Looks of shock had appeared on the faces of the disciples of the Holy sect in the sky, as well as in the faces of the disciples sitting in the audience seats, as everyone stared at the enormous magic beast at the center of the arena with incredulous looks in their eyes. 

The enormous black beast that was more than 30m(100ft) tall had actually swallowed the yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect whole!

No one believed that Liu Mei had the guts to kill a disciple from the Holy sect in front of a Dao Emperor, and yet, everyone could still see that the Death Eater had a sinister smile on its face, as if it was enjoying a great meal.

At that moment, everyone turned their gazes towards the Dao Emperor in the sky who was actually observing the scene at the center of the arena with a nonchalant look on his face.

A few moments later, the white-robed Cao Ling, shook his head as he stared at Liu Mei, before he opened his mouth and said in a seemingly casual tone

’ ’Remember, killing is not allowed! ’ ’

Although his tone was soft, it was obvious that Cao Ling wasn ’t going to allow Liu Mei to kill the yellow-robed young man.

Liu Mei turned her attention towards the white-robed Cao Ling in the sky and nodded her head in response, before she closed her eyes and placed her palm on the Death Eater ’s back.

Opening its hideous mouth, the Death Eater spat out the yellow-robed young man ’s body that it had yet to digest, causing the expressions on the Holy sect ’s disciples ’ faces to change.

Although no one believed that Liu Mei would actually dare to kill her opponent, they still hadn ’t expected her to be this merciless. 

The bones in the yellow-robed young man ’s legs were all broken, almost as if the terrifying black beast had munched on them, while the peak rank 3 Nascent Soul cultivator had already lost consciousness due to the pain.

And yet, despite the young man ’s horrible injuries, the white-robed Cao Ling barely threw a glance at him, before he waved his hand, causing his body to fly towards the rest of the disciples of the Holy sect behind him.

At that moment, Cao Ling ’s gaze seemed to have been focused completely on Liu Mei, as he looked at her and asked with a light smile on his face

’ ’Hehe, what ’s your name little girl? Which continent ’s peak power did you come from? ’ ’

Elder Zhuan nodded his head when he heard Elder Cao Ling ’s question, as he was curious about this as well. 

Although there were no peak powers from the surrounding continents that could match the power of their Holy sect, as Elders of the Holy sect with plenty of experience, the 2 of them had already recognized the Dao that Liu Mei had comprehended, immediately attracting their interest.

The disciples of the Holy sect in the sky had also placed their attention on the white-veiled young woman at the center of the arena, while different expressions appeared on their faces.

Some of them seemed apprehensive of Liu Mei, while others were staring at her with interest in their eyes.

Liu Mei stared at the white-robed Dao Emperor in the sky who had an amiable smile on his face, and after hesitating for a while she replied truthfully

’ ’This junior ’s name is Liu Mei.
I came from the Night star continent but I don ’t belong to any of the peak powers.
I am a rogue cultivator. ’ ’

Silence instantly filled the arena as everyone stared at the white-robed young woman in shock.

The Night star continent? A rogue cultivator? 

While most of the disciples of the Holy sect didn ’t care about the surrounding continents, they knew that the Night star continent was definitely among the weakest ones.
And yet, someone who had attracted the attention of a Dao Emperor of their Holy sect came from the Night star continent? 

Even Cao Ling was stunned for a moment as his eyes kept staring at the young woman in the arena without speaking.

As a Dao Emperor from the Holy sect, he clearly knew the situation of the surrounding continents around the central region.

He already knew that the continents in the eastern region were in a very tense situation due to the ’Demon Emperor palace ’ that was trying to take over their land.

As for the Night star continent and the Martial star continent, since none of those 2 had a Dao Emperor to protect their continents, their situation was the worst, and it was very likely that they would end up falling into the hands of the ’Demon Emperor palace ’.

For a disciple below 300 years old to have actually started comprehending the Dao of Death while not belonging to any of the peak powers in the continent…
the chances were extremely low.

And yet, the white-robed Dao Emperor didn ’t suspect Liu Mei of lying.
That was because unless someone was extremely ungrateful they would definitely reveal the name of the power they belonged to once they joined the Holy sect, allowing the sect to view their power with some more importance.

Of course, the most shocked out of everyone else were the disciples of the Night star continent in the audience seats.

Sheng Huang threw a deep look at Liu Mei trying to see if he had met her before, but he still didn ’t recognize her.

As the number one disciple of the younger generation of the Night star continent, he already knew every single one of the top geniuses of the continent regardless if they came from a peak power or if they were rogue cultivators. 

And yet someone like Liu Mei had actually managed to stay hidden until the Holy sect ’s test?

It wasn ’t just Sheng Huang who was perplexed by this.
The rest of the disciples of the Night star continent in the audience seats had similarly puzzled expressions on their faces, unable to understand how or why this white-robed young woman had stayed hidden for so long.

Cao Ling stared seriously at Liu Mei for a few moments before he smiled and nodded his head in response, indicating that he had accepted her answer.

Understanding that the white-robed Dao Emperor had no more questions, Liu Mei cupped her hands before she waved her hand, making the Death Eater, the remaining jade-white skeletons and the undead knights, as well as the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators all disappear, before she turned around to walk back to the audience seats.

The moment that she turned around however, a look of joy instantly appeared on her face that was hidden behind her white veil, as the familiar figure of a young man in blue robes appeared in her eyes, staring at her with a smile on his face.

Author ’s note: 1/2

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