Lan Jinjing understood how amazing these pills were.
As a cultivator, directly skipping a minor stage of a rank in cultivation, would save you at least a few months of work.

However, she still motioned for the crowd to quiet down as she said

’ ’There are a total of 120 pills for sale this time, all of them will be auctioned in 4 batches of 30 pills. ’ ’

When the crowd heard that, many people in the crowd were disheartened that they couldn ’t buy each pill individually, but the eyes of the richer people inside the private rooms were shining as they were eagerly waiting to start bidding.

’ ’Who knew I would be so lucky today? I came here for the ’golden lion cub ’, but stumbled upon this instead. ’ ’

’ ’Haha Meng Liang, I ’m sure that I have more sect points than you.
Can you afford to not bid for these ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills? But if you do then how are you going to compete with me for the ’golden lion cub? ’ ’

The voices originated from 2 different private rooms.

The 2 people who spoke were Elder Lu Niu and Elder Meng Liang.

Although the 2 of them were friends and were used to bantering with each other, Elder Meng Liang knew that Lu Niu was right.

He gritted his teeth as he said to a young disciple who was standing beside him inside the private room

’ ’Quickly return to the family and ask the Patriarch for more sect points.
Inform him that the ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’ have appeared in the auction and we probably won ’t have enough sect points to bid for the ’golden lion cub ’ later. ’ ’

The young man quickly acknowledged the order as he rushed back to quickly inform his patriarch.

’ ’The starting price for the first 3 bottles of pills is 6000 sect points and every increment must be at a minimum of 100 sect points ’ ’

The crowd below was startled at just the starting price of the pills but the people in the private rooms weren ’t daunted at all by the high price.

’ ’7000 ’ ’

’ ’8000 ’ ’

’ ’I, Li Wei bid 10.000 sect points.
I hope that the fellow daoists will give me some face ’ ’ suddenly an elderly voice shouted.

As soon as this voice was heard many people stop bidding.
Elder Lu Niu said then

’ ’If senior Li Wei wishes to purchase this batch of pills then of course I won ’t compete with you ’ ’

’ ’Right, I am intrigued by this new recipe to create the ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pill.
Even though it ’s a low-level pill, it can prove helpful in my research ’ ’ Li Wei answered from his private room.

Shun Long frowned that this old man wanted to purchase his batch of pills and for such a low price.
Shun Long had originally estimated that every 3 bottles of ’Qi barrier-breaking pills would be sold for at least 12.000 sect points but this old man shamelessly used his status when bidding to deter others from competing with him.
As an accomplished rank1 silver grade alchemist, people would be unwilling to offend Li Wei just for 3 bottles of pills, especially when there were 9 more bottles for sale.

However, Shun Long was clearly dissatisfied with Li Wei ’s way of manipulating the prices so he shouted in a heavy voice

’ ’15.000 sect points ’ ’

Everyone was agape as they heard Shun Long ’s altered voice.
Not just because ’15.000 ’ sect points was an astonishing amount of sect points but because someone dared to so openly go against ’Alchemist Li Wei ’.

’ ’Who is that person? ’ ’

’ ’I wonder who is this person who doesn ’t even give ’Alchemist Li ’ face. ’ ’

Li Wei frowned and his voice was full of displeasure as he asked

’ ’This friend I wonder who you are?!

Are you certain that you want to bid against me? ’ ’

’Tsk, old man, you think you can get my pills for free? Today you will either lose all your face or your money.
As for obtaining the recipe for my ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills? That ’s just wishful thinking ’ Shun Long though inside as he felt that he had just released all his anger with his bid.

Li Wei waited for a response but since he received no reply he declared in a voice that was obviously feeling extremely irritated

’ ’20.000 sect points.
If this friend is willing to offer more than this old man then I will allow you to get these ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’ here ’ ’ he said as he looked towards Shun Long ’s private room.

’ ’Hahaha, congratulations ’Alchemist Li ’.
I wouldn ’t pay 20.000 sect points for a few rank 1 pills but I must still congratulate you for being so well-off that you can easily squander 20.000 sect points like that. ’ ’

Shun Long said laughingly.
Originally, tampering with the prices by bidding for one ’s own treasures during the auction was forbidden, but since only Yin Xing knew that the black-robed Shun Long was the seller of the pills, Li Wei couldn ’t find out anything if Yin Xing didn ’t betray him.

In the end, the first 3 bottles of ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’ were purchased by Li Wei for the price of 20.000 sect points but he was actually extremely angry and determined to find out who this black-robed man was, as soon as the auction was over.

Lan Jinjing sent someone to deliver the pills at Li Wei ’s private room as well as collect the payment of the 20.000 sect points, before 2 other disciples brought forth the next 3 bottles of pills.

Many people in the private rooms bid for the pills the second time around and in the end, this batch was purchased by Elder Lu Niu for 12.700 sect points.

The third batch and fourth batch of pills were all sold at 13.000 and 14.000 points each.

Yin Xing arrived at Shun Long ’s private room and he was holding a sect identifying jade in his hands as he said respectfully

’ ’Senior, I have come to deliver you the sect points.
The final amount that the pills were sold for was 59.700 sect points.
Extracting the 5 percent fee of our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ which comes at 2.985, the total amount that we owe senior comes down to 56.715 sect points. ’ ’

Yin Xing then transferred the sect points to Shun Long and just as he was about to speak Lan Jinjing ’s voice sounded as she introduced the next item of the auction

’ ’Honorable guests, our next item is a rare rank 2 medicinal herb that I am sure many of you are interested in, it is the ’water element grass ’. ’ ’

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