The moment that he heard the bald old man ’s mumbling, the peak rank 9 Dao King who was standing in the air just a few meters away from him immediately turned his eyes to look at the bald Dao Emperor with a shocked look.

Having obtained a deep understanding of this Elder ’s personality over the years, the white-robed Dao King that was responsible for overseeing the first 3 tests of the Holy sect, Elder Zhuan, clearly knew that there were very few things that would attract this Dao Emperor ’s attention.

Even in the tests of the Holy sect that took place 3 months ago, there were only a handful of disciples who had managed to pique this Elder ’s interest.

Without hiding his astonishment, the long white-haired Elder Zhuan stared at the white-robed Dao Emperor next to him before he asked in a voice filled with curiosity

’ ’Senior Cao Ling, did one of those disciples managed to attract your attention? ’ ’

The bald Dao Emperor in white robes, Cao Ling opened his eyes when he heard ’Elder Zhuan ’s ’ question, and looking at the peak rank 9 Dao King next to him, he nodded his head while his lips slowly curved up into a smile before he replied

’ ’Hehe, there are actually 2 brats who didn ’t seem to feel any fear for the sect even after hearing your explanation earlier.
Although they appeared shocked for a few moments, there were no traces of shock in their hearts.

This old man is indeed a bit curious about their backgrounds now.
However, let ’s wait and see if they manage to pass this test first. ’ ’

Elder Zhuan nodded his head once he heard ’senior Cao Ling ’s ’ words.

Although he didn ’t know which disciples had managed to attract the Dao Emperor ’s attention, as the overseer of the first 3 tests, Elder Zhuan already knew that there were some disciples that were participating in the sect ’s test, who were really worth paying attention to.

At the same time, without waiting for any instructions, the robust young man in yellow robes didn ’t stay in the arena any longer and flew towards the mass of disciples behind Elder Zhuan, before another disciple in yellow robes flew out from that group of disciples and landed at the center of the arena.

Without waiting for the disciples in the audience seats to get over the shock that they felt after hearing Elder Zhuan ’s previous words, the young woman in yellow robes who was now standing in the middle of the arena took out a Holy sect ’s token from her robes with the number ’2 ’ engraved on it, and turned to look at those disciples in the audience seats before she then said

’ ’Which of you has the token with the number 2? Come out! ’ ’

Shun Long raised his eyebrows once he felt the nearly tangible anger and killing intent coming from the young woman ’s voice, puzzling him for a moment.

However, he instantly linked the woman ’s behavior with the words that the white-robed Dao King had said a few moments ago, quickly realizing what was going on.

’ ’Indeed, it ’s only natural for her to feel humiliation in her heart.
After all, that Holy sect Elder clearly said, that each of them are actually the 1000 weakest outer disciples of the sect. 

And yet they are still official disciples of the sect.

If they lose in front of everyone else and allow new disciples to enter the sect, wouldn ’t they feel humiliated? So this test motivates both those disciples and us to do everything in order to win. ’ ’

At the same time that this thought flashed through his mind, Shun Long saw a tall young man dressed in beast skin walk out from the group in the audience seats, as he slowly walked towards the center of the arena to face the young woman in yellow robes from the Holy sect.

However, what surprised Shun Long the most was that the fight that followed wasn ’t too different from Hu Liu ’s fight in the end!

The young man dressed in beast skin had only managed to last for 5 moves against the young woman from the Holy sect, before he was sent flying back towards the audience seats.

The third, fourth and fifth fights followed right after, and yet the disciples of the Holy sect seemed to have won every single time.

This result made some of the disciples in the audience seats start to despair once they realized the difference in their strength between themselves and the disciples of the Holy sect.

In the blink of an eye, the first 10 fights were completed, and not a single disciple of the Holy sect had lost yet.

Finally, after the first 20 fights were over, even the peak Dao King in white robes, Elder Zhuan raised his eyebrows as if he hadn ’t expected this.

Although it wasn ’t abnormal for 20 fights in a row to go by for the disciples of the Holy sect without a single defeat, it wasn ’t too common either.

At that moment however, as the 21st disciple of the Holy sect stood in the arena, the eyes of the white-robed Dao Emperor, ’senior Cao Ling ’ lit up with interest when he saw the person walking out from the audience seats!

It was a person whose silhouette was completely covered by a pair of black robes not leaving even a small part of their face exposed, while the aura coming from their body had actually surpassed the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul.

This was an early rank 4 Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

Out of the people who were participating in the fourth test of the Holy sect, there were less than a handful of them who had actually broken through to the middle-stages of the Nascent Soul, and this black-robed person was precisely one of them!

At the same time, this was also the person who had managed to attract ’senior Cao Ling ’s ’ interest earlier along with Shun Long! The white-robed Dao Emperor had an eager look in his eyes, curious to find out what secrets this person really held.

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