It didn ’t matter whether it was the white-robed Dao Emperor, the peak rank 9 Dao King Elder Zhuan, the disciples of the Holy sect in the sky or those sitting in the audience seats, seeing the undead army of skeletons and undead knights that emerged from the ground made everyone feel endless shock.

After all, Liu Mei was clearly just a middle rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and yet, she could summon an entire army that was practically at the same level as her!

Of course, Shun Long, and even Xie Xingyi already knew about Liu Mei ’s ability to summon undead creatures.

However, the appearance of the gigantic 30m(100ft) tall hideous beast with 4 legs that resembled horse hooves, as well as the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators around Liu Mei were extremely bizarre.

It only took a moment for Shun Long to guess, that the enormous beast that was emitting an aura of death and endless killing intent, was something that Liu Mei could summon after breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage.

After all, Shun Long had already imagined long ago that as Liu Mei ’s comprehension of the Dao of Death increased, she would very likely be able to summon different undead creatures in the future.

The appearance of the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators however, was something that left him extremely puzzled.

It was obvious that neither the old man in black robes, the middle-aged man with snake eyes, or the old woman in crimson armor were undead creatures.
And yet, the 3 of them didn ’t seem to be alive either, looking extremely odd among the creatures in Liu Mei ’s army.

Although Shun Long had no idea about the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators that Liu Mei had already killed during the third test, Xie Xingyi had clearly seen the Death Eater spitting the 3 corpses inside the cave that she and Liu Mei were staying in.

Suddenly, a terrifying thought flashed through the gorgeous, green-robed young woman ’s mind 

’ ’Mei can actually control the corpses of the people she has previously killed? ’ ’

At that moment, the yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect who was just a few meters away from Liu Mei had a look of horror in his eyes as he immediately stopped in his tracks, not daring to get any closer to the white-robed young woman opposite to him.

Seeing the one thousand jade-white skeletons and the 50 undead knights that had appeared in front of her was already enough to make him take Liu Mei seriously, despite her cultivation that was only at the middle of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul.

But seeing the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators that had appeared along with the undead knights was enough to make the young man from the Holy sect feel fear from the bottom of his heart.

And yet, even if one combined those things together, they still didn ’t feel as terrifying as the enormous black beast with a hideous appearance. 

Despite its aura being only at the middle of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, the sense of danger that the yellow-robed young man could sense from the Death Eater exceeded even the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators around Liu Mei.

Of course, the main reason behind that was, that as soon as the Death Eater appeared, Liu Mei had silently chanted the word ’Death ’, activating the Death ’s chant!

Thus, the strength of the Death Eater had already exceeded that of an average peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

The yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect gritted his teeth, before he once again kicked the ground, shooting towards Liu Mei at full speed.

At the same time, all of the disciples from the Holy sect in the sky had serious looks on their faces, as they focused their gazes on the fight at the center of the arena.

Originally, they had all considered this a meaningless fight that would be over in a matter of seconds.  However, the looks in their eyes had now turned extremely serious, while none of them dared to think of the white-robed young woman as an easy target.

They knew that this fight would be extremely difficult for any of them if they also had to suppress their cultivation at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul.

In their eyes, Liu Mei wasn ’t any less terrifying than the black-robed young man named Jiang Chen.

That was because Jiang Chen was only one person who could fight cultivators above his level, but the white-robed young woman had an entire army instead!

And yet, although fighting against Liu Mei seemed difficult, it wasn ’t entirely hopeless.

The yellow-robed young man opposite to Liu Mei already knew that it was impossible for him to fight against the entire army of 1000 skeletons and undead knights by himself.
Therefore he had immediately set Liu Mei as his target!

As the person who had summoned all those undead creatures, dealing with her was equivalent to dealing with every single one of her summoned creatures as well.

At that moment, the yellow-robed disciple from the Holy sect dove into Liu Mei ’s undead army head-on, destroying every single skeleton that stood in his path as he rushed towards the white-robed young woman on the Death Eater ’s back in a straight line.

Although Liu Mei ’s jade-white skeletons were all at the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul, against a peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage outer disciple of the Holy sect who was also wearing a pair of rank 3 gold-grade gloves, they were destroyed almost instantly!

White bones flew in the air as more than 60 skeletons were destroyed in barely a few seconds.

Without any hesitation, Liu Mei narrowed her eyes, as she had her undead knights pincer attack him in order to trap the yellow-robed disciple of the Holy sect.

The young man however simply snorted in response when he saw this, before he punched forward with both hands at the same time.

The 2 undead knights that were the closest to him and were trying to block his path from the front were immediately pushed back for dozens of meters, completely unable to detain the peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage expert.

Although the young man was stunned when he noticed that his 2 punches were unable to destroy the black-armored knights in one hit, he didn ’t seem to care too much, as he had already closed the distance between himself and Liu Mei.

But before he could even approach the white-veiled young woman on top of the enormous black beast ’s back, the old woman in crimson armor, the old man in black robes, as well as the snake-eyed middle-aged man, all blocked the young man ’s path at the same time.

’ ’SCRAM! ’ ’

Seeing the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul ’cultivators ’ who were blocking his way, the young man couldn ’t help shouting in fury, as he punched the old woman in crimson armor who was the closest to him.

However, the old woman didn ’t dodge his attack, and instead, she allowed the yellow-robed young man to punch her, as a layer of ice appeared around her body.


As the fragments of ice around her body shattered, the old woman was immediately sent flying backwards, before she was buried inside the arena, creating a human-shaped hole.

This was the difference between a disciple of the Holy sect and an average cultivator at the same level as them! It only took a single punch for the yellow-robed young man to send the old woman flying.

And yet, at that moment, just as he was about to continue flying forward, the young man from the Holy sect noticed that a layer of ice had already appeared on his right fist, and was slowly spreading towards his entire body.

Just as he was about to shatter the ice around him, a sticky green liquid suddenly covered his body as it tried to restrict his movements, followed by a hundred wind blades as well.

Those 2 attacks came from the snake-eyed man and the old man in black robes respectively.

At that moment, the yellow-robed young man once again punched forward with his right hand, immediately destroying the bubble of corrosive green liquid, before he sent another punch with his left hand, as he counterattacked the hundreds of wind blades that had sealed his path.

However, the moment that he sent out his second punch, the yellow-robed young man felt the scent of death suddenly enveloping his body, causing all of his hair to stand up at the same time.

Turning his head to the side, he then saw the enormous body of the Death Eater that had already appeared next to him with its hideous mouth wide open!

Seeing the sinister smile on the gigantic beast ’s face caused a feeling of horror to quickly sprout in the young man ’s heart, as he instinctively tried to run away.
However, before he could even take a single step backwards, the Death Eater that had already appeared next to him suddenly snapped its mouth close, immediately swallowing the yellow-robed young man under everyone ’s disbelieving eyes.

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