As the Death Eater moved towards the direction of those voices, the ground beneath its feet had once again started to shake as the gigantic beast ran through the forest.

Despite its enormous body, even without the augmentation of Liu Mei ’s ’Death Chant ’, the Death Eater ’s speed was definitely not inferior to an average peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and in just a few moments, Liu Mei had already arrived at the place where the origin of those voices was coming from.

At that moment, as the last tree that was blocking her vision disappeared, a shocking scene appeared in Liu Mei ’s eyes.

A gorgeous young woman dressed in green robes was standing at the edge of an 80m(260ft) waterfall, while 4 men dressed in different clothes had surrounded her from every direction, not willing to give her even a single chance to escape.

Liu Mei only needed a glance to recognize this young woman who was most likely related to the guild master of the Pale Moon guild in the Silver sword city as Xie Xingyi.

It was indeed the same kingdom toppling beauty that she and Shun Long had seen from afar before the first test of the Holy sect started.

This was also part of the reason why Liu Mei decided to take the risk and come to this place, despite having less than one hour left until the effects of the Blood Ignition pill wore off and the side effects to start kicking in.

After all, be it Xie Xingyi ’s facial features or her last name, she was definitely related to Xie Rong.

Although Liu Mei had already adopted this habit from Shun Long and would more often than not decide against putting herself into danger to help strangers, Xie Rong was an acquaintance and she had definitely showed some goodwill to Shun Long in the past.

However, contrary to the first time that Liu Mei had seen Xie Xingyi, the stunning young woman was in a much worse condition this time.

Blood had stained the corner of her lips red, while her qi was clearly almost entirely depleted, bringing her on the verge of death.

Even if she wanted to escape, it was very likely that Xie Xingyi didn ’t even have enough qi to even move, which was why she was placed in such a perilous condition.

Of course, the moment that Liu Mei appeared, Xie Xingyi and the 4 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators who had surrounded her, all turned their attention towards the white-robed Liu Mei on the Death Eater ’s back at the same time!

After all, how could the 5 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators not notice the commotion that the Death Eater had caused before arriving in this place?!

Originally, these people had thought that some kind of early rank 5 magic beast was living in this forest and was alerted by their fight, but the moment that they noticed the decaying aura of death around the Death Eater ’s body, serious expressions appeared on their faces.

Although none of these disciples knew the Death Eater ’s origins, they could sense that despite its cultivation being at the middle of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, it was definitely not going to be an easy opponent for them.

As for the young woman that was riding on its back, she was most likely going to be troublesome as well.

A young man in luxurious purple robes was the first one to take a step forward as he looked at Liu Mei, before he shouted in an imposing voice

’ ’No matter who you are or what you are doing here, I suggest that you mind your own business and move along.
This woman is our prey, so unless you want to fight all of us at the same time, leave this place right now! ’ ’

How could this person not understand that Liu Mei had intentionally come to this place after hearing their voices?

She most likely overheard the matter of the Holy sect ’s token that is in Xie Rong ’s possession which immediately drew her attention!

However, with 4 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators in their midst, how could the purple-robed young man ’s group be afraid of a single middle rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like Liu Mei?

Although he wanted to avoid fighting her if possible, considering that they knew nothing about Liu Mei including her combat strength or any possible trump cards that she may have, his group had no reason to be afraid of her either!

Looking at the purple-robed young man who had spoken just now, Liu Mei immediately recognized him barely a moment later.

This person ’s name was Hua Ping and he was ranked 17th in the Heaven ’s Dome city ’s House of Rankings.

Knowing that chatting with these people was useless, Liu Mei didn ’t waste any time as she had the Death Eater immediately lunge forward towards the 2 people that were the closest to her.

The enormous black beast had a sinister smile on its face as it jumped forward with its mouth open, ready to devour the 2 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts in front of it!

Shocked looks appeared on Hua Ping ’s and the other disciples ’ faces when they saw the enormous beast ’s sudden attack, before they all shouted at the same time with voices filled with anger and killing intent

’ ’DIE! ’ ’

The 4 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators all unleashed their own attacks at the Death Eater without holding back, as their combined attacks shook the entire forest.

Sword and saber slashes, as well as powerful water arrows and wind blades all flew through the air, until they landed on the Death Eater ’s enormous body filling it with cuts and injuries!

And yet, the gigantic beast didn ’t seem daunted despite its injuries nor did it seem to feel any pain, as it continued forward towards the 2 men that were the closest to it with saliva dripping from its ugly mouth.

Horrified looks flashed through the 4 young men ’s eyes when they noticed that despite their combined attacks, the Death Eater didn ’t stop its advance, and instead, it actually seemed even hungrier than before.

The 2 young men that were the closest to it immediately jumped away from each other in fright, but the gigantic monster wasn ’t any slower than them either.

Unable to completely dodge the Death Eater ’s attack, the first young man was split in half, as his bottom half ended inside the Death Eater ’s mouth!

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