The rowdy battlefield immediately fell silent as the golden-robed man ’s body collapsed on the ground.

His body had been cut in half from his waist, and yet his face still had a look of anger and madness, as well as unwillingness and disbelief, almost unable to accept the fact that he had died.

Shun Long shook his head slightly when he saw ’senior brother Qiong ’s ’ expression after his death, but there wasn ’t any regret in his heart.

He knew that this was an unavoidable outcome once the 2 of them started fighting.

As soon as they both used Saint low-grade martial skills, only one of them would stay alive.

Although he and the golden-robed young man had no enmity between them, it was obvious that neither of them was willing to give up the Holy sect ’s token.

After all, as a peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, how could ’senior brother Qiong ’ be afraid of someone who had just broken through to the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul?

Of course, if he knew that even his ’Inferno pillar ’ was no match for Shun Long ’s ’Thundergod ’s slash ’, then he may have chosen to retreat and attack another city instead of fighting Shun Long head-on.
However, in this world, there is no medicine for regret.

At the same time, even if Shun Long wanted to go easy on him and wasn ’t willing to kill him, he couldn ’t be certain that the golden-robed young man wouldn ’t chase after him once he had expended his qi.

No matter what, the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’ required an enormous amount of his qi to be activated, and even after breaking through to the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul stage, Shun Long was unable to use it more than two times in a row before his qi was entirely depleted.

After staring at the golden-robed young man ’s body for a few moments, Shun Long took the spatial ring from his hand, before he turned his eyes towards the 4 middle rank 3 Nascent Soul cultivators who were staring at him from the distance with looks of fear and disbelief in their eyes.

The scenes that they had just witnessed had left them scarred in their minds, and the moment that they met Shun Long ’s gaze they couldn ’t help taking a few steps back in fear.

Not only had an early rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator managed to kill the old man in black robes as well as the young woman with short hair both of whom were peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts, but he had even managed to kill the golden-robed young man who was fighting against those 2 earlier in just one slash!

A single sword slash had not only destroyed the gigantic flame pillar that was most likely a Saint low-grade martial skill, but it had even destroyed that person ’s body and soul in one go.

After staring at the 4 middle rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators for a moment, Shun Long turned his attention towards the Holy sect ’s token on the ground.

Using blink, he instantly appeared in the air above the golden-colored token, before he swept it in his right hand.

Then, without any hesitation, Shun Long slashed his left hand in the air opening a large space tear, and ignoring the 4 middle rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators who were staring at him with shocked looks on their faces, he stepped forward and entered inside the space tear, before he disappeared right in front of their eyes.

At the same time, in the hall of the Holy sect where the yellow-robed disciples of the sect were watching the test, the elder in white robes, Elder Zhuan, had already stood up from his seat, and was now staring at the wide screen of light at the center of the hall with a shocked look on his face.

His abnormal reaction had already caused the disciples of the Holy sect inside the hall to all turn their attention towards him at the same time.

Although they too had been shocked by Shun Long ’s ability to kill 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators by himself, especially when he was still at the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul stage himself, they had never expected that something like this would have even alarmed Elder Zhuan.

Even when Shun Long had comprehended 92 percent of the ’Thundergod ’s slash ’ during the second test the look on Elder Zhuan ’s face wasn ’t as exaggerated!

Ignoring the stunned looks of the disciples around him, Elder Zhuan took a deep breath and continued to stare at the screen of light in front of him, before he mumbled to himself in a low voice that didn ’t hide his puzzlement and shock

’ ’This kid…
has really comprehended the Dao of Space?

it ’s not just that he has comprehended it, but it ’s probably the foundation Dao that he has chosen for his body refinement cultivation… ’ ’

The moment that Elder Zhuan ’s voice resounded in tha air, the entire hall instantly fell silent.

The disciples of the Holy sect felt as if an explosion had taken place in their minds, as they all stared at the screen of light at the center of the hall with incredulous looks on their faces.

Some of them had shocked looks, others had looks of puzzlement, some of them were filled with envy, and there were even some who were filled with scorn. 

Finally, a young woman in yellow robes who was the closest to the white-robed Elder Zhuan couldn ’t stay silent when she heard his words, as she asked curiously 

’ ’Is Elder Zhuan certain that it is the Dao of Space? Perhaps it ’s some kind of special talisman that can bend space for a few moments.
I heard that junior brother Mu also has a similar talisman. ’ ’

Some of the disciples inside the hall nodded their heads when they heard this question, before they turned their attention towards Elder Zhuan as they waited for his answer.

Elder Zhuan however only stared at the disciple who had asked this question for a single moment, before he shook his head and asked without any hints of anger in his voice

’ ’Do you think I wouldn ’t be able to realize it if someone used a talisman under my watch? Let alone the fact that the third test prohibits the use of any talismans that someone hasn ’t personally crafted, that kid clearly didn ’t use any qi when he tore space apart, using just his physical strength! This is only possible if he has chosen the Dao of Space as his foundational Dao for his body refinement cultivation, otherwise, there will be at least some qi fluctuations when he creates a space tear. ’ ’

As Elder Zhuan ’s voice finished resounding inside the hall, the disciples of the Holy sect fell silent once again, before a relatively tall and robust young man with long black hair stared at the screen of light with a scornful look in his eyes and said

’ ’Even if it really is the Dao of Space, Elder Zhuan still gives that brat too much credit.

After all, his cultivation in body refinement is still at the peak of the fourth stage.

Even if he managed to get some insights in the Dao of Space in the past, he was still far too cocky to dare and use it as his foundational Dao during his breakthrough.

At the same time, even though his Nascent Soul vortex was abnormal during his breakthrough, he is still at the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul in the end.
I bet that it will take him at least a few thousand years until his body cultivation even breaks through to the early fifth stage.
By then, which of us here won ’t have stepped into the Dao King realm?

Honestly, I don ’t even put that brat in my eyes.

As for his Dao of Lightning, although it will certainly enhance his speed, he is definitely not going to be anyone too important in the future!

Instead, I ’d be much more wary of some of those brats that can destroy an entire city by themselves. ’ ’

As the young man finished his words, everyone seemed to have realized that his words were probably true, and caused them to heave out a sigh of relief.

No matter how abnormal Shun Long ’s Nascent Soul vortex was, his Dao of Space was still something that he had comprehended and set as a foundation for his body cultivation.

This was something that even Elder Zhuan had confirmed.

At the same time, it was common knowledge that body cultivators took much longer to breakthrough to the next stage compared to qi cultivators, due to the strict requirements that they needed to adhere to as they tempered their body to its fullest.

Even if Shun Long broke through to the early fifth stage in body refinement in the future, considering that he had just broken through to the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul, it would definitely take a hundred years at the very least until his body refinement managed to catch up.

By then, even if his qi cultivation had managed to catch up with his peers, he would definitely be left behind in terms of body refinement.

Elder Zhuan didn ’t reply right away when he heard the young man ’s words, as his eyes continued to stare at the screen of light at the center of the hall with a serious look inside them.

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