The golden light was originally extremely faint and almost impossible to discern with the naked eye, but as time passed, it started to turn brighter and brighter.

In just a few moments, it had already covered Bai Longtian ’s body completely, making him look like an immortal that has suddenly descended from the Heavens!

His white robes fluttered with the wind, while the disciples of the Holy sect and everyone else sitting in the audience seats had shocked looks in their eyes.

The only one who seemed to be relatively calm, was the prince of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Huang.

And yet, despite being calm, a deep look flashed inside Sheng Huang ’s eyes as he stared at Bai Longtian ’s figure at the center of the arena.

Although the world didn ’t know about it, as the prince of the Shengtian dynasty and the number 1 genius of the Night star continent, he had already fought against Bai Longtian in the past.
Of course, back then, Sheng Huang didn ’t have his bronze warhammer, but even after using both his Dao of Destruction and his Dao of Metal, he was still unable to beat the young white lord! Of course, he didn ’t lose the fight either, and they ended up calling this a draw!

Although Sheng Huang believed that he was definitely stronger than Bai Longtian now that he had a peak rank 3 gold grade weapon, he also knew that the Dao that Bai Longtian had comprehended as his foundation Dao for his body refinement, was an extremely terrifying one…
a Dao that could actually match his Dao of Destruction!

At the same time, the white-robed Dao Emperor ’s, Cao Ling ’s eyes immediately widened when he saw this scene, while a look of disbelief instantly colored his previously calm eyes.

His eyes first stared at the blue-robed Shun Long in the audience seats and Liu Mei who was sitting next to him, as well as the green-robed Xie Xingyi who was also sitting next to her, before he turned his attention towards the golden-robed prince of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Huang, and the chubby-faced young lord of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’, Zhong Fang!

Finally, a few moments later, he turned his eyes towards the white-robed Bai Longtian at the center of the arena, before he mumbled to himself thoughtfully

’ ’The Dao of Space, Dao of Death, Dao of Shadows, Dao of Destruction and now the Dao of the Buddha…
is this be the change in the Night star continent ’s fate? ’ ’

The reason why even Cao Ling was shocked by this, was because Bai Longtian who also came from the Night star continent, had actually comprehended the Dao of the Buddha!

This was an extremely rare Dao that wasn ’t even inferior to Sheng Huang ’s Dao of Destruction, Xie Xingyi ’s Dao of Shadows, Liu Mei ’s Dao of Death, and even Shun Long ’s Dao of Space!

Of course, every Dao had its own strengths and uniquenesses, and neither one could be considered as clearly stronger than the others, but Bai Longtian ’s Dao of Buddha required one to have a heart that was extremely suited to practice Buddhism.

At the same time, Bai Longtian was the sixth genius coming from the Night star continent.

The first one to pass the test was Sheng Huang, followed by Liu Mei and Shun Long, as well as Zhong Fang and Xie Xingyi, and now it was very likely that Bai Longtian would be the next.

For so many years, there had been almost no geniuses from the Night star continent who had ended up passing the fourth test, and today, there were already 5 of them, and Bai Longtian was definitely going to be the sixth!

Of course, Zhong Fang wasn ’t necessarily weaker than the rest of them just because he hadn ’t comprehended a rare Dao like the Dao of the Buddha or the Dao of Death.
After all, each Dao had its own strengths and weaknesses.
Even Bai Longtian who had already comprehended the Dao of Light, was now forced to reveal his Dao of the Buddha against an opponent who had ’only ’ comprehended the Dao of Earth!

As the golden light completely covered his body, Bai Longtian suddenly took a step forward causing an extremely thick golden barrier to appear around him, as his aura of a body refinement cultivator at the early fifth stage exploded outwards!

The yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect took a few steps back in response, but his hand didn ’t delay for a single moment, as he nocked another arrow on the bowstring.
Although he was stunned that Bai Longtian was also a dual cultivator of both qi and body refinement, this wasn ’t the first time that this had appeared in the test today!

At the same time, the bald, yellow-robed young man could also feel a sense of danger coming from the golden barrier, causing him to not hesitate to start firing arrow after arrow once again.

However, as the first arrow left the bowstring and crashed on the golden shield around Bai Longtian, the scene that the bald young man from the Holy sect had expected to see didn ’t happen.

The barrier only rippled for a moment before it returned to its normal condition, instantly deflecting the arrow to the side!

Bai Longtian didn ’t hesitate any longer, as he instantly shot forward at full speed, heading towards the yellow-robed young man!

Although he could previously block Bai Longtian ’s advancement with his arrows earlier, the bald young man from the Holy sect had his eyes widen, as he saw arrow after arrow being deflected, unable to penetrate the golden shield!

In just a moment, Bai Longtian who took a straight path forward and was completely covered with the light from his Dao of Light and his Dao of the Buddha, instantly appeared in the sky above the yellow-robed young man, before he swung his sword sideways.

Before the bald, yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect could react, the cold surface of a snow-white sword had already appeared in front of his eyes, before Bai Longtian ’s calm voice resounded throughout the arena, as he said

’ ’Senior, I win! ’ ’

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