Although others may not know about it, Sheng Huang actually happened to be near the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ when his grandfather, Sheng Jun, and his grandmother had led the Dao Kings of the Shengtian dynasty inside the villa.

Thus, when Little Black charged out from the villa with Sheng Jun and the hall master of the ’Demon Emperor Palace ’, Duan Zhu, both chasing after the black dragon, Sheng Huang had happened to personally witness that scene.

He would never forget the scene of the majestic black dragon spreading his wings and flying away from the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.

And seeing the scales on Shun Long ’s body the first thing that came to Sheng Huang ’s mind was the scales on the black dragon ’s body, that were nearly identical to Shun Long ’s.

However, this was just a suspicion that Sheng Huang had in his mind, and it didn ’t necessarily prove that the power backing Shun Long was really the one that had attacked the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ and were related to that majestic black dragon!

And yet, the moment that Sheng Huang laid his eyes on the black sword in Shun Long ’s hands, he became almost certain in his mind that Shun Long was indeed related to that power.

The first reason that made him nearly certain, was that he was indeed a couple with that ’white-robed young woman ’ named Liu Mei, who claimed to be a rogue cultivator from the Night star continent.

But the most important reason was that Sheng Huang still remembered his grandfather ’s words after returning from the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.

The old king of the Shengtian dynasty had already explained to his grandson, how the people sitting on the black dragon ’s back had stolen the mysterious black sword and the translucent armor from the depths of the villa that he suspected them to be star-rank weapons, as well as the wooden chest right below the golden throne which most likely contained a star-rank weapon as well.

Thus, as he stared at Shun Long inside the arena, a single thought surfaced in Sheng Huang ’s mind, filled with jealousy, hatred, and killing intent!

If the power behind Shun Long hadn ’t stolen that black sword, as the heir of the Shengtian dynasty, everything inside the core region of the villa including the sword in Shun Long ’s hands would belong to him! If it wasn ’t because of the people on the black dragon that ended up luring Sheng Jun away, how would his own grandmother ever have to fight against the peak rank 9 Dao King, Zhao Lan, and his group from the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’?

After reaching this conclusion, the killing intent coming from Sheng Huang ’s body had nearly become tangible, scaring away the disciples in the audience seats that were sitting around him!

As for the black-robed Jiang Chen, his eyes were completely focused on Shun Long ’s back at the center of the arena, while his own thoughts were a mystery.

Of course, Shun Long was completely oblivious to the fact that he had already alerted the 2 geniuses who had already passed the test, as his eyes were focused on the long-haired young man at the center of the arena.

Despite hitting him with the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’, Shun Long knew, that not only was the long-haired young man from the Holy sect still alive, but he was most likely still able to fight.

The reason why Shun Long was so certain about this was because once the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’ cut through the long-haired man ’s yellow robes, a set of silver armor revealed itself, before it absorbed most of the damage of the black-colored sword slash.

And yet, the remaining power was still enough, to not only send the yellow-robed young man flying back to the ground, but it also made him spit blood while severely injuring him at the same time.

Indeed, a few moments later, the long-haired young man actually slowly stood up from the ground with some difficulty, as he turned his head and stared at the blue-robed young man covered in black scales in the sky, with a look of anger as well as some concealed fear in his eyes.

It was obvious that Shun Long ’s cultivation was still at the peak rank 1 of the Nascent Soul, and yet, the power of his bloodline had augmented his strength to such a degree, that he was already capable of harming him, a peak rank 4 Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

’ ’No, it isn ’t just capable of harming me! If it wasn ’t for the rank 3 gold grade armor in my chest, I would have already been seriously injured long ago! ’ ’

As this thought appeared in his mind, the long-haired young man stared at Shun Long with even more apprehension in his gaze.
And yet, amidst this apprehension was also some relief.

’ ’No matter what, in the end, he is just at the peak of rank 1 in the Nascent Soul! There is no way that he has enough qi to use that move again! ’ ’

After reassuring himself the long-haired man ’s gaze turned serious, as he raised his silver sword in the sky.

Of course, although the armor on his chest had already absorbed more than 80 percent of the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’, the luster of the armor was no longer as bright as before.

Instead, it had considerably dimmed and it was obvious that it was unable to absorb another attack.

Once they returned back to the Holy sect, the long-haired young man needed to find a formation master, and pay a huge amount of spirit stones to have it repaired.

Therefore, he was already prepared to end everything with his next attack.

Raising his silver sword in the air, the long-haired young man from the Holy sect infused his qi inside it, as he stared at Shun Long with a determined look in his eyes.

Slashing his sword horizontally he then shouted

’ ’Let ’s end this! ’ ’

At that moment, a silver-colored sword slash appeared from the long-haired young man ’s sword, flying towards Shun Long at extreme speed.

With just a glance, Shun Long immediately realized, that this silver-colored slash wasn ’t an average martial skill, but the first stage of a Saint low-grade martial skill the long-haired young man had comprehended to 100 percent!

Even with the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’, Shun Long would only be able to match its strength or slightly overpower it.

At that moment, Shun Long ’s smile slowly faded from his face, and nodding his head, he looked at the long-haired young man with a serious expression before he said

’ ’Fine, let ’s end this! ’ ’

Clenching his right fist, Shun Long closed his eyes for a moment, before a pitch-black flame started to take form on his right hand.

Just as the silver-colored slash arrived just a few meters away from him, Shun Long suddenly snapped his eyes open, before he said in a low voice

’ ’Flames of Destruction! ’ ’

Author ’s note: 1/2

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