Elder Zhuan ’s eyes widened slightly the moment he saw the black wings that had sprouted from the black-robed young man ’s back, while some of the disciples of the Holy sect narrowed their eyes at the same time, as if they had just realized something.

This black-robed young man was the first person to pass through the second test of the sect a month ago after comprehending the ’Demonic wings ’!

At the same time, the wings that he had created back then were still somewhat incorporeal while the dark flames that were burning around them weren ’t this intense.

However, right now, not only were the black wings on his back looking no different than real wings, but the dark red flames around them were burning so intensely that they were slowly distorting the air around them.

The young woman from the Holy sect opposite to him only needed a single glance to realize, that the black-robed man ’s comprehension of this Saint low-grade martial skill had already increased by leaps and bounds during this last one month that he was spent in the third test.
If his level of comprehension had originally reached 27 percent before he had passed through the Barrier of Knowledge and entered the third test, then right now it was definitely above 80 percent!

Although this wasn ’t too shocking to the disciples of the Holy sect after having seen Shun Long comprehend more than 90 percent of the first level of the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’ within 4 days, it was still a result that even inner disciples may not be able to achieve within a month while passing the third test at the same time!

After all, the early portions of a martial skill were much easier to comprehend compared to the later ones.

Of course, although she was surprised for a moment, the young woman from the Holy sect didn ’t seem flustered at all by this development! Let alone 80 percent, even if the young man in front of her had comprehended the entire first portion of the ’Demonic Wings ’, he still wouldn ’t be able to put up a fight against her.

Shaking her head, the yellow-robed young woman no longer waited for the black-robed young man to make a move, as she suddenly sprung into action.

Her feet started to blur as her body instantly disappeared on the spot, leaving behind nothing but rows of afterimages wherever she passed.

She continuously circled around the black-robed young man, almost as if she was trapping him into place, not allowing him to take even a single step forward.

However, she didn ’t immediately attack him, and instead, she kept circling around him while her speed continued to increase while she asked in a casual tone

’ ’Did you think that you were the only one who has comprehended a Saint low-grade movement technique? If this is your trump card, then you were too unlucky that you had to face me today.
Even if my cultivation was suppressed at the early rank 4 of the Nascent Soul, you would still be unable to match up to my speed.

Although the first level of the ’Demonic Wings ’ can definitely increase your speed, it is actually useless against me.

After all, I don ’t mind telling you that I have already comprehended the entire first level of the ’Thousand afterimages ’.
Even if you had managed to comprehend the entire first level of the ’Demonic Wings ’, you would still be helpless against me. ’ ’

The disciples in the audience seats around Shun Long, including Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi who were quite a distance away from him mixed among the crowd, seemed to have suddenly realized what was going on, as they stared at the ever-growing afterimages around the black-robed young man that didn ’t stop increasing in number.

At the same time, Shun Long had a thoughtful look on his face as he stared at the scene at the center of the arena with a deep look in his eyes.

Like most of the disciples around him, he had also noticed the ’Thousand afterimages ’ skill that was in the ’Barrier of Knowledge ’ during the second test of the Holy sect!

Since Shun Long had intended to check every martial skill to see if any of them were related to his Dao of Time or the Dao of Space, he had to pay more attention to the martial skills in the barrier of knowledge compared to the rest of the disciples participating in the second test.

Thus, he clearly remembered that the ’Thousand afterimages ’ was a movement technique that was purely used to evade the opponent ’s attacks.

If a cultivator could train this martial skill to the fourth level, he would be able to move so quickly that he could create a thousand afterimages around him almost instantly.

At the same time, although the ’Demonic Wings ’ wasn ’t any inferior to the ’Thousand Afterimages ’, and both of them were Saint low-grade martial skills, the latter still countered the ’Demonic Wings ’ to a certain extent, despite the fact that the ’Demonic Wings ’ were actually even more difficult to train in compared to the ’Thousand Afterimages ’.

After all, the ’Demonic Wings ’ was a martial skill that not only increased a cultivator ’s speed, but it could also attack and defend while moving, while the ’Thousand Afterimages ’ focused on evading the opponent ’s attacks instead!

Thus, after having understood how both of those martial skills worked, Shun Long also understood that if the black-robed young man didn ’t have any other trump card and was planning on staking everything on the ’Demonic Wings ’, he would most likely lose.

The young man in black robes shook his head after hearing the yellow-robed young woman ’s question, and without responding directly he waved his hand, as he took out a large, 2m(79inch) saber from his spatial ring.

The saber was golden in color and its surface was filled with countless interweaving runes and patterns that seemed connected with each other while forming different symbols.

The moment that the saber appeared in his hand, a deep look appeared in the black-robed young man, before he started to infuse his qi inside the saber.

The mysterious patterns around the golden saber ’s surface lit up, while at the same time, a terrifying aura so dark, that it seemed to have come from the deepest depths of hell erupted from the saber, completely covering the black-robed young man ’s body!

At that moment, it didn ’t matter if it was the white-robed Dao Emperor, the peak rank 9 Dao King, or the disciples of the Holy sect and those sitting in the audience seats, everyone ’s expressions instantly changed when they felt the aura around the young man ’s body.

Silence filled the surroundings of the arena before a disciple in the audience seats mumbled in shock

’ ’A star-rank weapon? ’ ’

Author ’s note: 1/3

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