The disciples of the Holy sect and those sitting in the audience seats, all turned their attention towards the white-robed Dao Emperor in the sky at the same time as they waited for his answer.

If this didn ’t qualify as ’passing ’ the test, then what else would?

However, Cao Ling didn ’t respond right away.

Instead, he first turned his attention towards the yellow-robed Huo Ru who seemed to have completely lost consciousness, before he finally turned his attention back towards the black-robed young man.

At that moment, Cao Ling ’s lips slowly curved up into a smile as he asked in a seemingly casual voice

’ ’What ’s your name? ’ ’

The black-robed young man fell silent the moment that he heard this question, while his eyes continued to stare at the white-robed Dao Emperor above the arena without a change in his expression.

Silence filled the arena as the disciples of the Holy sect all had their eyes glued on him.
No matter what, he had already passed the test, so it was unlikely for Elder Cao Ling to refuse him entry into the sect at this point.
Of course, as a Dao Emperor, if he really wanted to, Elder Cao Ling definitely had enough authority to expel a disciple of the sect even if there weren ’t any real reasons.

After all, even in the Holy sect, a Dao Emperor was a true powerhouse!

Finally, a few moments later, the black-robed young man broke the silence in the arena, as he opened his mouth and said in the same cold tone

’ ’Jiang Chen. ’ ’

A deep look flashed past Cao Ling ’s eyes when he heard his name, before he nodded his head a moment later, and with that same smile on his face he said

’ ’Hahaha, of course you passed the test kid.
Although your test was slightly harder than the disciples ’ before you, you still didn ’t disappoint me! ’ ’

Nodding his head, the black-robed young man who called himself Jiang Chen didn ’t say another word, as he turned around and flew directly towards the audience seats behind him.

Of course, his arrogant actions had already pissed off many of the disciples of the Holy sect standing behind Elder Zhuan and Cao Ling, but considering that Jiang Chen had already passed the test and would soon enter the sect and become an outer disciple like them, as well as the fact that neither of the 2 Elders didn ’t say anything to berate him, in the end, none of them dared to express their anger.

At the same time, the disciples in the audience seats had mixed looks on their faces.

On one hand, they were happy that someone had finally passed this fourth test of the Holy sect showing that the disciples of the Holy sect weren ’t really undefeatable.
On the other hand though, that person was not only arrogant, but he was also a monster who could fight against someone 2 full minor ranks above his level!

Although he had activated some kind of bloodline, and it was very likely that he wouldn ’t be able to activate that bloodline again any time soon, he still managed to beat an outer disciple of the Holy sect in the end, and someone whose cultivation was more than one full minor rank above his own.

More fights followed suit after Jiang Chen sat back in the audience seats, but in the next 10 fights that followed, the disciples of the Holy sect seemed even more fired up than before, winning every single one of them without suffering another defeat.

This was almost as if they were trying to claim through their actions that Jiang Chen was an abnormality, and something like that won ’t happen again.

By the time the 35th disciple of the Holy sect appeared at the center of the arena, the Holy sect ’s disciples still hadn ’t lost another fight since Jiang Chen ’s victory.

At that moment, seeing the disciple of the Holy sect standing in the arena holding the token with the number ’35 ’ on it, a handsome young man in golden robes slowly stood up from the audience seats, and with a calm smile on his face, he walked towards the center of the arena as well.

This golden-robed young man had short-spiky black hair and a pair of deep green emerald eyes, while his aura that seemed to have reached the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul exuded an air of confidence as if he wasn ’t worried in the slightest about this battle.

At the same time, the faces of some people in the audience seats instantly turned serious when they saw this golden-robed young man walking towards the center of the arena.

Noticing the abnormally solemn expression on Xie Xingyi ’s face, Liu Mei looked at her and asked curiously

’ ’Xingyi, do you know this person? ’ ’

Xie Xingyi turned around and looked at Liu Mei before she nodded her head with that same solemn look in her eyes and said

’ ’Mei probably doesn ’t know him because you didn ’t spend enough time in the Heaven ’s Dome city ’s House of Rankings.

He is said to be the greatest genius of the Shengtian dynasty and perhaps even the entire Night star continent, the grandson of the old king of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Huang!

It is said that so far, no one in the entire Night star continent had managed to force him to reveal his true strength!

The only one who is said to be on the same level as him in the entire Night star continent, is the young white lord, Bai Longtian.

However, since the 2 of them didn ’t fight against each other, no one knows which of them is stronger or weaker.

However, Sheng Huang ’s talent is said to be far greater than that of his father and his grandfather!

At the same time, he is a dual cultivator who trains both in qi refinement and body refinement! However, besides his Dao of Metal, no one knows what other Dao he has comprehended and set as a foundation for his body refinement.
There are only some rumors that it ’s an extremely powerful Dao that no one in the Shengtian dynasty has managed to comprehend before! ’ ’ 

The moment that she heard Xie Xingyi ’s description Liu Mei nodded her head, while the look in her eyes slowly turned serious.

No matter what, for a person to be ranked first in the entire Night star continent, his strength would definitely not be weak.

As Sheng Huang arrived at the center of the arena and stared at the disciple of the Holy sect that was leisurely standing in front of him, the calm smile didn ’t disappear from his face.

Instead, a fervent look appeared deep in his eyes, almost as if he had been waiting for this for a long time, and without wasting any moment, his aura at the peak of rank 3 of the Nascent Soul exploded out from his body! At the same time, he waved his left hand, causing a bronze warhammer to appear in front of him.

Then, with a voice that was no longer willing to wait, he raised the bronze warhammer in the air using his right hand, before he said in a serious voice

’ ’Let ’s begin! ’ ’

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