As the red-robed young man flew towards the city at full speed, followed by a bunch of other disciples, the wind blades that the black-robed old man had sent were effortlessly cutting through the air itself, as they beheaded skeleton after skeleton!

In just a few moments, nearly a hundred skeletons had been beheaded or had been cut into half, while another hundred of them had lost at least an arm or a leg!

And yet, by the time that the old man ’s wind blades disappeared, the skeletons had already covered more than half of the distance between them and the old man and were now less than 50 meters away from him.

At the same time, the skeletons and the undead knights had already spread out, so even if the old man tried to escape, it would be impossible to do so by himself.

The old woman in red armor as well as the snake-eyed man both turned to look at each other at the same time and nodded their heads with solemn looks on their faces, before they instantly flew towards the black-robed old man as well.

They clearly understood that if nothing was done, the old man would certainly end up dead while they wouldn ’t be able to escape from Liu Mei ’s army either!

Thus, the only thing they could do was band together and fight!

Seeing the 2 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators who quickly arrived to back him up, the old man heaved a sigh of relief, before he then said to the 2 of them in a voice filled with confidence

’ ’Don ’t worry! That pill will certainly have some severe side effects and will only be able to boost her cultivation for a short time! As long as we can defend ourselves until its effects wear off, we will certainly be able to kill her! ’ ’

The snake-eyed man nodded his head seriously, and turned his eyes to look at Liu Mei before he said with a greedy look in his eyes

’ ’Right! If she has such a valuable pill, the rest of the items inside her spatial rings will definitely not be too ordinary either. ’ ’

The old woman in red armor however had a solemn look on her old wrinkled face, as she suddenly turned her attention towards the red-robed young man in the distance who was followed by the rest of the disciples in his alliance, before she said in a hoarse voice

’ ’Enough talking.
Take care of these skeletons first! ’ ’

As she finished her words, the old woman ’s body was instantly covered by a layer of thin ice, before almost three hundred icicle shards appeared in the air around her, as they all shot towards Liu Mei ’s undead army.

The snake-eyed man nodded his head as well, as a green-colored liquid suddenly appeared from his body, slowly moving towards the 50 black-armored undead knights who were leading the remaining 900 skeletons.

Liu Mei ’s army was only 200 meters away from the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivators, when the old woman ’s ice shards fell on the skeletons and the undead knights that were the closest to them like an endless barrage.

Guided by Liu Mei ’s soul sense, the black-armored knights easily blocked the ice shards with their greatswords the moment that they banded together!

Although the ice shards left a thin layer of ice on a handful of the undead knights ’ swords, this was the only result as almost 100 ice shards were taken care of in a single instant.

After all, although this was an attack created by a peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage expert, it was still an attack that covered a wide area, and it wasn ’t focused on the undead knights alone, but rather the entire undead army instead!

As the ice shards fell on the jade-white skeletons, 150 of them were obliterated in the blink of an eye, completely unable to withstand the old woman ’s violent attack. 

After all, the difference in strength between the undead knights and the skeletons wasn ’t just the single sub-rank in cultivation levels.
Instead, it was a qualitative difference, similar to the difference of the undead knights with the enormous Death Eater!

And yet, after both the black-robed old man ’s wind blades as well as the old woman ’s icicle shards,  only one-fourth of Liu Mei ’s undead army was destroyed, before they finally appeared in front of the 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts.

The moment that the black-armored undead knights who led the charge however appeared in front of the black-robed old man who was the closest to them, a thick green liquid suddenly emerged from the ground, instantly trapping the 10 undead knights in the lead.

At that moment, Liu Mei suddenly could feel a corrosive effect on her soul sense that covered these 10 undead knights, while even the black armor on the undead knights ’ chests had started to slowly get affected by the green liquid, letting out sizzling sounds in the air.

At the same time, no matter how much the undead knights tried to get rid of the green liquid that had trapped them, they were unable to do so.

And yet, the remaining undead knights didn ’t seem to show any fear, as they rushed towards the black-robed old man who was now just a few meters away from them.

The peak rank 3 Nascent Soul expert had a solemn look on his face, as he placed his palms together before he chanted a single word

’ ’Hurricane! ’ ’

A gigantic hurricane that spanned for more than 50 meters(164ft) into the sky immediately appeared around him, instantly trapping the first 30 undead knights in the lead, while at the same time it slowly expanded, slowly trapping the skeletons behind them as well.

Unlike the undead knights, under the enormous hurricane ’s might, the jade-white skeletons were completely unable to resist, as their bodies were instantly swept in the air before they were dismembered, turning into a pile of bones and dust.

At that moment however, the ground suddenly started to tremble, as the old man and the old woman in red armor immediately turned their attention to the previously still Death Eater!

The enormous black beast that was covered by a thick layer of death qi, suddenly rushed towards the gigantic hurricane head-on!

Dumbfounded looks instantly appeared on the faces of the 2 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts!

This hurricane was a Saint low-grade martial skill, and yet Liu Mei had chosen to enter inside it by her own volition?

The old man had originally planned to create another hurricane the moment that the Death Eater attacked, but it seems that his previous concerns were needless!

After all, this hurricane was his strongest martial skill.

Of course, although the hurricane blocked the most direct path towards the old man, it was also impossible for someone to enter inside it directly.

Even the young man in red-robes who had just led the disciples of the alliance into the city was shocked by this shocking scene.

Even if it was himself, he wouldn ’t dare to enter inside that hurricane since that was pure suicide!

Even if he managed to survive the hurricane, he had no doubt that the old woman in red armor and the snake-eyed man, would definitely follow up with an attack the moment that he emerged from it!

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