Yin Xing ’s eyes shone with excitement as he happily nodded his head at Shun Long ’s question.

The higher-ups of the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ had pressured him quite a lot to reveal the creator of these special ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills, however, when they noticed that Yin Xing wouldn ’t reveal anything they eventually gave up but they still told him that he had to do everything he can to get more of these pills.

Yin Xing had heard that some of the seniors in the sect had gifted these pills to their disciples and just a few days ago, 3 of those disciples who had consumed these pills had left seclusion while their cultivations had sky-rocketed from the peak of rank 6 in qi condensation all the way to the middle of rank 7.

This was many months of hard work, all skipped thanks to one pill.

It was natural that people would go crazy for it.

Yin Xing received the pills as he said to Shun Long with excitement

’ ’Don ’t worry senior, I will definitely place the pills at the end of the auction. ’ ’

Shun Long shook his head as he said

’ ’I want you to put the pills at the start of the auction, the closer to the start the better actually.
I also want you to sell them in 4 different batches, 30 pills at a time. ’ ’

Yin Xing was baffled as he asked Shun Long

’ ’But senior, isn ’t it better to put them towards the end of the auction so that they can be sold for a higher price? Usually, the more expensive goods are always placed at the ending of the auctions. ’ ’

Shun Long knew that Yin Xing was right, but he wanted to know how much the ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills would be sold for, so he could use the sect points from the profits to bid for the ’fire-spirit fruit ’ and the ’water element grass ’.

Yin Xing didn ’t seem to understand but he still listened to Shun Long and left the room to quickly arrange for the ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills to be auctioned as early as possible.

Shun Long sat on the couch and he could see everyone below who was sitting on the ’outer seats ’, while he also had a clear view of the main stage where the auctioneer would stand on.

Time quickly passed and soon, 2 hours had already gone by.

The private rooms were now almost full while the outer seats below didn ’t have any more room for people to sit.

The lights of the ’Auction Hall ’ slowly dimmed as a beautiful young woman in green clothes had appeared at the main stage down below.

Shun Long ’s eyes widened as he recognized her.

The young woman smiled to the crowd as she said

’ ’Honorable guests, welcome to our ’Treasure Pavilion ’s ’ monthly auction.
I, Lan Jinjing will act as your auctioneer today.
I hope that you are all excited, as we have many special treasures for today ’s auction. ’ ’

As soon as she finished speaking, the crowd in the outer seats started to silently discuss

’ ’Isn ’t that miss Lan Jinjing? I thought that she acts as the auctioneer only for the yearly auctions of the ’Treasure ’Pavilion ’.
Why is she participating in the auction of this month? ’ ’

’ ’I also saw Elder Lu Niu and Elder Meng Liang enter earlier.
Could it be that there are some special treasures in this auction? ’ ’

The beautiful auctioneer, Lan Jinjing was the girl who was next to the stunning Liu Mei whom Shun Long had met when he visited the ’Alchemist ’s Guild ’.

Lan Jinjing gestured with her hand and the crowd quietened, as she started speaking

’ ’I ’m certain that everyone here knows the rules.
Every item starts with a minimum price, and the guests with the highest bid in the end can obtain them.
Without further ado, this month ’s auction officially starts now ’ ’

Lan Jinjing said as she clapped her hands, and 2 outer disciples carried the first item for the auction on the main stage, a black bow.

’ ’Dear guests, the first item for today ’s auction is a creation of master Dugu ’s the ’air-piercing bow ’.
As you all may know, ’Formation master Dugu ’ is a rank1 silver grade formation master and although this bow is merely at the pinnacle of rank3 bronze grade, it is a perfect weapon for anyone below the Heaven grade who is proficient in archery

The minimum bid is 1000 sect points and every increment must be at least 50 sect points higher than the last bid ’ ’

’ ’1050 ’ ’

’ ’1120 ’ ’

’ ’1190 ’ ’

In the end, the black bow was sold for 1500 sect points to an outer disciple girl who was sitting at the outer seats.

After 2 more items were sold, the auctioneer Lan Jinjing took a deep breath as she said

’ ’The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh items in today ’s auction are a bit special.
Originally our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ would put them towards the end of the auction but the senior who sold them insisted on them being auctioned at the start. ’ ’

A small table was carried at the center of the main stage and 3 small bottles with 10 pills inside them could be seen as Lan Jinjing continued explaining

’ ’These are some very special ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills that can help people at the peak of rank 6 to directly advance to rank 7.
Our pavilion has also verified that there is a high chance for those who consume these pills to directly reach the middle of rank7 in qi condensation. ’ ’

As soon as these words were spoken, before Lan Jinjing could list the minimum price of the pills, the crowd had already erupted in an uproar.

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