As his voice resounded in the air, Shun Long punched forward with his right hand, as a burst of terrifying, pitch-black flames erupted from his arm, before they collided with the silver-colored sword slash in front of him head-on.

However, the scene that followed exceeded everyone ’s expectations!

There was no loud explosion once the silver-colored sword slash met with the terrifying flames.

Instead, the black flames quickly engulfed the sword slash before they completely swallowed it, leaving no traces of it behind.

And yet, the powerful sword slash only managed to stop the black flames for a single moment, before they continued to descend towards the arena, flying towards the yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect.

Seeing this scene, the long-haired young man ’s eyes instantly widened while an expression of fear finally appeared on his face.

The moment that he saw that his Saint low-grade martial skill had not only failed to defeat the peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage rookie in the air, but it didn ’t even manage to weaken the ball of black flames in the slightest, made the yellow-robed young man ’s face instantly pale.

Of course, the ’Flames of Destruction ’ was a unique skill to black dragons that humans couldn ’t possibly use.
The only reason why Shun Long could use it, was because he had activated the power of his bloodline and wasn ’t much different than an actual black dragon during that time.
As for how strong these flames really were, if they were rated in the terms of a martial skill, then they far exceeded the might of a normal Saint low-grade martial skill.

At that moment, right before Shun Long ’s ’Flames of Destruction ’ were about to hit the long-haired young man from the Holy sect, a soft sigh resounded throughout the arena, as everyone turned their eyes towards the white-robed Dao Emperor in the sky and saw him waving his hand!

The black flames that were just a few inches away from the yellow-robed young man suddenly stopped in the air, almost as if they had met with an invisible wall, before they were slowly extinguished.

At that moment, complete silence filled the arena, as everyone stared at the blue-robed young man in the sky with different expressions on their faces.

It didn ’t matter if it was in the eyes of the disciples of the Holy sect or those sitting in the audience seats, Shun Long had completely become the center of attention at this moment, attracting everyone ’s gazes.

Some of these disciples were filled with shock, while others felt disbelief, nearly unable to believe that the scene in front of their eyes was real.
A peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage rookie had actually managed to defeat a disciple of the Holy sect at the peak of rank 4 of the Nascent Soul?

The most surprising thing however, was the intense gazes of the female disciples sitting in the audience seats.

Most of them had a fervent look in their eyes as they stared at the handsome, blue-robed young man in the sky, while anyone could guess their thoughts from the expressions on their faces.

At the same time, a dazzling smile that could encapture the hearts of men and women alike appeared on Liu Mei ’s face behind her white veil, while a look of pride filled her eyes as she stared at the handsome, blue-robed young man in the arena.

Meanwhile, the green-robed dazzling beauty, Xie Xingyi seemed to have heaved out a sigh of relief after seeing the white-robed Dao Emperor stopping the fight, while the look in her eyes seemed to have been filled with joy.

Since the Elder from the Holy sect was forced to step forward to stop the fight personally, it clearly meant that Shun Long had passed the test.

Of course, what none of them knew, was that the reason why Cao Ling had interfered in the fight, was because he could feel that Shun Long ’s ’Flames of Destruction ’ wouldn ’t have simply severely injured the long-haired young man.
Instead, the tyrannical black flames would completely destroy his soul!

This had completely exceeded Cao Ling ’s estimation of Shun Long ’s absolute strength! It was very likely that even an average early rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator may not be able to take these flames head-on!

Staring at the white-robed Dao Emperor in the sky, Shun Long saw Cao Ling ’s lips forming into a smile, as the bald Dao Emperor took a single step forward and asked in a seemingly amiable tone

’ ’What ’s your name kid? Which power do you come from? ’ ’

Staring at the bald Dao Emperor in the sky, Shun Long ’s lips slightly curved up, as he cupped his hands and said seriously

’ ’This junior ’s name is Shun Long.
I am a rogue cultivator from the Night star continent. ’ ’

The moment that he finished his words, silence once again descended in the arena, while even the hushed discussions from the disciples in the audience seats behind Shun Long instantly stopped.
At that moment, Shun Long noticed Cao Ling ’s eyes narrow, while the expressions of the disciples of the Holy sect behind him also changed.

A rogue cultivator? Another one from the Night star continent? Who would believe that?

Of course, Shun Long already knew that it was unlikely for anyone to really accept that he was a rogue cultivator.

Just by revealing the black sword earlier, it was bound to attract a lot of attention.

However, it was the truth that he and Liu Mei were in reality rogue cultivators.

Although Shun Long had thought of declaring himself as a member of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ from the Night star continent, he also remembered that the old woman from the guild, Jin Wenling, had already said that the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ was under the jurisdiction of the Feng family from the central region.

Despite having already guessed that the Holy sect was most likely stronger than the Feng family, Shun Long didn ’t want to be entangled with a family that he knew nothing about.
Besides, he hadn ’t really received the favor of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ as he had rejected Zhao Lan ’s offer to be groomed by them.

Thus, declaring himself as a rogue cultivator was the best choice.

And yet, contrary to everyone ’s expectations, the white-robed Dao Emperor actually smiled a moment later, as he nodded his head and said in an uncaring tone

’ ’Very well.
It doesn ’t matter whether you really are a rogue cultivator or not.
Since you have passed the test, you are now officially a disciple of my Holy sect! ’ ’

Despite being stunned for a moment, Shun Long still nodded his head in response.

At the same time, the black scales on his body slowly receded until they completely disappeared, before he turned around, and without another word, he flew towards Liu Mei ’s direction in the audience seats.

No matter what, he had successfully passed the Holy sect ’s test already.

Once the remaining fights were over, he and Liu Mei would enter the Holy sect, along with the remaining disciples who end up passing the test.

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