At that moment, the yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect felt a horrifying sensation suddenly gripping his heart, as a sense of danger overcame him.

The first action that came to his mind was to quickly dodge and open up the distance between himself and the green-robed blonde beauty in front of him even further, when something completely suddenly unexpected happened.

Black-colored, shadow-like tentacles extended from his own shadow from the ground below him, as they started to wrap themselves around his arms and legs, trapping the yellow-robed young man into place.

This was the Saint low-grade martial skill that Xie Xingyi had gotten from the barrier of knowledge during the second test, Creeping Shadows!

This martial skill used up a large amount of her qi, but it allowed Xie Xingyi to control an enemy ’s shadow for a few seconds.

The young man from the Holy sect was startled when he saw the shadow-like tentacles wrapping themselves around his arms and feet, while completely immobilizing him in the process.

He knew that he had suddenly fallen into an extremely dangerous situation!

But before he had enough time to break free and escape their entanglement, Xie Xingyi suddenly took a few steps forward, and holding the silver-colored dagger in her hand, she thrust it towards the yellow-robed young man ’s throat.

The yellow-robed young man ’s eyes widened as he felt the silver dagger ’s cold touch on his throat, while a droplet of blood slowly trickled off the dagger ’s surface before it fell on the ground.

Silence once again filled the arena, as everyone stared at the green-robed beauty who was still holding the dagger against the yellow-robed young man ’s throat.

Xie Xingyi ’s lips once again formed a dazzling smile, before she turned her attention towards the white-robed Dao Emperor in the sky and took a step back as she slowly retracted her dagger.

It was obvious that if she had pressured her dagger slightly further in, she would have most likely taken the yellow-robed young man ’s life.

Nodding his head, the white-robed Cao Ling smiled amiably and asked in a voice that didn ’t hide his curiosity

’ ’Little girl, what ’s your name? Which continent do you come from? Hehehe, it ’s been a while since this old man has seen a new disciple with a rare physique like your Vanishing Shadows unique physique. ’ ’

Xie Xingyi bowed her head slightly and cupped her hands as she replied in a somewhat shocked voice

’ ’This junior ’s name is Xie Xingyi and I come from the Xie family of the Night star continent. ’ ’

Although Xie Xingyi didn ’t express her doubts, how could Cao Ling not realize, that she most likely had never heard the name of her unique physique before? Of course, although the white-robed Dao Emperor had been surprised that there was another genius from the weak Night star continent, he still nodded his head with that same, amiable smile on his face.
before he said

’ ’Although your physique is not suited for head-on battles, you are a naturally born assassin.
Your Vanishing Shadows unique physique is exceptionally suited for surprise attacks and assassinations rather than fighting your enemies head-on.

But from what I have noticed, you can ’t remain in that state for too long! Hehehe, after entering the sect, you will really have a chance to strengthen your physique. ’ ’

Astonishment flashed past Xie Xingyi ’s eyes, but she didn ’t ask Cao Ling what he meant by that.
Instead, she bowed once again, thanking the white-robed Dao Emperor, before she flew back towards the audience seats.

Regardless of what Cao Ling meant by a chance to strengthen her physique, she would definitely find out once she entered the sect.

And yet, what surprised everyone, was the fact that Xie Xingyi wasn ’t actually returning back to her original seat, and instead, she was flying directly towards Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s seats.

At the same time, an ugly look flashed past Sheng Huang ’s eyes when he saw this scene, but the golden-robed prince suppressed his anger and killing intent as he remained seated instead.

A few moments later, the gorgeous green-robed, blonde-haired young woman, had already arrived in front of Shun Long and Liu Mei, before a dazzling smile appeared on her face for the first time since she had entered the Holy sect ’s test, as her eyes stared at the blue-robed young man and the white-robed young woman in front of her with excitement in her eyes.

Without waiting for Xie Xingyi to say anything, Liu Mei stood up as a mesmerizing smile appeared on her lips behind her white veil, before she said gently

’ ’Xingyi, congratulations! ’ ’

Although it was a simple line, it was filled with warmth and sincere happiness.

’ ’I am still not as strong as you, Mei! ’ ’

Xie Xingyi replied with a slight blush on her face, before she turned her attention towards the blue-robed young man next to Liu Mei.

A deep look flashed past Liu Mei ’s eyes when she saw the look on Xie Xingyi ’s face, but her smile only widened without saying a word.

Bowing slightly, Xie Xingyi stared at Shun Long with that same blush on her face, before she introduced herself

’ ’My name is Xie Xingyi.
Brother Long, it ’s nice to meet you! ’ ’

Shun Long was startled for a moment after hearing Xie Xingyi calling him ’brother Long ’, but with a gentle look on his face he nodded his head and said

’ ’Mei already told me that you are madam Xie Rong ’s sister and how the 2 of you spent the last month together.
Thank you for taking care of her. ’ ’

Xie Xingyi shook her head lightly when she heard this, and holding Liu Mei ’s hand she said with a serious look

’ ’If someone has to say thank you then that ’s me.
After all, it was Mei who saved me first, otherwise I would have definitely died during the third test! ’ ’

As she finished speaking, Xie Xingyi turned her gaze to the side, and threw a murderous glance at a purple-robed young man sitting in the audience seats.

This was the same person who had tried to kill her during the third test, the person ranked 17th in the House of Rankings in the Night star continent, Hua Ping.

After failing to obtain Xie Xingyi ’s token, this purple-robed young man managed to obtain another token from a city not too far away from it.

However, he knew that his chances of passing this fourth test were already very slim.

If it wasn ’t because Xie Xingyi had been tired and had expended a lot of energy obtaining the Holy sect ’s token during the third test, then even if he and the other 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators who were chasing after her could still join hands, they wouldn ’t dare to go after her for her own token!

At this moment, Hua Ping ’s face instantly paled when he felt Xie Xingyi ’s cold glance, while his body involuntarily shivered.

He knew that this woman who was ranked 5th in the House of Rankings, wouldn ’t let his attack during the third test go!

At the same time, Liu Mei smiled gently and had Xie Xingyi sit next to her, as the fights in the arena continued.

Once the 921st fight ended, a cold smile appeared on Xie Xingyi ’s lips as the purple-robed Hua Ping got eliminated.

Finally, 2 hours later, a young man from the Holy sect landed at the center of the arena holding the token with the number ’1000 ’ in his right hand.
This was the final fight before these disciples finally entered the Holy sect!

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