Bai Longtian simply smiled when he heard this and cupping his hands a second time he answered

’ ’Senior, you misunderstood.
It ’s not that I am looking down on you, but I am indeed confident in my strength. ’ ’

’ ’Hmph! ’ ’ The bald, yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect snorted, but he didn ’t say anything in response.

Instead, he waved his hand and took out a dark brown bow that seemed to have been made from some kind of wood from his spatial ring, and held it in front of his chest.
A quiver filled with arrows had appeared on his back at the same time, as the bald, yellow-robed young man grabbed an arrow with his right hand and placed it on the bowstring stretching it tightly.
Then, with a smile on his face, he said

’ ’Since you are so confident, let ’s begin! ’ ’

At that moment, the yellow-robed young man released the bowstring, as the sound of an arrow tearing through the air sounded, flying towards Bai Longtian at extreme speed.

The look on Bai Longtian ’s face quickly turned serious as he placed both of his hands in front of his chest and clasped them together.
A bright white light erupted from his body, immediately drowning his surroundings, as 2 light arrows were quickly condensed in the air above him.

The 2 light arrows tore through the air, as they flew towards the bald, yellow-robed young man ’s arrow in an attempt to stop it.
And yet, the moment that they collided together, Bai Longtian ’s arrows that were created from his Dao of Light were destroyed in an instant, as the yellow-robed young man ’s arrow continued to fly towards him.

The bald young man from the Holy sect smirked when he saw this outcome, almost as if it was completely expected, but the look on Bai Longtian ’s face didn ’t change.
Instead, his body was quickly enveloped by a layer of light, before he suddenly disappeared.

The arrow that the bald young man from the Holy sect had fired seemed to have pierced through Bai Longtian ’s afterimage, before it landed on the ground a few tens of meters away from his original position.

At the same time, Bai Longtian ’s figure that was covered in a layer of light quickly appeared a few meters away from the yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect, but didn ’t directly attack him.
Instead, Bai Longtian saw that the yellow-robed young man had that same smirk on his face as he nocked another arrow on his bow and said in a mocking tone

’ ’Do you think that if you comprehend rared Daos like the Dao of Light, that you will be stronger than someone who had comprehended the Dao of Earth or the Dao of Wind? Let this senior teach you a lesson today then! ’ ’

As he finished his words, the bald young man from the Holy sect released arrow after arrow from his bow, as he started to bombard Bai Longtian with his attacks.

The white-robed young white lord constantly used his Dao of Light to avoid the arrow attacks, while using his snow-white sword to fend off the arrows that he couldn ’t dodge.

And yet, the force behind each arrow seemed to be no weaker than a full-powered attack from a powerful peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage expert.

Even with his extreme speed from his Dao of Light, Bai Longtian noticed that he had no room to attack the bald young man from the Holy sect.
Every time he tried to approach him, the arrow attacks would completely block his path, while the bald young man would step backwards, opening up the distance between them

At the same time, the arrows in his quiver seemed to be endless, as he continued to fire them without a care.

Of course, Shun Long who was sitting in the audience seats instantly noticed, that the bald young man was using an ingenious way to retrieve the arrows he had fired, which was why they didn ’t seem to have an end.

He used his Dao of Earth to retrieve every arrow that fell on the ground, before he returned them back to his quiver and fired them again.

A few minutes later, the young white lord stopped trying to dodge and stood still, as he stared at the yellow-robed young man opposite to him.

The bald young man from the Holy sect had the same smirk on his face as he looked at the white-robed young man in front of him and said

’ ’Hahaha! Have you figured it out yet? My arrows have all reached the same level as normal rank 3 gold grade weapons, and I don ’t have to be afraid that they will run out.
No matter how fast you may be, as long as you aren ’t faster than my perception, then I can guess where you will go and block your path.
It ’s impossible to get near me and sooner or later my arrows will hit you.
Even if you attack me with your own Dao attacks or that sword in your hand, it will still be impossible for you to destroy my arrows.
Hehe, do you want to give up…
junior brother~? ’ ’

Everyone in the audience seats could hear the mocking tone in the bald young man ’s words when he said the words ’junior brother ’.
After all, if Bai Longtian gave up, he wouldn ’t enter the sect and become an outer disciple, so he wouldn ’t be able to call himself a ’junior brother ’.

Surprisingly, Bai Longtian nodded his head when he heard the yellow-robed young man ’s words, and with a smile on his face he said

’ ’Senior brother is right.
I am indeed unable to defeat you with just my Dao of Light. ’ ’

The yellow-robed young man ’s lips curved up into a mocking smile as he then asked

’ ’Are you going to complain that you lost because your sword is only a rank 2 gold grade weapon? ’ ’

Bai Longtian shook his head, almost as if he hadn ’t realized that the bald young man from the Holy sect was mocking him, and after returning his sword back in its sheath he smiled and said

’ ’Senior brother is indeed very strong so I will no longer hold back either. ’ ’

As he finished his words, Bai Longtian ’s body lit up with a bright white light, while at the same time, from the depths of the light, an indistinct golden color slowly appeared.

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