The moment that the disciples of the Holy sect and those in the audience seats sensed Sheng Huang ’s body cultivation at the early fifth stage of body refinement, all of them widened their eyes in shock.

Even in the Holy sect, dual cultivators who were training in both qi and body refinement were already considered rare.
As for those who had reached the same level in body refinement as in their qi cultivation…
all of them were definitely geniuses.

There was no question that a cultivator who was training in both qi and body refinement, would be able to jump levels and fight people above his own cultivation level.

As for the prince of the Shengtian dynasty who had already reached the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul stage while also reaching the early fifth stage in body refinement at the same time, he was definitely strong enough to fight against normal rank 4 Nascent Soul stage cultivators head-on.

The moment that Sheng Huang ’s palm collided with the rank 3 gold grade sword, the dark red light on the palm ’s surface lit up, before a loud booming resounded throughout the arena.

Under the shocked eyes of the disciples of the Holy sect in the sky, the yellow-robed young man was actually sent flying backwards, like a kite that had its string cut. 

Even with his rank 3 gold grade sword paired with his Saint low-grade martial skill, he was still unable to resist the power behind Sheng Huang ’s attack.

This was the might of the Saint low-grade martial skill that Sheng Huang had chosen during the second test of the Holy sect from the barrier of knowledge, the Annihilation palm.

And yet, Sheng Huang wasn ’t going to give a chance to the disciple of the Holy sect to catch his breath! Although he clearly knew that he had already seriously injured his opponent, he was still planning to end this fight as quickly as possible.

The yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect had already collapsed on the ground after rolling for dozens of meters and had barely managed to maintain his consciousness.
He hadn ’t expected that even after he had used a Saint low-grade martial skill and paired it with his own rank 3 gold grade weapon, he would still be seriously injured in the end.
Although he had yet to let go of the sword in his hands his body was still filled with injuries, with the most obvious one being his destroyed left shoulder.

However, this level of injury didn ’t hinder him from holding his sword with his right hand as he struggled to stand up.

However, before the young man from the Holy sect could completely regain his senses, the golden-robed Sheng Huang had already appeared in the sky above him, while a merciless look flashed through his eyes.

The bronze warhammer in his left hand was covered with a dark, grey light, before the spiky-haired prince of the Shengtian dynasty slammed it downwards at full force aiming towards the back of the disciple of the Holy sect.



The sound of bones being crushed resounded throughout arena as Sheng Huang ’s warhammer slammed itself on the spine of the yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect.

At that moment, the arena fell dead-silent, as everyone stared at the golden-robed prince of the Shengtian dynasty, with different looks in their eyes.

He was actually the second person to defeat a disciple of the Holy sect, and he had done it in less than 2 minutes!

Most of the disciples of the Holy sect seemed to have calm looks in their eyes, almost as if they were unfazed by this development, but there were also some of them who seemed extremely furious.

As for the disciples in the audience seats, although some of them were surprised that the fight was so short, after having seen the performance of the black-robed young man named Jiang Chen earlier, they weren ’t that surprised by Sheng Huang ’s performance!

However, the disciples in the audience seats that came from the Night star continent and had passed the third test, were the most astonished out of everyone else here.

Although Sheng Huang was said to be the strongest cultivator in the younger generation throughout the entire continent, nobody expected him to pass through the test of the Holy sect so easily.
Even if he managed to succeed, everyone had expected this to be a hard fight.
None of them had actually expected him to be a dual cultivator and to have already reached the early fifth stage in body refinement!

Of course, part of his swift victory was definitely attributed to the peak rank 3 gold grade warhammer in his hands! If it wasn ’t for the difference in the quality of their weapons, Sheng Huang wouldn ’t have been able to suppress the young man from the Holy sect so easily in the beginning.
However, everyone could clearly see, that even without a peak rank 3 gold grade weapon, Sheng Huang would still have most likely been the winner in this fight.

Raising his head, the golden-robed prince of the Shengtian dynasty stared at the white-robed Dao Emperor in the sky, who was actually looking back at him with a deep look in his eyes.

A look of interest had already appeared on Cao Ling ’s face as he stared at the spiky-haired young man at the center of the arena, before he then asked with a smile on his face

’ ’Is the second Dao that you have comprehended, the ’Dao of Destruction ’? ’ ’

Sheng Huang ’s pupils instantly narrowed as soon as he heard this question, while a look of apprehension appeared in his eyes as he stared at the white-robed Cao Ling.

His Dao of Destruction was his trump card and he had done everything he could to hide it so far! He had even picked the ’Annihilation palm ’ from the barrier of knowledge, because the Dao of Annihilation and his Dao of Destruction were similar to a certain extent.

And yet,  the old Dao Emperor from the Holy sect had already managed to see through it.

Seeing Sheng Huang ’s abnormal reaction, Cao Ling smiled even wider before he nodded his head and continued

’ ’Although your test wasn ’t as hard as that black-robed brat ’s, your talent isn ’t any lower than his.
If you train your ’Dao of Destruction ’ to its fullest, you will not be any weaker than him in the near future! ’ ’

Sheng Huang fell silent for a moment, before he nodded his head and clasped his hands towards Cao Ling.

Although he didn ’t feel that he was inferior to the black-robed young man who called himself Jiang Chen, he knew that it was impossible for the current him to win if the 2 of them really fought.

However, even if he wasn ’t as strong as him right now, Sheng Huang still believed that he would trample everyone else in the future and rise to the top.
And him passing the fourth test and entering the Holy sect today was only the beginning!

At that moment, the black-robed Jiang Chen didn ’t even raise his head to look at Sheng Huang, as he continued to sit in the audience seats with his eyes closed.

Seeing the determined expression on Sheng Huang ’s face Cao Ling nodded his head, before he waved his hand, indicating for him to return to his seat.

Following Sheng Huang ’s fight, the rest of the disciples in the audience seats started to fight with a lot more confidence.

They could finally see some hope in defeating the disciples from the Holy sect

After all, although Sheng Huang was also a genius, in everyone ’s eyes, he wasn ’t as strong as the black-robed Jiang Chen. 

Besides, which one of those people who had passed the third test was considered a genius in their own continent?

As more and more fights passed the disciples of the Holy sect started to lose some more.

An hour later, 5 more disciples aside from the black-robed Jiang Chen and Sheng Huang had also managed to pass through this fourth test.

Finally, as the 83rd disciple of the Holy sect appeared on the stage, the white-veiled Liu Mei slowly stood up from her seat and turned her gaze towards the center of the arena.

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