Shun Long didn ’t even need to look at them to understand, that these gazes were coming from ’senior brother Qiong ’ and the black-robed young woman that he was fighting against, as well as the old man in black robes who was looking at a chance to assassinate the golden-robed young man.

After all, how could the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul experts allow anyone to step too close to their fight?

This was especially true for the golden-robed young man, ’senior brother Qiong ’.

Although it was impossible for any cultivator to have their soul sense spread away from their bodies for an extended period of time, the golden-robed young man didn ’t have a choice this time.

The black-robed old man would more often than not disappear into the darkness, and would only occasionally leave his hiding place to try and launch a sneak attack on him.

Although it was extremely taxing to have his soul sense active for so long, ’senior brother Qiong ’ could do nothing but grit his teeth and endure it while keeping his soul sense active in a few meters around his body at all times, so that he wouldn ’t be assassinated by the peak rank 3 Nascent Soul old man while he fought with the black-robed young woman.

At the same time, Shun Long noticed that the entire northern part of the city had been leveled to the ground, while buildings had also started to melt under ’senior brother Qiong ’s ’ terrifying flames.

And yet, it was this same ’senior brother Qiong ’ who was forced in a passive position during his fight against the black-robed young woman, as the old man who continuously appeared and disappeared from the battlefield could take his life at any moment.

Seeing how everyone had suddenly turned their attention to him, Shun Long ’s lips quickly curved up into a smile as he took out a long, black-colored sword with strange patterns from the ’Stone of Time ’ and held it tightly with both hands.

The moment that they saw him taking out a weapon, ’senior brother Qiong ’, the young woman in black robes, as well as the old man who was also at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, all had confused looks in their eyes as a single thought flashed through their minds at the same time

’ ’Is this early rank 1 Nascent Soul brat going to join the fight? ’ ’

At that moment however, ’senior brother Qiong ’s ’ expression suddenly changed, while his eyes also narrowed as he looked at Shun Long.

’ ’Early rank 1 Nascent Soul? Was that vortex that covered the entire city caused by his breakthrough to the Nascent Soul? ’ ’

The same thought flashed through the black-robed young woman ’s and the old man ’s minds barely a moment later, while their eyes stared at Shun Long with a deadly glint inside them.

After all, this small city spanned for more than 3 miles, and yet the Nascent Soul vortex that had appeared above Shun Long ’s head had covered it completely!

If it was really a Nascent Soul vortex that had caused this phenomenon, then the person in front of them was definitely a monster.

Even if such a person was only at the early rank 1 of the Nascent Soul, his talent, the cultivation technique that he was training in, as well as the Dao that he had comprehended, all of them must definitely be extremely terrifying to produce such a result!

After all, even ’senior brother Qiong ’ who could be considered a genius as well, had only managed to create a Nascent Soul vortex with a radius of 11 meters during his breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage back then.

No one of them had ever heard of such a terrifying Nascent Soul vortex!

Almost as if he hadn ’t noticed the expressions on the peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts faces, Shun Long continued to stand there comfortably while he leisurely played with the black sword in his hand, almost as if he was a spectator watching a play.

At the same time, an angry look appeared on the black-robed old man ’s face as he stared at Shun Longbefore he suddenly disappeared on the spot, almost as if his body had blended into the darkness of the night without any warning.

Watching this scene, Shun Long didn ’t choose to move from the spot he was standing on, but his previously black eyes instantly turned golden, while the invisible figure of an hourglass expanded from his body at the same time.

The black-robed young woman stared at Shun Long with a mocking look in her eyes, almost as if she was waiting for his body to be cut in half at any moment.

Even the golden-robed young man, ’senior brother Qiong ’ shook his head when he saw that, before he turned his eyes towards the black-robed woman in front of him ready to continue the fight.

In his eyes, Shun Long who had clearly not spread his soul sense around him, was already dead.

There was no other way to avoid the old man ’s attack if you didn ’t know when or where it was going to hit you from.

Instead, now that the black-robed old man was going to kill Shun Long, ’senior brother Qiong ’ could take advantage of this to take care of the black-robed woman in front of him and obtain the Holy sect ’s token from her body!

Barely a moment later, the old man ’s body suddenly materialized behind Shun Long, while a sinister smile appeared in the old man ’s eyes as he stared at the ’prey ’ in front of him.

Without waiting for Shun Long to react, the old man held the 2 pitch-black daggers tightly with both hands, before he thrust them towards Shun Long ’s neck as well as his back at the same time.

This attack was practically invisible, and even the sound of the daggers slashing the air couldn ’t be heard no matter how much attention someone was paying at it.

In the old man ’s eyes, no matter what Shun Long did, it was impossible for him to avoid this attack.

With that same smile on his face, Shun Long didn ’t seem flustered at all, as if he had already foreseen this attack a long time ago.

A blue light suddenly covered his body, while his speed increased by many times as the second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ forcibly changed the flow of time around him.

Inside his own domain, Shun Long was equivalent to a god!

Turning around, his body and his light blue-colored robes left afterimages behind them, as Shun Long infused his qi in the black sword in his hands and swung it towards the black-robed old man.

The old man ’s eyes suddenly widened when he realized how fast the young man in front of him was, but before he had enough time to stop his attack and retract his hands, Shun Long ’s black sword chopped at him without any warning.


Under the black-robed young woman ’s horrified eyes, as well as ’senior brother Qiong ’s ’ gaze that was filled with disbelief, 2 hands that were holding 2 pitch-black daggers were chopped from their wrists, as blood started to spurt from the old man ’s wounds.

However, before the old man had enough time to back away, Shun Long suddenly blinked in front of him as he swung the star-rank sword sideways!

A head filled with an expression of fear as well as unwillingness was severed from its body, as the peak rank 3 Nascent Soul old man that was about to kill Shun Long immediately collapsed to the ground, his body losing all signs of life that it had left in the process.

Absolute silence filled the battlefield, as everyone turned their attention towards the early rank 1 Nascent Soul young man in blue robes who unhurriedly removed the old man ’s spatial ring, before he turned his attention towards the young woman in black robes in front of ’senior brother Qiong ’.

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