The person that was hurriedly rushing from the pavilion was Yin Xing, the genius rank 3 bronze grade alchemist of the ’Treasure Pavilion ’.

Every invitation from the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ had the personal mark of the person who had created it and Yin Xing ’s invitation wasn ’t any different.

Since he knew that this senior would be coming today, Yin Xing had ordered the people at the entrance to immediately inform him if a person who was dressed in black robes and was carrying his invitation were to appear today.

As soon as the disciples stationed at the entrance recognized Yin Xing ’s personal mark in Shun Long ’s invitation, they rushed to inform him that the person he was waiting for had arrived, and Yin Xing in turn hurried towards the entrance.

’ ’Senior please come in. ’ ’

As soon as Shun Long and Yin Xing had disappeared inside the pavilion, the people outside started whispering

’ ’Senior brother, could it be that this person is some kind of senior alchemist who is of even higher rank than alchemist Yin? Wouldn ’t such a person be at the silver grade then? ’ ’

His senior brother nodded his head as he said

’ ’Mhm, he must definitely be at least in the silver grade if senior Yin came rushing and was so polite to him ’ ’

While these discussions were taking place at the pavilion ’s entrance, Yin Xing was guiding Shun Long deep inside the first floor, towards the depths of the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ where 2 huge doors were wide open and guards were stationed at the sides.

Shun Long followed Yin Xing as they entered inside, and he noticed that there were 2 paths that they could follow.
One path was leading straight ahead after entering the doors, towards the ’outer seats ’ where people without invitations would sit.
Yin Xing instead led Shun Long through the side entrance until they reached the private booths, where only people with invitations were allowed to seat themselves.

’ ’Senior, this way please ’ ’ Yin Xing said as he pointed towards a private booth with the number 6 on it.

Shun Long entered inside and Yin Xing followed behind him.

Although the room was relatively small, in terms of luxuriousness it was perhaps even superior to the ’Mystifying Fragrance Pavilion ’.

The room had a luxurious red couch on the center and a table in front of it filled with food and wine.
The ’Treasure Pavilion ’ had paid a lot of attention to the decorations of these rooms, as they were all meant for important people.

Shun Long took a look at the room before turning his head to look at Yin Xing who was standing behind him and was looking at him eagerly.

Shun Long laughed before saying in that altered heavy voice of his

’ ’Do you have anything that you want to ask? ’ ’

Yin Xing hurriedly shook his head as he answered

’ ’No senior, I just wanted to know if you find everything to your liking. ’ ’

’ ’Yes, everything is good so far.
Especially this couch that is made from the fur of a peak rank 2 ’scarlet furred wolf ’ ’ ’ Shun Long answered

Yin Xing ’s eyes shone as he said

’ ’As expected from a great alchemist such as senior, you understood what the couch is made from just by throwing a single glance at it ’ ’

Yin Xing was honestly impressed by Shun Long.
A great alchemist had to know, not just how to mix medicinal herbs, but also have a wide knowledge regarding magical beasts.

Shun Long of course had absorbed so much knowledge regarding medicinal herbs, magical beasts, and even the human body, that it was child ’s play for him to understand that this couch was made from the fur of a peak rank 2 magical beast.

Yin Xing looked at Shun Long eagerly as he asked

’ ’Senior, do you happen to have any more of those ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills? ’ ’

Shun Long just smiled under his robes as Yin Xing continued

’ ’To tell the truth to senior, the 5 ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills that senior sold to our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ last time were bought by 2 high-rank Elders of our sect, and they have been pressuring me about them ever since. ’ ’

Shun Long felt somewhat afraid inside as if his identity were to be exposed, who knew how the sect would react if they were to learn that a rank 7 outer disciple can refine these kinds of medicinal pills? He took a deep breath to steel his nerves and said in a very heavy and stern voice to Yin Xing

’ ’I hope that there won ’t be any people learning of our deal, otherwise you can forget about obtaining a single pill from me in the future. ’ ’

Yin Xing could make out the irritation in Shun Long ’s voice and hurriedly said

’ ’Senior please rest assured.
Although I said that the pills were bought from some mysterious senior, I, Yin Xing would never leak things that senior doesn ’t want other people to know. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head and said

’ ’That ’s good then ’ ’

Then he took out 12 bottles of pills, with 10 pills inside each bottle as he said

’ ’Here are 120 ’Qi barrier-breaking ’ pills.
Do you think you can put them up in today ’s auction? ’ ’

Yin Xing ’s eyes shone with excitement when he saw the pills.

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