Looking at the white-robed young woman on top of the Death Eater ’s back whose cultivation had already stabilized at the middle of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, the black-robed old man smiled sinisterly once again, before he said in a mocking tone, clearly implying that he had already seen through Liu Mei ’s ’trick ’

’ ’Hehe, middle of rank 3 of the Nascent Soul…
not bad, not bad at all.

That pill you consumed must have been very valuable…
but too bad that this is only a fake increase in strength.

No matter what, a fake increase will never be able to match the power of a real cultivator! ’ ’

As he finished his words and having reassured himself that Liu Mei didn ’t pose any danger to him, the old man no longer held back, as he continued to fly towards her at full speed.

Earlier, he had been a bit apprehensive after seeing Liu Mei ’s strength rising at such a fast rate, and the same went for the old woman in red armor as well as the middle-aged man with eyes that resembled a snake ’s, but after seeing her aura stabilize at the middle of rank 3, they all heaved out a sigh of relief.

They weren ’t afraid that Liu Mei ’s aura would advance to the peak of rank 3.
Instead, they were afraid that with her previous momentum, she would end up advancing all the way to the early rank 4 of the Nascent Soul in one go!

’ ’Thankfully that pill only allowed her to raise her strength to the middle of rank 3.
Otherwise, if it was something as exaggerated as the middle stages of the Nascent Soul, even the 3 of us combined may be unable to resist in a head-on fight!

Luckily she is nothing more than an early rank 1 Nascent Soul brat.
However, if it was a rank 2 or a rank 3 Nascent Soul cultivator who had consumed it… ’ ’

The snake-eyed man nodded his head with a serious expression when he heard the old woman ’s words, before he turned his attention towards the peak rank 3 red-robed young man outside of the city.

Although he was confident that that person wouldn ’t dare to attempt to save the white-robed young woman on the monster ’s back, in case that he actually did try something like that, the snake-eyed man was more than willing to stop him the moment that he steps foot inside the city.

At the same time, seeing the black-robed old man that was once again flying towards her at full speed, a serious look appeared in Liu Mei ’s eyes.

She knew that she only had 3 hours before the effects of the enhanced ’Blood Ignition pill ’ wore off and she was placed in a helpless position.

Thus, she had to take care of everything before the 3 hours period was over.

Without wasting any more time, Liu Mei took a deep breath, before she actually sat up on the Death Eater ’s back!

Closing her eyes, she raised both of her hands in front of her chest, when suddenly, the Death Eater below her feet disappeared!

No, it wasn ’t just the Death Eater, even the remaining 43 undead knights as well as the 460 skeletons, all disappeared as well at the same time, immediately dumbfounding everyone who watched this scene.

’ ’Hehe, it ’s too late to give up now! ’ ’

As the old man ’s words reverberated in the air, he was now less than 200 meters away from Liu Mei.

Raising his left hand, a gust of wind appeared around him, before it turned into countless spiraling wind blades that floated in the air around him.

Originally, he was planning on killing Liu Mei with his bare hands, but seeing that she had given up and had no more skeletons or black-armored knights to protect her, he decided to take care of her with his Dao of Wind.

As the spiraling wind blades appeared around him, the black-robed old man slashed the air in front of him, sending them all flying towards the defenseless Liu Mei!

It was obvious that the old man was determined to take care of her in one strike!

As the wind blades cut through the air however, a black ball of death qi also took shape between Liu Mei ’s hands at the same time. 

At that moment, a dreadful feeling appeared in the old man ’s heart, and the same went for the old woman in red armor as well as the snake-eyed man, almost as if they had just realized something terrifying!

’ ’It- It ’s not possible…
right? ’ ’

The snake-eyed man was the first one to speak, as he stared at the black ball of death qi between Liu Mei ’s hands that was only growing bigger and bigger with every passing second.

A terrifying possibility flashed through his mind, but was unable and unwilling to accept it.

At the same time, the black-robed old man suppressed the feeling of anxiousness that had suddenly sprouted in his heart, and looking at Liu Mei he then shouted in an angry voice filled with killing intent

’ ’DIE! ’ ’

However, just as the spiraling wind blades were just a few meters away from Liu Mei and were about to land on her body, Liu Mei suddenly opened her eyes, before she allowed the black ball of death qi in her hands to fall on the ground.

As the ball of qi fell on the ground, it created what seemed to be a gigantic black hole that exuded endless amounts of death qi.

A familiar, 30m(100ft) tall, enormous black beast, with 4 huge legs and a huge black body suddenly appeared from the black hole, like a giant that was coming out from his cave!

As the enormous body of the Death Eater appeared in the city for the second time, the hundreds of wind blades that the black-robed old man had sent forward all fell upon it at the same time like a torrential rain!

Before the Death Eater had enough time to come out from the black hole, hundreds of cuts had already appeared on its body, leaving behind countless scars.


A powerful roar filled with hunger and fury sounded from the Death Eater ’s mouth, and yet, aside from those scars, the hundreds of spiraling wind blades had been unable to deal any real damage to the enormous black beast!

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