly remembered that this was one of the few people that was worthy paying a lot of attention to during the fourth test.

This person ’s name was Jun Ren, an early rank 4 Nascent Soul stage genius, the same level as the black-robed Jiang Chen.
However, the reason why Shun Long had placed so much attention on him, was because this young man had comprehended an extremely rare Dao…
the Dao of War.

Seeing everyone ’s gaze fall on him, the red-robed Jun Ren ’s lips curved up into a smile, as he took a step forward and quickly appeared in front of Elder Zhuan and the crystal-like ball, before placing his right hand on top of the ball of fate.

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